Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shortage of Milk Powder in HK & Relation to SG

Look at mad scramble for milk powder by mainlanders flooding into Hong Kong depriving hkers. Inflation searing hot & HK govt is considering listing milk powder as legal reserve food.

If sinkies allow the Pro Alien Party to flood tiny congested S'pore with another 30% more people to shit & buy toilet paper by 2030, it will be hell & cut-throating. There is only so much land in this tiny dot. Searing hot inflation such as certificates for car ownership would benefit the Pro Alien Party's pockets nevermind that it is untold misery among the populace.

By 2030, bulk of citizens in China & India(just 2 of BRIC countries) have more purchasing power as these 2 giant countries develop further. Commodities & other goods would rise fueling inflation worldwide. By 2030, 30% of sinkies will be elderly. These elderly are screwed with high commodity prices & would be forced to sell their residences to pay for living expenses & medical.

Durians is a good example. Mainland chinese being more prosperous are eating better. Their demand for the king of fruits is driving up prices. Sinkies suffer of course since all durians are imported. By 2030, durians may become a luxury delicacy if current trend continue.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jimmy Carter Is the Last Great Modern American President

Is a pity Jimmy Carter was voted out of office. The energy crisis & economic stagflation are the main issues that cost him to lose the re-election. If i'm an american voting at that time i'll still vote for him over the actor Reagan anytime.

Many of the issues like oil addiction, budget deficits stem from the Reagan administration. Later presidents didn't fix it which balloon into current pile of mess in USA.

Jimmy Carter in his inaugural address said: "We have learned that more is not necessarily better, that even our great nation has its recognized limits, and that we can neither answer all questions nor solve all problems."

We certainly need a politican like Jimmy Carter here in S'pore. S'pore is just a tiny island & the darn Pro Alien Party's mentality on population is entrenched in more, more & more.

I particularly like his speech on reminding americans about the dangers of materialism. I have already written ad nauseum that sinkies are 'zombie workers', least emotional, least happy in world despite being having more & more possessions till the point those sinkies buried under a pile of possessions are slaves to their stuff by renting extra storage space.

Crisis of Confidence speech (excerpts):

too many of us now tend to worship self-indulgence & consumption. Human identity is no longer defined by what one does, but by what one owns. But we've discovered that owning things & consuming things does not satisfy our longing for meaning....
Hordes of sinkies haven't realise that shop, shop, shop, buy, buy, buy doesn't satisfy their longing for meaning. Sinkies are #1 emotionaless, #1 unhappiest in world.
I'm asking you for your good & for your nation's security to
  • take no unnecessary trips.
  • use carpools or public transportation whenever you can.
  • park your car 1 extra day per week.
  • obey the speed limit.
  • set your thermostats to save fuel.
Sun would rise from the west if S'pore Pro Alien Party would do the above. They are thoroughly obsessed with sucking as much $$$ from extra trips, selling permits for car ownership, petrol taxes from increased population. Their motto is more, more, more consumption nevermind that Earth be damned.

I have seen the strength of America in the inexhaustible resources of our people. In the days to come, let us renew that strength in the struggle for an energy-secure nation.
Many americans addicted to their materialistic lifestyles kicked Jimmy Carter out of office for asking them to sacrifice so as to build a better future for themselves & future generations. Short-sighted bunch. Tyranny of the masses.

Will a politican like Jimmy Carter emerge in S'pore & will those sillyporeans hooked on materialism wake up?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

30% More Population by 2030 in Desperate Hanging On to Power

I loathe going out to crowded places even more.

Productivity is already one of lowest among developed economies due to massive influx of cheaper labor. Now the Pro Alien Party is gonna make it worse.

6.9M population in 2030. Increase of 30% from present 5.3M. They ain't referred to as Pro Alien Party for nothing. Is madness. Desperate hanging on to power by importing aliens to convert to citizens to shore up their crumbling support base.

Is already so congested on this tiny island. Is utter bullshit about high quality of life. Aren't these chickens in cramped spaces stressed?

More consumption so more shit & buy more toilet paper --> gdp up. Their mentality to grow gdp at all costs like cancer is truly sickening.

