Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cancerous GDP Growth at Jurong East Central

In july 2007, we're told by the old man that this tiny island is in a golden period.

Propaganda by hybrid regime --> Top of news!

When such remarks are being made by the hybrid regime, it often indicates the opposite direction for the masses. Is approaching 7 years since his declaration of golden period. How 'golden' is it now?

In january i blogged that Cancerous GDP Growth in Singapore Has Reached Terminal Stage after the govt controlled media finally acknowledges the infestation of pawnshops & $$ lending shops in the peasant heartlands.

As if the cancer cells in Clementi are not enough, let's look at the pictures i've taken this month of the 'cancer' at nearby Jurong East central. This blogpost is my most picture heavy laden so far due to the rot. The rot in Jurong East central is worse than Clementi.

Before the pictures, something on the malls there. There are now 4 malls in Jurong East central:

  • IMM
  • JCube
  • JEM
  • Westgate

After taking the pictures i walked over to Westgate for a look. Is my 2nd visit there since its opening in early december 2013. After 2 months, there are still 24 shopspaces that are still vacant/boarded up in this upmarket mall. Big Box which is another mall currently under construction will be 5th.

I consider the 24 vacancies at Westgate to be a warning on excess retail spaces in Jurong East. Majority of the locals are stretched thin on their finances. Coupled with killer rents & cheaper online stores & this combo becomes a powerful 'cocktail'.

Now let's let to the rot.

It seems to be a curse to be beside a pawnshop or $$ lending business. Look at the vacant shop whose previous business went bust.

No takers after previous business went bust. Vibrant economy after flooding in plenty of cheap workers?

Another dead one. Having a half-shopspace to lessen the killer rent & it is still slain.

Cleaned out real nice with the pillars inside so visible. Still no takers. You call that a booming economy despite flooding in so many humans to consume & shit on this tiny island?

State Bank of India(right) for foreign workers to deposit $$$ to eventually remit home. Most foreign workers are here to earn $$. They only spend on bare necessities like toilet paper or maybe not, perhaps they wash with hands instead so as to save more $$.

Look at the $$$ lending shop on the left. Is pitch dark for the shop interior behind the man by the door. Makes one wonder what is taking place inside the pitch blackness.

In the centre, there's a dead business. Seems like it is a curse when located close to those 'sin' business.

Another $$$ lending shop very close to a bank as if the bank is not enough. This type of phenomena is also seen in Clementi & Buona Vista as i've blogged previously.

2 dead 'corpses' & no takers. Well is 4 since 2 full shops are subdivided. Pay lesser killer rent in bid to survive but alas still killed for all of them.

Look at the pawnshop to the right. Now you see what i mean by it seem like a curse located close to a 'sin' business.

Business providing service to remit $$$ home for Bangladeshi workers. It doesn't make sense for those poorly paid workers to spend in overpriced SG.

Lack of demand, low demand = death of local businesses.

How can sinkies support the local economy when they are wage suppressed or underemployed or lost their jobs to cheaper foreign workers? That's why we see the rising death of businesses & more & more people scrapping by as evidenced by the rising number of $$$ lending business/pawnshops.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

How A Local Spam Chain Business Hire Cog Labor

Nobody in my family spend $$ to buy newspapers which is a propaganda tool of the hybrid regime. Occasionally my dad do take the free newspaper distributed in the morning at Clementi mrt. Newspaper still have other uses despite not reading them. For my family, my mum primarily use the newspaper as a layer for cleaning purposes.

It is through this newspaper acting as layer for cleaning that i come across a hiring advertisement for retail assistants. The newspaper has been thrown away but the hiring ad is available on the company website.

On its corporate profile webpage it touts itself as the largest pet chain business in SG(also in Msia). I won't mention the company name here as i'm not driving customers & profits to them. Anyway the clue is already stated by the company -> spam chain.

Attractive salary of $1,500 (inclusive of base pay & commission)
After retirement (employee) deduction, it is $1,200. You call that attractive for a sinkie?

  • Don't buy water to drink for meals.
  • Every day $3 per hawker meal = $132(lunch & dinner) monthly assuming 22 workdays/mth
  • Cheapest cellphone subscription
  • Cheapest internet subscription
  • $60 public transport (asumming)
  • mortgage (if married)
  • childcare needs (if married)
  • Not to mention other expenses

Left over got $$ to raise a pet? The pathetic salary already got problem supporting oneself in high cost SG.

How about visiting the zoo & bird park to see animals with $1,200 take-home salary?

  • $23.80 Zoo ticket
  • $21.25 Bird Park ticket

And we are talking about just the employee alone. If he/she has 2 kids above 12+ & other low income spouse for the tickets, you go figure......

Full time & part-timers who love pets are welcome to apply
If you are struggling with packing bare essential items into a small suitcase, the small suitcase still got spare to pack other items?

