Friday, October 31, 2014

PAP Destroying Singapore as Ornamental Fish Capital of the World

News of the hybrid regime doing a land grab of farmland shocked me. 62 farms are told to more or less fuck off as those farms have few toilet bowls. Only by building pigeon hole housing, condos & shopping mall for the peasants, can the toilet bowls strategy be maximize in order to grow the GDP at all costs like cancer.

Peasant businesses can get lost. Golf courses for elites remain.

Even though a few sites are going to be open up at unaffected areas for the affected farmers, there simply isn't enough for the 62 farms. Rent for the smaller plots of land will definitely shoot up.

Among the farms, Qian Hu Fish Farm can be considered among the most well-known since it is listed on the local stock exchange. The company is located at the Sungei Tengah area & its lease like the rest of the farms are expiring within 3 years. If it wants to remain at its land upon expiry of lease, it would have to bid for the new rental price.

Qian Hu has revamped their website a few months ago & takes pride in playing a lead role in breeding & selling ornamental fishes to the rest of the world thus making this tiny island the ornamental fish capital. There are 2-3 other ornamental fish farms in the Sungei Tengah vicinity where Qian Hu is located when i cycled there.

I was astounded by its claim of 'S'pore: Ornamental fish capital'. Is it true? Come to think of it perhaps it may be. I used to have ornamental fishes as pets when young. It is the easiest way to have pets for peasants staying in pigeon holes. Right here in Clementi, ground floor of block 328 is better known as ornamental fish shops.

In other countries with big open spaces, dogs & cats are common pets for the peasants since there's space to roam around. Hence it does makes sense that ornamental fishes & industry sprout up as a niche as a result of space-constraint S'pore.

However the ornamental fish capital status is under severe threat with the hybrid regime's latest plans to eradicate the farms. Look at the net profit of Qian Hu extracted from its website:

Q1 2012 net profit: $523,000
Q2 2012 net profit: $532,000
Q3 2012 net profit: -$10,100,000
Q4 2012 net profit: -$49,000

Qian Hu had a bountiful 1st half in 2012 before taking a massive hit by disposal of a Malaysian subsidiary. Thereafter oversupply in the industry led to little profits. The company is barely surviving from 2013 till now.

Q1 2013 net profit: $62,000
Q2 2013 net profit: $83,000
Q3 2013 net profit: $88,000
Q4 2013 net profit: $69,000

Q1 2014 net profit: $115,000
Q2 2014 net profit: $22,000
Q3 2014 net profit: $79,000

With such thin profits over a 3 month period, how can the business afford the higher rent of the land? The boss is already having sleepless nights since 2013. With the hybrid regime's grab of farmland, his situation is made even worse.

And those articles that are pinned up on the notice boards for visitors to see at his farm, some of those news articles feature PAP faces. He'll be taking a different view of those faces......

Monday, October 27, 2014

Seahill Condo From 1.22M Per Unit - Example of Cashing Out by PAP

Few months ago i blogged about Creepy Construction Mania - Choa Chu Kang. The hybrid regime with its days numbered is cashing out by selling land & monetizing whatever stuff it can suck $$$ from.

The horrendous gap between elites & peasants can be seen in the example of a pigeonhole condo in West Coast(Clementi West).

$1.22 million (starting)
Regime manipulate land price until high, high.
Developer buy land at high, high & sell even higher.

Which peasant can afford a minimum of S$1.22 million for that dwelling? - that's absolute madness. The condo & others like it on this tiny island is more to cater to hot $$$ pouring in from foreign buyers like rich people from China who are looking to diversify their wealth outside China.

$1.22 million for a Small Office Home Office(SOHO) is absurd if one can work remotely. Might as well buy a beach house with good internet connection in Thailand or Malaysia at a fraction of the cost. Why work from Seahill overlooking the 24 hour container port?

Overcrowding on buses made it difficult for the sick to get to the hospital. Taxi fares are expensive. Thus a community bus service to the nearest hospital(NUH) is introduced. I guess those sick peasants or family/relatives of sick have to go through 'screening' at the Community Centre(CC) before they qualify for the free ride.