Sinkies must vote the Pro Alien Party out of 2/3 majority in 2016. Is last chance. Convince 1 other person to vote against the Pro Alien Party & get that person to convince another. Cycle continues... Is that simple.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Malaysia Bus Drivers Decent Wages. Sinkie Drivers 3rd World Wages

Chronology of events:
  1. Pathetic 3rd world bus drivers salary --> sinkies shun the job.
  2. SG Govt-linked companies recruit Msian drivers to makeup shortfall
  3. Malaysia bus companies pay their drivers decent wages!
  4. Less & less Msians willing to work in Sillypore.
  5. SG's Pro Alien Party govt source for cheaper drivers from China.
  6. Some PRC drivers went on strike due to unfair pay compared to Msians.
Being a peasant who escape to Johor Bahru at times to stretch my dollars further, i need to take Johor's buses to travel. I came across their ad for bus driver recruitment for Causeway Link:

(From google translate)
pemandu bas = bus driver

gaji yang kompetitif = competitive salary

RM4,000 = S$1,600

After wage adjustment prior to strike:
Starting monthly pay for new S'porean bus drivers from $1,200 to $1,625
Permanent Resident (PR) & Msian bus drivers receive a basic salary of $1350, up from $1200.

Msian bus drivers are not dumb:
Work in SG---> $1,350
Pay meals & drinks in S$ & suffer punishing commutes through immigration checkpoint

Work in Msia---> $1,600 (RM4,000)
Meals & drinks in RM. Shorter commutes.

I'm not sure if RM4,000 includes overtime pay but it is apparent the salary is not alluring enough for Malaysians otherwise the SG govt-lniked companies wouldn't have to recruit cheaper drivers from China.

3rd-World Wages in Sillypore:
SG bus driver: $1,625/mth suffering 1st world cost of living
Msian bus driver: $1,600/mth decent living in developing country

Wage suppression is not confined to bus drivers alone. Hordes of sinkies are suffering wage suppression with the govt's massive influx of cheaper labor to boosts its govt-linked companies profits at the expense of the natives. I'm using bus drivers as example as people are already familiar with the explosion of the 'strike by drivers hired from China'.

No Sustained Demand in Sillypore
"One's own employees ought to be one's own best customers. Paying high wages is behind the prosperity of this country"-Henry Ford

Remember what Henry Ford said. With widespread wage suppression coupled with relentless rising cost of living, how can there be prosperity in Sillypore when there is no sustained demand from sinkies?  Is a precarious state as the demand is artifically propped up by massive influx of foreigners. When they leave enmasse, it is 'depression' for Sillypore.

Pro Alien Party being thrown out by suffering sinkies in Punggol East by-election is a good start. More elites of the Pro Alien Party must be thrown out via the ballot slip in 2016 before these elites make life hell for the peasants.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sinkies Have Wisen By Concentrating Votes to Defeat Pro Alien Party in Punggol East

Biggest ang pao(red packet) for Chinese New Year - Replacement candidate of the ruling party for Punggol East by-election defeated.

I didn't have much hope since it is a 4-corner fight. Votes among the alternatives are bound to be split. Astonishing it turn out that people learnt how damaging multi-corner fights are from presidential election in 2011.

Now people wise up & concentrate on person with highest odds to win against the incumbent Pro Alien Party:

We can look forward to more loss of votes for the incumbent in 2016 election. Incumbent Pro Alien Party which now holds 80 out of 87(92%) seats must be denied of 2/3 majority in 2016 election. Enough of their grow gdp at all costs like cancer mentality, abscene salaries with poor performance as well as pro alien policies etc.

Look at the photos(took a screenshot from video) posted by netizens of how the winner(blue; workers party) & loser(white; pro alien party) go about thanking the peasants in the electoral battleground after the election:

Still showing how high & mighty they are when thanking the peasants. Still in 'ivory tower'. Hired a tourist open-air double-decker bus plying the main roads. How to connect with residents when double decker can't go into car parks?

Winner is humble & close to ground & peasants. Small lorry easily maneuver into car parks. Much cheaper & perhaps even free if it is a volunteer's lorry.

Most interesting is this when the 2 sides ran into & greeted each other. Look at the small lorry being close to peasants' pigeon-hole homes.

This guy making his debut during a rally has high potential to defeat another 'elite' from the pro alien party. He fear for his children & young sinkies future hence he joined the blue hammer party. There is hope for S'pore.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sillypore Need 17 Years Vs 5 Years in Chengdu for Metro Line

17 years to complete Cross Island line. Announced just after the nomination of candidates for the By-Election of Punggol East. Seems like a desperate bid to placate those 54% who voted for them in that area in the 2011 election.

Chengdu's first 2 metro lines took around 5 years each to finish construction. In Sillypore is 17 years. Even an interior western city in China is more effective in public transportation planning & construction than our obscenely overpaid ministers.