As pointed out above, it is already a massive headache supporting oneself with the pathetic salary. The mindset is preoccupied with struggling to survive day-to-day with $1,200, where got spare mental space to love pets?

Of course there are folks who love pets & don't mind the low salary but how many are there in SG?

Love pets but not enough salary to support pet = Plenty of people
Love pets & enough salary to raise one = Few (mostly those in private housing or singles in HDBs)

Judging from the interview at HQ & their outlets, i conclude staff turnover is very high.

Why staff turnover very high? The pathetic salary is a huge contributor.

How is it like working in a pet store to be reminded day after day, month after month, year after year, that your take home salary is not enough to support a pet?

Self-motivated sales person but Mthly Target Bonuses of $100
Contradicts each other. The company got the cheek to advertise that it's good remuneration. Even $400 for achieving gold status for physical fitness test for reservist, the number of reservists(company size) who achieve $400 can be counted with my fingers.

$400 already so miserable for gold result so how self-motivated for an incentive of $100?

Comprehensive sales & product training
As a spam chain business, it is likely a FAQ compiled for answering customer queries.

Worse than Supermarket Worker
The way this pet business spam chain advertise, it is looking for cog labor. Use a while & throw. Rinse & repeat. Cog labor in pet business is worse than grocery business. At least a low wage worker in grocery store can afford most of the groceries thus his/her morale is not that bad.

Supermarket workers got chance to eat soon-to-be expired(left 2-3 days) stuff like pastry for free. Ditto for waiters/waitress & cooks in restaurants with extra food not served. Pet shop worker eat pet food?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why I Consider Non-Govt Control of Hawker Centres is Sinister

"I would love it if you could write another post on your thoughts about what you mention "the intention of the hybrid regime to turn a few hawker centres to be managed by non-profit organizations or cooperatives is sinister." What do you think will happen if truly this vile govt go ahead with this plan?"
This blogpost is in response to the question above on 2nd Feb by someone. Answer is simple: PAP (hybrid regime)= Pay & Pay.

Not only is the hybrid regime bankrupt of goodwill, it is in large deficits(goodwill) after countless attempts to extract more $$$ from the population. The latest example is the public transport fare hike despite degrading service & infrastructure. How can people trust the hybrid regime when its fake workers union chain of supermarkets sell most items at higher price than privately run Sheng Siong?

It is like the story of the boy who cried wolf repeatedly who end up losing trust. People have already pointed out the hybrid regime is fond of creating problems & misery to milk more $$$ from the people:

By turning some of the hawker centres over to outside govt control:

  • Liase with 1 organisation/company instead of many hawkers at a hawker centre
  • Crony management organisation to benefit at expense of masses (eg. $2 company setup to manage Adjunied Town Council's management software)
  • Distance itself from rental hikes or whatever hikes from the hybrid regime(not under direct govt control)

Rise of 'Big Corpserations' Populated by 'Zombies Workers' & Decline of Individuality
It is a kickstarter plan & is likely more hawker centres would be turned over eventually. We already have enough of those spam businesses. Mom & pop businesses with individuality are dwindling. Aren't you sick of the countless MCDs, KFCs, Starbucks, Breadtalk etc spamming over this tiny island?

US Vice President Likes Individuality, Not Zombie Workers from Corpserations
I've blogged last year that American Vice President Visit Hawker Centre - Tourist Attraction. He didn't visit a food court staffed by 'zombie workers'. Furthermore he made an impromptu visit because he know the hybrid regime's porlumpars(asslickers) would bring him to 'Potemkin Village' in S'pore with those fake acting.

A wise leader he is to seek out the authentic.

Current system of running hawker centres is good enough since an american vice president is attracted to it. If hawker centres are turned over to outside entity/corpseration, it is likely that individuality would be suppressed/eliminated.

Hawkers would be told to wear standardised uniforms, cutlery standardised, signboards standardised. In other words is turning people into cog labor.

How happy is cog labor? We've already seen the report that sinkies are unhappiest in world.

Hybrid Regime Turning SG into Giant Corpseration - No Emotional Bonus
Resort World Sentosa casino managed by Malaysian Genting group understands the allure of hawker food- they have Malaysian Hawker Food Street. They try to recreate the hawker scene though is kinda fake. However SG's hybrid regime don't understand it. Instead of hawker centres we see the rise of spam chains like Kopitiam, Koufu & foodcourts etc selling overpriced food cooked by 'zombies'.

American vice president gets an emotional bonus buying from mom & pop hawker. There's no emotional bonus from 'zombie workers' in spam chains despite paying a higher food price. More stupidity is paying for some aircon & a huge premium to the bloodsucking landlords.