The 2 pictures show the dismal wealth inequality in S'pore. Social fabric & stability is increasingly at risk.

Local peasants who throw their $$$ away by buying the grossly overpriced condo is very dumb if their intention is to look high class.

In Thomas Stanley's classic book 'The Millionaire Next Door' on millionaires in USA, his research has shown that the majority of self-made millionaires won't buy these type of overpriced housing. They detest being a slave to a massive mortgage.

Given the $1.22 million price tag, those millionaires mindset if they have that amount would be to buy a $450,000 home & have $770,000 remain.

Invest $770,000 in a stock market index with 5% dividend yield which is achievable during recessions & one would be financially free. They'll be doing work they want to, not because they have to.

Annual = $38,500
Monthly = $3208

Why be so stupid throw $$$ away in overpriced housing when being financially free is so much more enjoyable?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

KSL Pasar Malam - Why Tourists Shun Singapore's Spam Biz

Last month i blogged that Spamming Shopping Malls with Spam Shops is Bad for Tourism citing the examples of President Obama & Vice President Joe Biden. My previous blogpost also pointed out the rot & decay in Orchard Road prime shopping enclave.

Now this week came report that japanese department store Isetan is warning of Q3 loss:

Massive flooding into SG of 3rd world economic refugees: 
" Poor performance of its main store at junction of Orchard Road despite completion of renovations at Shaw House & adjoining Shaw Centre".
Locals replaced by cheaper foreign workers. Where got $$$ to spend? Cheaper foreign workers remit $$$ home, where got spend unnecessarily here?

Spam & spam overdose: 
"Singapore retail sales excluding automobiles have fallen in 6 of the first 8 months of this year, due in part to falling tourist arrivals."
The spam is taking a toll.

  • Why would tourists come here to experience Starbucks, McDonalds & other spam chains?
  • Why would tourists come here to be served by immigrants from their country? Being served by locals is part of the experience. For example how would PRC tourists think/feel when served by immigrants (employed as cheap workers by the hybrid regime) from their own country?

The people & culture are hard to 'spam'. It is what makes it unique & attractive to tourists.

I went over to Tesco supermarket at KSL mall in Johor, Malaysia on monday to stockpile chocolates as it is deeply discounted. A pasar malam(night market) took place outside the mall from the evening.(4:30pm - 5pm). Much of the road(Jalan Seladang) was closed & it stretches to Grand Paragon hotel.

It serves as a good example of its uniqueness that with the hybrid regime in power, it is impossible for such local flavor uniqueness to take place here.

Rojakman arrives on his motorcycle with license plate from the state of Penang.

Rojak is a fruit & vegetable salad dish. This hawker from Penang now makes his living in Johor. In developing countries, it is common to see this type of mom & pop entrepreneurship thriving.

  • Look at Msia flag. Is around 2mths since their national day is over & he still flies it. In SG, the flag is becoming non-existent in the days leading to national day in recent years such that the Americans know the hybrid regime's days are numbered (blogpost: Record Low Flags Display in 2014 Before 50th Anniversary).
  • Look how creative he outfit his simple motorcycle into a hawker stall. He is prepared for rainy days with his huge umbrella sticking out the rear of his motorcycle.

No rule that motorbikes cannot be used to sell rojak = can sell!

SG Hybrid Regime: How Can I Possibly Waste Police Resources to Close Road for Peasants?

Pasar malam (night market) occurs at this place every monday. Hence the residents can't drive in or out of their homes during the late evening to night. Inconvenience it may be, the easy access of the night market is brought to the front of their homes.

This pasar malam is made up of at least 75% malaysian chinese hawkers thus the crowd is overwhelmingly chinese. My feeling being there is like being time warped back to S'pore Golden Age before the hybrid regime mutates to its present greedy monstrosity. I also feel more human there as i don't see 'zombies' glued to their mobile phones while walking.

Fishmongers are never seen at SG's pasar malams.

The hybrid regime has not been building wet markets & hawker centres for the peasants as there is little profit to be made. When there is a wet market cum hawker centre like the one in Sengkang being built, it is sold to a private company which bid a high price for it. In the end the sengkang peasants pay a high price & hence many stalls have closed shop.

