Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ditched Fast Food. 6.5 years & counting

Fast food restaurant workers are on strike in USA over their measly pay & finding it hard to even support 1 kid. If their pay in USA is considered measly, then it is even more pathetic in Sillypore's fast food restaurants. It was reported by the govt's Employment & Employability Institute that a full time crew at MCD(S'pore) has a gross salary of $1,100

Miserable wages contribute to increasing profits for the corporation.

My reasons for boycotting fast food restaurants:

  • Expensive unhealthy food.
  • Spam, spam, spam like weeds chain store outlets
  • Why support fast food restaurants exploiting workers through pathetic wages?
  • Why get served by 'zombie' workers? (hire & fire + low wage)
  • Zombie workers have no pride in their work/preparing food compared to self-employed hawkers.

If the reasons i cited above are not sufficient for you to vote with your wallet against those fast food outlets, consider watching this 5mins video.

What kind of french fries are you putting into your stomach? The other MCD burgers decompose at a slower rate which means preservatives in them to last longer(look more beautiful) which means more profits for the company. On the beautiful part, i got reminded during a cycle trip to Kluang, Johor in Malaysia in 2011. At the lunch stop at Ayer Hitam, a man involved in the vegetable wholesale business shared a table with us. He said that Sillyporeans like buying beautiful vegies. Why? Cause lots of pesticides are sprayed - i almost spat out the porridge in my mouth. I like his candor though.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gosh, I Got Registered Letter

Note : Added cellphone addiction to warnings in earlier blogpost. Forgotten about it.

Stingy Over a Postage Stamp
Usual mail consists of bills. I was shocked to receive registered mail for reservist. 1st notification letter for reservist in March 2014 came in april this year. I bochup (didn't bother) to mail back acknowledgement slip as there is no postage supplied. Look how stingy the hybrid regime is in treating the native sons of Sillypore over 1 stamp while doling out free scholarships for foreigners.

It also shows how foolish the bureaucracy is. Saving on a stamp & end up paying so much higher on registered mail.

Anyway since the reservist is like 1 year away, the usual practice is the manpower officer will 'arrow' the clerks to call the men just days before to remind the men to report back for training. Hence another reason i bochup & didn't mail back the acknowledgement slip.

There's Little Sense to National Service
I wrote in May about Throwing Cash Vouchers at Demoralised Reservists Is Not Working. Earlier this month the Defence Ministry is still exploring possibility of making retirement fund contributions (instead of companies) when workers are called up for National Service.

Note the bold words i highlighted in red. The hybrid regime is beyond redemption. Just vote them out in 2016 elections. Is a joke the native citizens are discriminated at work/3rd class citizens in one's own country while foreigners with no reservist obligations are preferred in the workplace - no disruption to work.

Excessive Military Spending with Demoralised Force in Overrun Island
Such news of demoralised troops are open knowledge to other countries. Other countries also know this tiny island state is presently overrun with foreigners.

NS = National Service
ICT = In-Camp Training

I didn't ask my platoon mates if they also bochup in mailing back acknowledgement slip due to no postage stamp & thus received registered mail. I suspect many also bochup as well.

SAF = S'pore Armed Forces
SAF = Serve And Fuck off

Native sons don't call SAF by the lower term for nothing.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cycle Fest becomes Cycle Fail - My Warning Came True

I made a ruckus last year in "World Class Marketing" for Guniness Cycling Convoy Record regarding the 'iceberg' that the Cycle Fest 2013 event would hit.

It was such a massive failure that the state controlled news tabloid termed it World record-setting event flops from the get-go on March 6th this year.

  • Not enough participants turned up
  • Poorly organised
  • Emcee of the event said he has not been paid
  • Organiser owes several thousand dollars for the printing of event jerseys
  • Record not set

Look at the above screenshot from the 1.5mins video. Truly pathetic turnout. When the company hires a bunch of Yesmen or Yeswomen, it get what it deserves - nobody dare to voice out dangers. Just follow instructions blindly. Shut up & do your work quietly. Throw in extra overtime work if necessary, sacrifice family time, sacrifice friends/social time. End up all aboard the ship perish.

Superiors at work find it hard to manage me cause i question things that i sense is dangerous.. It is hard to shut me up cause i will blog here on warnings about the dangers.on issues that catch my attention.

Many bosses & managers in Sillypore find 'warning indicators' workers hard to manage. I suppose they like flying a plane with no warning indicators.

Remember what the head of the union (govt minister) said about Cheaper, Faster, Better.

  • Is cheaper to build a plane with no warning indicators installed.
  • Is faster to build a plane with no warning indicators installed
  • Is better to build a plane with no warning indicators installed.

1.5mins video of Cycle Fest become Cycle Fail.

My other warnings (earlier links to alarms are provided) :

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Singaporeans Reign as Mindless Slaves of Smartphones in S.E Asia

I began sounding alarm when reports of Sinkie Workers bochup. Later when Yahoo published Sinkies Unhappiest in World that it reaches the sleeping masses.
Singaporeans Among World's Top 10 Pessimists, Overbuying To Misery

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Friday, August 23, 2013

R2B: Return to Base Theme Song; S Korea's 'Top Gun' Movie

Let's sing!

