Saturday, April 19, 2014

JCube - Reactor Core Meltdown cum Cancerous GDP Growth

Remember Jurong East Entertainment Centre? That's the shopping mall beside the library before being torn down & JCube is constructed in its place. Back then the old mall is considered thriving. With the flooding of foreigners into this tiny island, are businesses flourishing?

Before we get to 'reactor core meltdown', below is a picture update of Cancerous GDP Growth at Jurong East Central. Another $$$ lending shop(red $$$ sign) has sprouted up like weeds beside Bank of India.

The hybrid regime likes to boast about GDP growth. Grow GDP at all costs like cancer also sibei shiok (feels wonderful). Nevermind that healthy cells are wiped out. So long can grow can already. That's its sickening mindset.

Earlier on netizens on hardwarezone forum started a discussion thread on Nex mall shops closing down which i've blogged about at More Singaporeans Avoiding Killer Rental Stores at Malls. Now the cancer can also be seen in the west now in JCube.

Why SG Economy is Fucked Up?
There are also other factors which i've blogged about contributing to the fucked up economy. Why is the economy fucked up despite massive flooding of foreigers to eat & shit aka stimulate consumer spending(gdp)?

Kopitiam at Kranji MRT - Fools eat there
Johoreans earn S$ but little spending in SG. If i'm a johorean i would do the same too.

No Starbucks Addiction For Johoreans Unlike Sinkies
Not only do johoreans spend little in SG, they don't spend unwisely like sinkies when they are back in Johor, Msia.

Chop Passport to Cut Hair
When hordes of cheap foreign labor are imported, they have very poor spending power. Even a haircut is expensive. Many private businesses in SG are dying or hanging on by their fingernails. The most profitable ones are the govt-linked companies with its monopoly with the most recent example being the most expensive World Cup viewing prices in Asia Pacific.

High Oil Prices Hit Transportation & Hawker Centre Food
Sinkies flocking to hawker centres instead of coffeeshops. When locals are displaced from their jobs by cheaper foreigners - food expense become a problem.

Advertisements of Rising Crime & Free Labor Patrols
When food expense become a problem after being job displaced/underemployment, we are seeing the infestation of pawnshops & $$$ lending shops. The desperate will resort to crime hence the rising crime rate.

With these factors, how can not have a meltdown?

JCube - Reactor Core Meltdown
Last month, it was reported by the State controlled media that japanese lifestyle brand Francfranc is shutting its business operations in SG. The state propaganda published that Francfranc closure little impact on retailers. I'm blogging here to expose this bullshit.

I have never heard of this retailer despite window shopping at JCube a couple of times. I was 'blind' despite its large retail space at the mall because what it sells doesn't interest me.

Francfranc occupies the core of JCube being at the centre of 2nd floor. Shelves are empty & very little merchandise.

On other side of Francfranc, another shop bites the dust.

The top 2 pictures are the shops behind Francfranc. Look at their fate. The top left picture is frontal view of the picture above. Thus you can see rot at the core of the shopping mall. Bottom 2 are other dead shops.

There are 'corpses' elsewhere. Look at the boarded up shop that remains empty next to the red telco shop.

What's wrong with this picture? Initially i was fooled thinking there's no 'corpse' but is actually a business that went bust. The glass doors at the front & side are removed. Only telltale signs are the cleaner tiles compared to the dirtier tiles & the rear glass remaining separating from the escalator.

Look the the escalators. Is a 'chokepoint' in terms of traffic. Regardless the business still got 'choked' to death.

Empty space with no takers. Put vending machines there instead. Normally such machines are at walkways/corridors in order to max rentals for shop space.

Above Francfranc is the ice skating rink on 3rd level thus fewer shops at that 3rd level. Another boarded up space after the business went bust. Is now under renovation for its new tenant - Korean BBQ restaurant.

Look at so many boxes inside the World of Outdoors. Packing up merchandise into boxes for closing shop.

Such a fucked up economic situation is not seen during the years when locals are decently paid in their jobs & not many foreigners depressing wages. It was a virtuous cycle back then as the local workers will plow their salaries via spending back into local businesses.

What we are seeing now are more & more legitimate businesses being killed & the rise of sin businesses like pawnshops & $$$ lending shops. Instead of a flourishing tropical rainforest, it is becoming like a desert.


  1. Same in Clementi mall area. The store just outside the mall called Tutti Frutti has closed and in its place, a Money Max store. Poisonous!

  2. great reporting again. Please expose all the nonsense of the sick state controlled newspapers. This sg economy is tanking. No matter how this evil govt lie, truth will always prevail.

  3. Clementi, Jurong East, Boon Lay western areas are enclaves for many foreign students, foreign workers and foreign talents. These people are usually frugal and less willing to spend on frills.
    While locals, feeling the pinch also spend less. Mall owners have to come back to earth and charge a sensible rent or see their income diminished. Great reporting.

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