A reason why Singapore is called Sillypore is there is too many rules/regulations. A mindset started by the hybrid regime is when there is 'no rule = cannot do' which has infected many sinkies.

In other countries, no rule means can do. Is no wonder that the hawker on wheels concept failed dismally as the businessmen are only allowed at certain locations to ply their business. Now with every carpark being 'hydroelectric dam' to collect $$$, how can the hybrid regime afford to close a road & allow all these mom & pop hawkers to do business without collecting $$$?

Ornamental fishes & Eggs & Joss Papers for the dead.

Setup stall & cook right outside people's homes! - Hahaha

This type of localized & authentic experience is something one won't experienced in those overly commercialized shopping malls with their spam shops. Being a mom & pop entrepreneur, service levels are high compared to those low paid 'zombie' workers working in those spam chains.

Furthermore they are so individualistic with so many of them wearing their home clothes. Even the autobots in Transformers movies have their own unique personalities. Same goes for Ninja Turtles. Would you watch Ninja Turtles or Transformers if the robots & turtles are clones of each other?

Why Doing the Difficult Thing Makes Business Good
Only food hawker stall with tables & chairs in entire pasar malam.

When you are the only food stall with tables & chairs in the whole stretch of pasar malam, naturally the business is good if the food is decent.

Most food hawkers are for takeaways. Thus their food are mostly takeaway food to avoid hassle of cleaning tables & cutlery - easier job. As what i've seen at the pasar malam when this food hawker do the difficult thing, they end up 'easy' on profits.

Food sold at this food hawker is very well complemented to maximized their earnings. Penang Laksa as main food (watery dish; hard to takeaway), Ice Kachang (shaved ice dessert), Chendol (another dessert) & Rojak(salad).

  • Look at gigantic umbrella on top of their food van.

I had rojak here since i want to sit down & watch the crowd walk by. This is the competitive advantage this stall has compared to the Rojakman on motorcycle.

How Can SG's Hybrid Regime Allow Peasant Hawkers to Have this High Standard of Living?

Before my rojak, i had Chai Tao Kway(radish cake) which is one of my favorite food for dinner. This stall is located somewhere around the centre of the night market. It is popular as i had to wait 10-15mins for it.
  • Very tender.
  • Generous serving of egg compared to SG's.
The wife taking orders have a good memory as some customers would tell her their orders & walk away & later come back to collect & pay.

The couple has a multi-purpose vehicle. How can the hybrid regime in SG allow peasant hawkers to have this high standard of living?

SG's hybrid regime doesn't build hawker centres for peasants for many years. Regime wants slave workers at low wages working long hours in those spam & spam foodcourts wearing uniforms. How can wear home clothes & make such a good living?

Malay Sugarcane Juice Hawker - Decent Living

Came across 2 obvious sugarcane hawkers as their 'garbage pile' from squeezing the juice is so obvious.. They are located at opposite ends so as not to compete with each other. 1 is malay, the other is chinese.

At times i wonder how silly those customers ordering sugarcane juice at SG foodcourts are:
  • Gosh, who knows how long it is refrigerated - not fresh
  • Overpriced
  • Served by 'zombie worker' instead of tradesman/artisan.
  • $$$ benefits a big faceless corpseration instead of helping the family hawker.
How can the big faceless corpseration allow kids to help their parents at work at food court?

Vegetable sellers. Again the hybrid regime in SG didn't build wet markets for many years.
It wants peasants to buy especially from its fake workers union supermarkets so it can profit.

I like to eat street hawker food which is very value for $$$ in Msia. Haven't experience diarrhea. Personally i have more faith in mom & pop hawkers who are doing their own business than buying overpriced food prepared & served by low paid 'zombie' workers slaving for those faceless foodcourt corpserations.

How can those low paid workers at food court corpseration be proud of their food?

Look at the cockroaches this month at high class Marina Bay Sands foodcourt closed for 'thorough cleaning'.
High class indeed. Hahaha.

