Sunday, April 12, 2015

Being Obedient & Follow Instructions Mindlessly = 'Die' Even Faster

I collected my new passport from the passport collection machine last month. Even though i received the reminder letter to apply for a new passport last year, i dragged it on so as to use up a bit more pages. I also don't foresee myself away on further destinations which require >6 months prior to expiry.

My last usage was 5 weeks prior to expiry on a daytrip of Johor, Malaysia. As it was still more than a month, i consider it okay else i'll just persuade the malaysian customs officer to let me through one last time. No word from the officer & i was let through.

The amusing thing after i collected my new passport from the machine was that a staff came up to me & asked for my old passport. She then proceed to punch holes to void my old passport.

Ha ha ha. Civil serpent reduced to hole puncher. The hole punching part is the only part that isn't replaced by the machine which can be done if the authorities want to further streamline the process.

Those civil serpents and those who think that by being obedient & follow instructions mindlessly would be safe are just deluding themselves. Exception are those elite serpents who are very good in Yes Yes Yes to their political masters. For the peasants the formula is:

Being obedient & follow instructions mindlessly = 'Die' even faster

Being obedient & follow instructions mindlessly =

  1. Hire a cheaper foreigner who is even more obedient zombie. Remember what the bus driver hired from China who led the strike said: "他们认为他妈的中国人真多,去一趟就能招来几百号人,用完了,不听话了就滚蛋."
  2. Automate it.
  3. Move the work overseas where it is cheaper.
Although the PRC bus driver was fired, i consider him a leader who is not easily replaced with automation. How to automate leadership trait? His inspiring speech to his comrades is valuable that i archived a copy at Leadership of Lowly Educated Bus Driver Vs 3 Star General's.

Dangerous Cog Labor Mentality - Inflexibility whereby a worker follows instructions mindlessly also invites complaints instead of being safe.

Since the passport is an important document, it is foolhardy for the hybrid regime to hire cheaper foreigners. It cannot be moved overseas so that leaves automation. More productive compared to civil serpent who need toilet breaks.

Right now there are 2 self-collect machines which are launched 2 years ago in 2013. They are situated on the ground level. Like bank's atms & coin deposit machines, more collection of passport & ICs through machines is an eventual trend.

The 2 civil serpents stationed near the machines as hole punchers also provide some guidance to those unsure users & those who fail facial recognition(rare). I reckon they are former counter staff or staff rostered to do duty downstairs. Further costs can be cut as the jobscope can be done by a retiree.

Why waste taxpayers' $$$ to pay decent salaries to civil serpents who are there mainly to punch holes?

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