Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dangerous Cog Labor Mentality - Inflexibility

An example of cog labor mentality thinking he is safe in job security by following instructions blindly. It's very likely a sinkie in charge as Changi Ferry Terminal got an immigration/customs section to Pengarang in Johor, Malaysia.

I've removed the top paragraphs as the complaint letter is longer than a screen & not the main essence. Full letter is at Ferry terminal staff need more flexible attitude.

Robotics & artificial intelligence have advanced to the point that self-drive cars are available. I consider it a major leap considering the multitude of factors that might pop out while on the road. What's left is ironing out the insurance & regulation issues. Which brings us to the point of what's the point of hiring a dumbass cog who is only good at following instructions?

That dumbass supervisor seem oblivious that his employer which is the hybrid regime likes to replace expensive mindless cogs like him with cheaper mindless foreign cogs who are even better at following instructions. Again i'm stressing that the hybrid regime likes to:

  • replace expensive mindless cogs following instructions blindly with cheaper foreign cogs
  • automate it & avoid the hassles of MC, maternity/paternity leave, morale, bonuses etc.

When those foreign cogs are earning a few times more in S$ than in their native countries, you can bet that even stupid orders would be carried out in the workplace. We don't have to look far because in parliament, the members of parliament of the hybrid regime party being paid obscene salaries would Yes, Yes, Yes even to policies detrimental to masses such as the 7M population policy shoved down our throats.

How to deal with cogs following instructions blindly
When dealing with those mindless cogs who follow instructions blindly, the best approach to get them to be flexible is to present them with an even worse consequence as what the complainer has done.

Priority to be retrenched
If i'm the boss of that mindless cog, i would put him in priority to be fired in the next round of layoffs. Wasting 40mins for something that is done in 5mins. These type of cog labor belong to the hardworking (in wrong thing) but stupid category.

Queenstown library experience of cog supervisor
If you have clicked the link above to read the full letter, you're realise it's pretty long. In my experience such letters are usually written by the more well-off.

Queenstown library is pretty isolated as the old housing surrounding it are demolished & left vacant. As such, the quiet library is usually frequented by the more well-off. There's a letter a few years ago complaining about 1 of the supervisors there about her inflexiblity. Though the letter didn't mention which supervisor (there are 2), i can pretty much guess who.

That supervisor is even worse than the juniors. When i arrive to collect a reserved book, she ask for the reservation letter which i didn't bring. My previous dealings with the juniors is that scanning my identity card into the system will display my status & confirm the borrowing of the reserved book.

I didn't complain about her. Eventually her cog labor just follow instructions blindly mindset cause her to get fucked by a letter of complaint in the shit times in a matter similar to the ferry terminal cog.

Cog labor are called cog labor for a reason. They have no heart.

Hybrid regime loves cog labor. What matters is easily replaceable & cheap. No initiative needed.
- Bus Driver Punished for Using Initiative to Correct Mistake

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