Friday, August 28, 2015

Dismal Few Flags Displayed in 2015 for Singapore's 50th Birthday

I slacked a lot in blogging this month. With SG50 & election being announced this month, this blogpost will attempt to highlight what i consider significant about these 2 events.

First of all, the 50th birthday of the country. As usual i can't be bothered with watching the parade cum propaganda on tv. Despite the incumbent ruling party throwing the kitchen sink like pioneer package, merchandise on SG50 discounts & all the SG50 hype, the number of flags displayed is again appalling.

Throw out so much SG50 hype, how many flags can you see on this photo taken on national day? Does a different coat of paint make more citizens fly the flag?

Compare it with last year(2014) - Record Low Flags Display in 2014 Before 50th Anniversary (open in new window)

Before the 50th national day celebrations, hordes of sinkies are leaving the country for a rare 4 day long weekend. It's supposed to 3 days but the hybrid regime declared an extra public holiday & urge the peasants to stay behind & join in the celebrations.

When taking precious leave for a short vacation becomes a terrifying thought with the fear of being replaced by a cheaper foreign worker, the 4 day long weekend provide a nice respite out of the overcrowded island. Only ordeal are the horrible jams through immigration.

Then to the announcement of election 2015 to be held on 11th Sept & their candidates rollout. Which white scums get my blood boiling most?

斯文败类 when hospital beds not enough.
My mum & dad(passed away) were victims of insufficient beds.

Coming down from his ivory tower & pretending to empathize with peasants. End up getting easily exposed - his fox tail revealed.

狐狸尾巴漏出来 at 21st second.
Almost said Tan Payoh, then said Toa Payoh mall when no such place exist. Only a normal coffeeshop.

I'm somewhat disappointed that Workers Party is contesting 28 seats which is just 1 seat short of 33% parliamentary seats needed to veto toxic policies. They are playing the safe route to get those fence-sitter voters to vote for them. Why the safe route? The blame is on those daft fence sitters who are kiasu, kiasi(scared lose, scared die) when the rot(some of which i've blogged about) in the country is already staring them in the eyes.

As for the S'pore Democratic Party(SDP), i hope they win at least 1 seat. With 1 seat serving as a base, SDP can then follow the route of WP's initial Hougang base spreading out to capture more.

For the other alternate parties, it is unlikely they would win but it is imperative for voters to decrease the hybrid regime's vote % to as low as possible.

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