Monday, June 24, 2013

Worst Haze, Decline of Condensed Milk & Emergence of Creamer

Is been at least 6 days since i've experienced any rain in this tiny tropical island. Hot & dry now since the haze has temporary went away to hit Peinsular Malaysia instead. If no rain in next few days, the vegetation would wither away.

The haze on Fri morning (21st) is the worst at hazardous range. I woke up with bit of difficulty breathing & looking out the window i couldn't see the flats at Sunset Way. Forums has been abuzz with netizens posting pictures which our govt's No Ethics Agency (NEA) report that the air quality reading is 111 psi.

Credibility for the ruling Pro Alien Party has taken another hit with their bullshit air quality report:

Who believes the bullshit of 111 psi from NEA when conditions is like this?

The haze has reminded me of creamer for tea & coffee. So what has creamer(tea/coffee) got to do with haze? More than 20 years ago, i don't see any creamer in supermarket shelves. Before the advent of 3in1 coffee or tea, we would buy condensed milk to make milk tea/ coffee.

Empty tin cans of condensed milk serving as ashtray are a common sight in coffeeshops in those days.

Somewhere starting from the late 90s, the condensed milk starting disappearing off the shelves. Now only like 2-3 brands are found on shelves of supermarkets. Instead what we are seeing is the emergence of creamer as a substitute for condensed milk to make milk tea/coffee.

Look carefully at the ingredients for creamer & you'll see palm oil(vegetable oil). There are other uses of palm oil but i see rampant uses of creamer as a contributory factor to the haze. Forests won't be burnt to plant palm oil trees if uses for the crop are not high.

Malaysia has committed to have 50% of its land as natural forest. Is higher yield from existing palm oil plantations instead of clearing more forest- something that Indonesia needs to learn from.

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