Does American Vice President patronizing hawker centre mean he is poor? (Anton Casey saga- consider people taking public transport as poor)

Why I Prefer Hawkers Instead of Corpseration/Spam Chain Food Courts

Street hawkers at Meldrum Street at JB, Malaysia. Lots of individuality! No corpseration feel of a spam chain business.

There's community feeling when eating there. Food stall hawker will ask you if you want to buy a drink from the neighboring drink stall. In return, the drink stall hawker will help clear tables during peak periods. They help each other.

Such emotional bonus exist in Sillypore? In Sillypore, each hawker mind his/her own business.

Super fresh. Squeeze the sugarcane juice right in front of you! Organic!

No worker uniforms! Individualistic hawkers! I buy from hawkers i know i'm benefiting them directly instead of those bloodthirsty spam chain businesses/landlords.

BBQ by charcoal! That's authentic. Look at the prices, which is why Kopitiam at Kranji MRT - Fools eat there.

I may have strayed off the topic a bit using hawkers at JB. However in Penang, many tourists think more about the hawker food there than its tourists attractions which again proved why American Vice President had an impromptu visit to hawker centre in SG.

Hence is best to leave the hawkers as it is in SG with low rents & govt overseeing cleanliness. We don't need more 'corpserations' or 'corpse' workers.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Singapore Elites Can't Compete With South Korean Elites

Excellent! Now i have the korean example to illustrate S'pore elites can't compete with South Korean elites. Japanese example is at: Singapore Elites Can't Compete With Japanese Elites. More reasons to vote out the grossly overpaid & pathetic performance hybrid regime in SG.

How did events unfold leading to this example blogpost? Let's recap:

Before Aug 2013
I watched R2B: Return to Base & learnt about S Korea's aerobatic team Black Eagles from the movie.

Aug 2013
I'm mightily impressed with the cinematography & the theme song so i shared the lyrics & invited you to karaoke along in R2B: Return to Base Theme Song; S Korea's 'Top Gun' Movie.

Oct 2013
I learnt about S Korea's impressive military display which has translator for deaf & shared its display along with the Black Eagles as a stark contrast to our rotting country so i blogged 1st World South Korea Vs Rotting Singapore.

Jan 2014
I learnt South Korea's Black Eagles are demonstrating at S'pore Airshow & Flag Color Pattern on Black Knights To Fool Sinkies Into Feeling Proud . There's isn't a need to resort to flag scheme for the koreans to feel proud which i'll elaborate a bit more later in the paragraphs below.

Feb 2014
I discovered a french fan like the South Korean Top Gun movie. He created the french translated lyrics on youtube. Even the french love the song.

5 mins

Today (thursday) is the only day at the Singapore Airshow where direct comparison between Black Knights(SG) vs Black Eagles(S Korea) is best made with the aerobatic demonstrations close to each other.

Vast bulk of aerial display during lunch time sunlight on opening day on tuesday. If is cloudless sky, the spectators are sure to get sunburnt on their face! Last time i watched my skin come off on my face after being scorched by the sun.

Black Eagles(S Korea) will eclipse Black Knights(SG) as they have already surpassed the American Thunderbirds & Blue Angels. That's how superb their aerobatic maneuvers are. 佩服得五体投地 (immense admiration). Watch video in Oct 2013 - 1st World South Korea Vs Rotting Singapore & you'll be convinced.

It is the first time that South Korea's Black Eagles are performing at the S'pore Airshow. Why? Of course to sell more of their jet trainers. Indonesia & Iraq had already bought the jet trainer. Philippines had ordered the light attack variant with delivery in late 2014.

This is how South Korea's govt create high paying jobs for her citizens:

  • 70% of development costs funded by govt. 30% by private sector (from wikipedia entry on T-50)
  • Full time aerobatic team for demonstration to potential customers.
  • Military(govt) & movie industry(private sector) work together to make R2B: Return to Base.

There's such a vast market outside their country to earn profits. Why did our hybrid regime do? Only know 7M population for a captive market to suck $$$. Isn't that pathetic? Not to mention their obscene salaries again.

What did our hybrid regime create? Not 1 but 2 casinos. Look at the 'outstanding' outcome:

  • Highly paid casino jobs compared to high-end manufacturing?
  • Most jobs go to locals?
  • Casino jobs got R&D support staff which is also high paying?
  • Casino jobs can easily scale for high productivity like in manufacturing?

You'll notice that Japan & South Korea govts race to the top via high end manufacturing. Why manufacturing instead of services heavy economy? Services Heavy Economy Is Hard for Productivity Gains Compared to Manufacturing which is why the obscenely paid scholar ministers of the hybrid regime are bankrupt of ideas so they rely on 2 casinos.

Given that land constraints on our tiny island making aircraft manufacturing very difficult, there are other areas of high-end manufacturing to pursue instead of gambling services & a shopping mall at the airport(Project Jewel).

