Monday, January 6, 2014

Cancerous GDP Growth in Singapore Has Reached Terminal Stage

Today, the state controlled paper reported about the massive invasion of moneylenders into peasant neighborhoods. As usual it is until the patient is ready to be packed into a coffin that such a pathetic situation made it into the mainstream media.

I've been stating that GDP growth over past couple of years are nothing to be boasted about by the shameless hybrid regime. Such kind of growth is cancerous growth. I'm appalled that 60% of voters still voted for the hybrid regime in 2011 despite ominous signs already showing up before their very eyes.

It is no coincidence that moneylending & pawnshop businesses boom following the establishment of casinos. Economic growth at all costs, the hell with the social repercussions. That is the approach of the hybrid regime.

2011 Dec - Mushrooming of Pawnshops All Over S'pore like Weeds (my blogspost about signs of cancer)
2014 Jan - More moneylenders moving into heartland (cancer has spread to all parts of body)

60% of voters voted for even more cancerous gdp growth in 2011. Now in 2014 this is the result...

Best comment by a lady for the "coffin stage" news reported by Shit Times:

It is not just that honest businesses like apparel shops & hair salons that have bite the dust. In fact it is even worse than what the shit times have reported.

Just how fucked up is the economic situation? Let's look at the rot in Clementi where i reside. The below pictures are taken in mid october last year.

Never before have clementi residents seen businesses in Clementi central closed shop & left vacant. Of course we know why it is vacant & nobody take over - killer rent as i've blogged a few times.

Bank is not enough. Notice POSB bank signage beside tree. Now there is credit business setting up shop next to the bank.

Another credit business behind the tree. The tragic thing is the dead business with no tenants taking over despite the hybrid regime flooding this tiny island with more people to eat, drink & shit.

Another dead one. Booming economy my ass!

Signs are apparent that the economy is extremely debt laden with these pawnshops & credit businesses. It'll only get worse with the suppression of wages by the hybrid regime with massive influx on cheaper foreign workers. These foreign workers are here to earn as much S$ so they won't be spending much except on necessities.

Just like the S'pore Flyer ferris wheel which has gone bankrupt, counting on foreign customers/workers for profits is a dumb move. Now that the local peasantry are 'maxed out', the local economy is maxed out as well.

How many dead businesses which are still vacant in other peasant neighborhoods in this country?


  1. very good post. You are right. It is happening already. If there's no demand there won't be supply. It is because many people have to borrow more and more to make ends meet that these money lenders are getting more and more business. Its just terrible. I can already imagine what it will be like 10 years from now.

    1. The situation has already worsen with the state paper reporting more people having reunion dinner at hawker centres.

      As for the SG heading for meltdown by Jesse Colombo which i presume you have read, once the bubble pops, there is no buffer with so many people maxed out. With income inequality so much worse than Japan which had its bubble burst in early 90s, the social stability in SG would be unstable compared to stable japan.