Monday, June 30, 2014

Singapore 'Iceberg' Warnings. Aftermath in June 2014

I've not blogged this month & is now the last day in June. What happened this month regarding the warnings i've blogged about?

It is until the situation is very serious that the govt-controlled media will report on their fixes or acknowledge the problem. They are the issues of Smartphone addiction, Very unhappy workforce & demoralized soldiers.

Smartphone Addiction Warning

After the modern form of 'opium addiction' has become a mass epidemic will the govt controlled mass media finally report on the dire situation. In other countries whereby their leaders aren't paid obscene salaries, they are more proactive in tackling the addiction problem.

Very Unhappy Singapore Workforce Chronology of Events
I've blogged intensely back in march 2012.

Then a few months later in November 2012, the 'atomic bomb' arrived when Yahoo News reported on Singapore the least positive country in the world according to independent survey by Gallup. This atomic bomb shockwave awakened many sinkies as to what kind of country we have become under the hybrid regime's grow GDP at all costs approach.

'Atomic bomb' exploded. What did the hybrid regime do to contain the vast damage? They attempt to do the survey according to their 'own criteria' to show the situation is not that bad.

Now in June 2014, a survey by Randstad that Singapore workers 'among least satisfied in Asia-Pacific

Demoralised Citizen Soldiers
Grouses of disatisfaction of being a local being disadvantaged compared to foreigners have been going in message forums providing a ready form of feedback to the authorities. But the top people are in ivory towers.

Obviously their half ass approach didn't work & now the hybrid regime is throwing $4.5B over the next decade in an attempt to patch it.

I agree with the top commentator below that the measures do not solve the main problem.