You see the kids helping daddy & mummy to cut the cake to sell!

1 sushi hawker in entire pasar malam - no similar competitors. Same goes for chinese medical herbs.

Pasar Malams across the border are much more interesting compared to the boring & stale ones in SG.

Why after a few times in those SG shopping malls it usually gets boring & stale?
  • spam shops with staff wearing the same uniforms.
  • speak scripted talk coupled with awkward smiles(company policy)

Hence i have not set foot in Orchard Road for at least 2 years until i went down for a 'sweep' earlier this month for a reconnaissance update. What for go there to feel like a local in a foreign land when it feels more at home with malaysian chinese across the border?

Not to mention to take a break & experience the 'slowness' there as well.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Rot & Decay in Orchard Road Shopping Enclave Beside Istana

So far i have only blogged about the decay in the peasant heartlands. Locals & overseas locals(2 years+) are appalled at the rot.
"This is an awesome reporting on what's really happening on the ground in Singapore. Thank you very much for your hard work. I hope more and more people realise what is really happening under this evil govt." - commentator in Cancerous GDP Growth at Jurong East Central 
"Thank you for reporting on this area again after 2 months. Without bloggers like you, ppl living in other areas of sg will never know what's going. This kind of thing will never be reported in the straits times. I have been a faithful reader of your blog for a year now. Keep it going!" - commentator in JCube - Reactor Core Complete Meltdown

I have not set foot in Orchard Road which is SG's prime shopping enclave for at least 2 years.

Broke the dry spell & went down take a look. These are the shopping malls(in order) i pop in for a look:

  • Forum The Shopping Mall - Toys"R"Us. There's still a kid in me.
  • Far East Plaza
  • Wisma Atria - only through basement to go to Ngee Ann City
  • Ngee Ann City - Kinokuniya Bookstore
  • 313 Somerset
  • Orchard Gateway
  • Centrepoint - Metro(department store) is closed for renovation.
  • Orchard Plaza
  • Plaza Singapura

313 Somerset & Orchard Gateway are the latest shopping malls. Is my 1st visit there. Amid the spamming of shopping malls all over this tiny island, another major retailer is hurting - Kinokuniya bookstore is shifting to a smaller location.

Before delving into the decay that would shocked overseas Singaporeans(2 years+), let's look at how overpopulated this tiny island is through Bus 190: Mission Impossible.

Mission Impossible in Orchard Road Opposite Far East Plaza
 It is mission possible for Tom Cruise who will save the day in the movies. However the tragedy is experienced by many peasants in 1st world SG with the world's highest paid politicians who said they are very high caliber.

High standard of living......

Thousands of docile sinkies sheep. Suffer, suffer & suffer.
Only 1 'lion' took initiative to film the ordeal & upload to internet which viral spread.

The hybrid regime has flooded in lots of people so that GDP can grow with increased sales of toilet paper & bus rides. However as what i have blogged about in JCube - Reactor Core Complete Meltdown, the increased population aka consumers has led to more businesses closing shop instead.

1 shop has bite the dust outside. Guess how many died inside?

Orchard Plaza is the worst of the shopping malls that i pop in for a look.
Far East Plaza is suffering too(no photos) with some dead though not as bad.

In the peasant heartlands, even new malls like JCube has quite a number of dead businesses. Situation is better in Orchard Road as it is the older malls consisting of smaller shop spaces which are suffering badly.

To think the hybrid regime is demolishing the open air carpark at Changi Airport's Terminal 1 to build another shopping mall. There are already quite a number of duty free shops for the airport's checked in passengers. As such the upcoming shopping mall named Jewel is very likely to be a white elephant instead.

What folly to make an airport more attractive by building a shopping mall. Usual tenants would be those 'spam chain' businesses. Would tourists bother about spam shit like Starbucks, Burger King & those 'fake food' cooked by cheap foreign workers at foodcourts?

I consider the rising number of dead in heartland malls & Orchard Road as a preview of the airport's 'Jewel'. 

Champion Dead in Orchard Road goes to......
Next to Orchard Plaza is Concorde Hotel (3rd level+) & its shopping mall on ground floor & 2nd.

