Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Work-life Balance Suffers Due to Technology

It was reported that majority of employees in S'pore struggle to achieve work-life balance, due to widespread use of technology. Let's take a look at the word 'balance'. Isn't the act of 'balancing' & walking across a narrow plank across a fast raging river stressful? How about 'balancing' standing on 1 leg?

Is been said that technology is suppose to make our lives easier & give us more time. On the contrary, many people have become a slave to their digital gadgets than being a master of it.

Poll results of 405 employees:
- 71% receive calls or emails outside regular office hours
- 67% receive work-related calls or emails when they're on annual leave
- 45% said their employers expect them to be available at all times, or '24/7' (higher for those who're between 45-54 years old & for those aged 25-34 years.)
- 60% of workers feel they fall short of their own expectation if they don't respond to an email or phone call immediately

People ought to practise cutting the link with their digital gadgets occasionally. Here are the occasions where i usually leave cellphone at home:

- cycling(short trips)/ badminton/ jogging
- strolling around neighbourhood after dinner
- running errands
- daytrips at JB, Msia(in pocket but switched off)

So many people scared of their boss firing their ass if they not contactable 24/7 as they are deemed 'not hardworking'. What a silly idea. Are those people slaves? The fear is fed especially by their 100% reliance on a paycheck as income. In overwhelming majority of cases, the company will not go bankrupt if you don't respond to an email/ phonecall immediately so the 60% of workers are giving themselves undue stress which also affects their families.

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  1. Prefer to have my handphone with me most of the time, you never know when you decide to take a picture, not that I want to be contactable. With the current super fast rate Singapore is changing, I also encourage my kids to take pictures around them whenever they can. Too soon all this will be gone but the photos will be a good reminder how Singapore was.