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mindset of Large Corporations & Elites by Al Gore

I was reading Al Gore's latest book 'The Future' & he made a few points about the mindset of the large corpserations & elites. Is frighteningly how similar they are to the mutated mindset of SG's hybrid regime. Is unfortunate he lost the presidential election to Bush Junior else America & the world would not be in the current mess in terms of financial crisis, overextended wars & environmental crisis.

Philosophy & agenda of the powerful corporations & elites by Al Gore (in brown):

Government is bad, cannot be trusted, should instead be feared & must be starved of resources so that it is capable of interfering as little as possible with the plans of corporations & the interests of elites.

Okay this point don't seem applicable to the hybrid regime in SG since state capitalism is practised to a large extent on this tiny island. State corporations controlled by elites unlike the powerful private sector in America.

Govt cannot be trusted? Yes the hybrid regime cannot be trusted.

Hardship is good for poor people because it's the only thing that will give them an incentive to become more productive; hardship also makes them more willing to accept lower wages & fewer benefits.

Absolutely absurd as the local elites are pampered with stratospheric salaries. Such incentives instead of making them more productive, the masses are made to suffer for their lapses.

This sickening philosophy that led to massive influx of cheaper foreign workers to kickstart hardship?

Rich people, on the other hand, should be taxed as little as possible in order to encourage them to make even more money - which is the only tried-and-true way to produce more growth in the economy, even if there is too little demand because consumers don't have enough money to buy more goods & services.

The hybrid regime is turning SG into a rich man's playground. However most are just here to park their wealth (another point mentioned below by Al Gore) & escape high taxation in their home countries.

On his point of consumers don't have enough $$ to buy more goods & services, i've already blogged about locals flocking to hawker centers instead of coffeeshops if there's a choice nearby. Not to mention, the closure of businesses & being replaced with $$ lending businesses. These are signs of a financially stretched society.

More inequality is a good thing, because it simultaneously inspires poor people to more ambition & rich people to more investing, even if the evidence shows that the highest income groups are primarily interested in wealth preservation when the economy is weak.

The 'old man' doesn't care about income inequality with the grow economy at all costs like cancer approach. The part about inspiration for poor people is flawed as already pointed out by a taiwanese commentator on a taiwan talkshow:

Points mentioned in 1:30 to 2:15.

  • A small proportion of middle class = weak in purchasing power (pointed out by Al Gore)
  • A small proportion of middle class = becoming unstable society/country

Point mentioned in 6:40 to 6:48

  • Low class cog worker in SG's govt controlled corpserations, no matter work how hard also condemned without paper cert. You call that inspiration?

Remember what the old man said:
"Over time, Singaporeans have become less hard-driving and hard-striving. If native Singaporeans are falling behind because the spurs are not stuck into the hide"-LKY 
Social engineering? Hybrid regime reducing the middle class to poor to create more income inequality as to have more ambition.

Create hardship through lower wages & benefits(exposed by Al Gore) - accomplished by massive influx by the regime together with a fake workers union.

The environment can take care of itself nicely, no matter how much pollution we dump into it. Anyone who believes otherwise is motivated by a barely concealed love for socialism & an abiding determination to thwart business.

Another sickening mentality which considers Earth as a subset of the economy- plunder as much as possible for riches. The correct philosophy is the economy is a subset of Earth. Without a sustainable environment, a sustainable economy would not exist.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

See You Next Year After Lunar New Year

明年再见 (See you next year). That's what i hear from someone bidding my neighbors goodbye after a house visit during Lunar New Year. Normally throughout the year, there won't be any calls/messages & is only during this festive season that people suddenly pop up. Without the lunar new year, most people would be visiting only on funerals or hospitalization.

This festive season is also a period for more loss of votes for the hybrid regime with the deterioration of living standards as the peasants curse the hybrid regime among relatives & friends. For my mum, it is cursing the hybrid regime over healthcare hikes.

This year must have mark a new record with the state controlled press reporting that more peasants are having reunion dinner at hawker centres. A few reasons have been offered in discussions among netizens:

  • hard times(financially) for peasants
  • pigeon hole dwellings too small for reunion dinners
  • restaurants time limit of 1.5 hrs

12pm - 1am

Over in Johor, Malaysia, the cost of having reunion dinner outside is very affordable for sinkie peasants. Difficult part is travelling & the jam. Above is an advertisement from a malaysian newspaper. Entry price per person start from S$16. That's cheaper than a buffet dinner on a normal weekday in any SG eatery.

It also shows how costly the prices are in those shopping malls food courts in Sillypore. Suppressed wages in 1st world cost lof living SG. Now that more peasants are downgrading from restaurants to hawker centres, it clearly shows diminished purchasing power.

Speaking of hawker centres, the intention of the hybrid regime to turn a few hawker centres to be managed by non-profit organizations or cooperatives is sinister. A sinister intent to start small in their lust for more $$$.