Their announcement to shore up votes did more damage by telling people they need 17 years to finish building a line when infrastructure in this tiny island is already bursting at the seams with relentless influx of people to shit, shit & shit so they can buy more toilet paper to boost GDP at all costs.

Clementi where i now live is going to be one of the interchanges along the Cross Island line. I would say it would be underground at Clementi for that line. There isn't space left for another line in the current above ground station at Clementi.

Miss the good old times...

- Appreciate Golden Age of S'pore from Train in 1991

Thursday, January 17, 2013

No Starbucks Addiction For Johoreans Unlike Sinkies

1 thing that amazes me is that johoreans are not addicted to consumerium unlike sinkies. Johoreans coming to S'pore to work suffer punishing commutes.

Causeway is already stuck with johoreans after 5:30am. That means they wake up around 4,5+am & that means sleeping at 9-10pm. After knocking off work it is the same horrendous jam across the border back to Johor, Malaysia. Ain't much of a life for a typical workday.

Earning the mighty S$ is what makes the punishing commutes worthwhile. Mighty S$ converted back to RM$ + lower cost of living in Msia = Hell lot faster to retirement. While most sinkies slog like 40 years with retirement $$ depleted by absurd 99 years leasehold housing prices, johoreans can retire comfortably after working like 20 years with freehold housing.

Johoreans wise in investing his/her $$ can achieve financial independence even faster. Aren't johoreans good at saving $$ after coming back from S'pore with S$? Look at this Starbucks outlet:

I have passed by this Starbucks outlet at JB Sentral (train & bus terminal) outlet many times. People are bound to pass by it as it is strategically located beside the entrance/exit to the immigration complex. Even during the peak hours when Johoreans are streaming back home after the immigration complex, i don't see johoreans flocking to buy Starbucks coffee as a form of retail therapy to numb their job misery & commute.

In Sillypore, it is an entirely different story where many sinkies turn to consumerism to buy temporary happiness to drown their job misery. Some consider drinking coffee at Starbucks a high class act to look good to others. At time of this writing, tiny Sillypore has around 85 Starbucks outlets......

Do johoreans care about looking high-class like those sinkies hooked on overconsumerism? The way i see it, they are more concern with looking high-class in their bank accounts looking forward to a comfortable retirement.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pollution Often Not Factored in Price of Products

China smog bad for health, good for business doesn't reflect the true costs of its status as the factory of the world. For higher profits, the pollution is 'outsourced' to another country.

Picture by Associated Press of skyscrapers obscured by heavy haze in Beijing

1 of the failings of modern economics is that externalities such as consequences resulting from pollution are not factored into the price of the finished product.

Part of the cheapness is from the lack of pollution reduction controls in factories in developing countries. The cheapness is 'subsidized' by the citizens of the manufacturing countries.

On a more localized scale, the producers in manufacturing countries pay with:
  • higher health bills
  • higher death rates
  • contamination of their surroundings
  • birth defects

On a global scale, everybody must pay with:
  • consequences of climate change
  • poisons passed around the food chain into our stomachs

Think again before deciding to 'overconsume'. Spare a thought for the future generations.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Focus On Self-Improvement & Other Aspects of Life Would Improve

Result of this poll is akin to the 80/20 Pareto Principle- 20% of the people make 80% of the money.

Something that the 80% don't understand & why the majority struggle till death. The 20% know that by focusing on self-improvement, the rest will get better. $$-Health-Relationships are all inter-related.

Some of those making more $$ may be at the expense of their health.

34% of respondents voted $$ as top yet the vast bulk of these 34% consider the 'love of $$ is root of all evil'. Truth is lack of $$ is the root of all evil. Why would $$ stay with a person if it is considered evil? Likewise if a person is uncomfortable with $$, he/she would subconsciously get rid of $$ through a multitude of ways.

With profit-centric state capitalism practised by the current ruling party in S'pore it is indeed easier to make $$ in S'pore compared to other countries. I loathe the money sucking policies of the current ruling party & i vote against them but one has higher chance of protecting oneself by investing in those government owned companies(which i do) than hoping for a win at the lottery with dismal odds.

I'm sure there are financially wise folks out there who invest in govt-linked companies to protect themselves & then donate part of profits to other political parties/websites. Is no different from voters who received goodies from the current money-sucking party & yet vote against them. Money in itself is neutral. Is how it is used that makes the difference.