Friday, November 30, 2012

New Type of Milk Powder Purchased From Telcos

  • ~2.55 million S Koreans are addicted to smartphones, using the devices for 8+ hours a day.
  • Addicts find it difficult to live without their handsets & their constant use disrupts work & social life.
  • New mobile devices that instantly respond to a touch of a finger seem to make children more restless than before & lack empathy.

"I get nervous when the battery falls below 20%"- 11 year old addict

Reading news of South Korea to stem digital addiction from age 3, i reckon S'pore is just as bad from i have observed. Is common to see people 'umbilical cord' to their phones on trains & buses.

I experience the most outrageous sight at a traffic light with 6 others waiting for the light to turn green. 5 are playing with their cellphones & 1 talking with his. It seems as if the pace of life has gotten out of control where people 'must do something' via their phones & no time to watch the traffic, trees, night sky.

I have a basic cellphone with no internet connection because switching to the cheapest data plan is still a heck lot more costly than the discounted plan i'm on after many years. As such the phone lacks the ability for me to connect to the internet. Most of the time for long journeys i'll either read a book on trains or listen to music on buses.

Suck milk not enough. Must "suck" smartphone too. 'New type of milk powder' purchased from telcos.

I leave my phone at home at times:
Work-life Balance Suffers Due to Technology

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