You dream of living in the shining star.
And if i could, if i could be your dream
day after day
I wanna be where you are day by day
Believe in you, believe in me yeah

--- chorus 2x ---
Hey i'm gonna fly, just like a butterfly
Let me take you there. More higher, more higher
Hey i'm gonna fly, just like a butterfly
Let me take you there. More higher, more higher
Hey i'm gonna fly...

You dream of flying to the glamourous sky
And if i could, if i could be your dream
day after day
I wanna be where you are day by day
Believe in you, believe in me yeah

--- chorus 2x ---
Hey i'm gonna fly, just like a butterfly
Let me take you there. More higher, more higher
Hey i'm gonna fly, just like a butterfly
Let me take you there. More higher, more higher
Hey i'm gonna fly...

I'm not exactly sure what the title of the song is. Commenters on youtube said is Soar to the Sky, Soar to the Sun, Closer to the Sun. Nevertheless is something soaring up to the vast expanse above.

If you are pumping for more. You can proceed to watch R2B: Return to Base (~2 hours; 2nd lower screen). I've watched it 2x. Although i'm a foreigner & never been to the land of kimchi, i can feel the pride of being a S korean while watching the movie.

Related music videos (english):

- Great Southern Land - 1 of My Fav. Childhood Music

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Oil Price Increase & Return of Secular Bear Market

1 year & 1 month after i wrote about the rebound in oil prices back in July last year, this is what the price of oil is now:

 Price of oil has increased around 21%.

Doom of Sillypore's Hybrid Regime

"It took us 125 years to use the first trillion barrels of oil. We'll use the next trillion in 30."
-Chevron CEO David O'Reilly in July 2005

8 years have passed since 2005. The speed at which natural resources are depleted is astonishing. With military junta Myanmar opening up & its populace aspiring to a standard of living like the west & Sillypore, the appetite for resources is simply mind boggling if we consider China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia etc etc.

"Is high oil prices that make unconventional oil worth producing in the first place."
-Richard Heinberg

With much of Sillypore peasants now already suffering under depressed wages, further increases in prices of food, transportation etc in the years ahead is virtually guaranteed to see the hybrid regime voted out.

Sillyporeans will see their home prices collapse when elderly sinkies in particular sell their homes to buy food. Currently the 3 local banks are already downgraded to negative from stable by ratings agency Moodys.

Sillypore Entering Recession
Straits Times Index (STI) has dived down from its May top. Back in 2008 it was reported that Sillypore was the first Asian country in recession in the financial crisis.

Since the bull move recovery in 2009 in this secular bear market, the bull is 4 years old. It is considered old. When Obama was reelected president late last year, i already anticipate the 'winter season'. However the old bull still make a tiring climb.

America's S&P 500 Index is at a top right now. It will dive down like Sillypore's stock market index. According to Wikipedia, the stock market index S&P 500 (likewise for STI) is considered a leading indicator.

Similarities Between STI & S&P 500
Let's take a longer view & look at the weekly charts. STI has already dive.

Bull is out of breath for S&P 500.

I don't own Nike stock. The bull for NKE is out of breath at US$66.

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Grossest Domestic Product - GDP Building Instead of Nation Building

Didn't bother to watch the meaningless national day parade on tv. Have not watched tv for more than 3 years & not watched the parade for over 10 years.

While Britain's Prince Harry's achievement is his deployment in combat zone Afghanistan as a 2nd Lieutenant, Sillypore's paper general's best achievement is organising the national day parade for the hybrid regime.

The block of flats diagonally opposite where i live has just 1 flag hung for national day. Other blocks see record lows in number of flags. Among public housing, the lowest number of flags are in 5 room flats which are typically more educated/informed & have higher incomes. This is the result of growing gdp at all costs like cancer- the destruction of nationhood. How gross is that? GDP = Grossest Domestic Product.

What is Good GDP Growth? According to Gallup, whose independent surveys deeply embarrassed Sillypore's hybrid regime, quality GDP depends on 6 factors.

It starts from basics at the bottom such as Law & Order leading up to Brain Gain which then results in Quality GDP Growth.

Let's look at how Sillypore fares in each factor.
Law & Order
Crime rates have been increasing with the flood of foreign workers from 3rd world nations.

Food & Shelter
Skyrocketing housing costs due to manipulated real estate market. Food is getting more expensive for the peasants.

Institutions & Infrastructure
Overcrowded buses & trains. Increasingly congested roads. Insufficient hospital beds. Water crisis.

Institutions with more & more corruption cases among the 'chiefs'. It is just the tip of the iceberg. When the top leaders pay themselves the highest political salaries in the world while delivering pathetic performances, their minions get greedy as well due to the example displayed from the top.

Good Jobs
More & more sinkies are being displaced from their jobs by cheaper foreign workers to boost profits of government-linked companies which make up to 60% of the economy.

Gallup surveys has shown sinkies as most unhappy, Top 10 most pessimistic, disengaged workers, (i've written about them)

Brain Gain
What gain? Is loss as more than 50% of sinkies would migrate if given a choice. Bulk of huge influx of foreign workers from 3rd world nations have credentials from paper mills & yet able to displace sinkies with qualified experience/credentials as they are cheap.

Above deteriorating factors result in Grossest Domestic Product in Sillypore. Grow at all costs like cancer. Cancerous growth is also growth. That's how grossest it is.