Entrance is sealed up.

4 star hotel - Concorde
Is a 'graveyard' on ground floor & 2nd level.
A person sleeping on the floor.

Rot & Decay Creep Up To Country's Most Powerful Individuals
The Istana is the official residence & working office for the President & PM. Those 2 jokers inside their ivory towers have no idea that the rot & decay has creeped right up to the Istana.

Exit & turn right out of Istana ---> Concorde rot & decay.
Next to Concorde 'graveyard' is Orchard Plaza rot & decay.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Replacing Watch Strap, Badminton String in Johor, Malaysia

Air quality today is the worst ever so far in 2014. Indicator is in the upper end of the unhealthy range. The haze from the burning of vegetation to grow palm oil trees in Indonesia is back.

Hidden price of cheap via the burning method.

Will the haze get even worse in the days ahead? I had difficulty breathing in June last year when i woke up. Comparison pictures can be seen in blogpost: Worst Haze, Decline of Condensed Milk & Emergence of Creamer.

China, which is regarded as the world's factory is notorious for its air pollution. People around the world are thrilled by low prices of items made in China. Many don't think about the hidden price that the chinese pay with their lives.

As i've blogged in Repairing Backrest of Chair & Punctured Bicycle Tubes, it is not just about saving $$$ but also on reducing waste.

Replacing Watch Strap in Johor is Cheaper than eBay
The watch's strap has been broken for a while. It didn't cause much inconvenience as i can rely on my mobile phone for time.

My mindset is to avoid doing repair work in shops in SG due to to the killer rental. My 1st choice is to turn to eBay to buy the replacement strap but i didn't buy any. I did have a rough idea of the price for the replacement strap though.

Broken String & watch strap (left)

Later i went over to Johor Bahru to replace my badminton string as well. My racquet string has been broken for a while too & i borrowed other people's racquet to play in the meantime. Such are the inconveniences i lived with till i made the trip across the border to do repairs.

In overconsumption Sillypore, some badminton players have 3+ racquets. Yet amid the overconsumption mania, the country is the world's most unhappiest in Gallup's 2012 survey. Pathetic?

Did my watch strap replacement here in JB.
RM8! I was astonished that it's cheaper than eBay.
Boss finished the job in less than 2mins.

Such mom & pop watch shops are close to extinct in SG. In its place are those spam chains in shopping malls. Is good knowing money is spent on a deserving person like the watch shop boss. Why benefit the greedy landlords in SG?

Replacing Broken Buckle with Velcro for Waist Pouch
I have thought of buying a new waist pouch which i mostly use for my cycling trips when its buckle broke. Looked at a few models at online stores but didn't buy any mainly due to poor description of dimensions.

Not too big, not too small for the size due to cycling needs - spare tube, hand pump, bandage(touch wood), tools, tire levers, tissue, comb, phone & some spare capacity. You can see below that i've put a pen there to let you gauge the size.

Life extended by $2 solution instead of ending up in incinerator plant
Buckle(left) only has center portion. Upper portion broke still can use.
Lower portion broke - is either buy new bag or think creatively to fix.

Long white border rectangle is velcro being sewed on by my mum using the sewing machine. Bought the velcro strip at $2 Daiso shop(SG).

A curse that the hybrid regime has fallen into is lack of creativity after sucking so much $$$ via indirect taxes from the populace. I'm sure you know of prisoners who managed to create weapons out of seemingly ordinary objects. Such is creativity due to scarcity.

In Vietnam War, creativity by poor peasants can be seen via their booby traps made from wooden sticks & branches.

Easy thing for me is to buy a new bag. The harder thing is to think of how to fix it in an economical way.

RM6.90 for light. Roughly same specs sell for at least double in SG.
Super glue for more repairs.
All made in China.

Made a trip to hardware store 'Mr DIY' - a malaysian SME to buy a spare light & super glue. No need plastic bag as i requested so the cashier pasted the 'PAID" sticker. Items put into my sling bag. 

Less Wanton Consumption.
Less Waste (repairs).
Less consumer demand = Less pressure to burn & create haze.