Sunday, June 30, 2013

Singaporeans Reign as Mindless Slaves of Smartphones in S.E Asia

If S. Korea with highest smartphone penetration rate in the world refer its sheer no. of smartphone addicts as Mindless Slaves, it stand to reason that Sillyporeans are the Mindless Slaves of South East Asia given its penetration rate & addiction.
I have already written about the dangers of mobile gadgets addiction:

In this month, the state propaganda press has published letters about the increasing addiction. The latest is on thursday by a female driver:
Many pedestrians are not paying attention to oncoming traffic when crossing the road. Often, their eyes are glued to their mobile gadgets.

My Warning Blogpost in June, 2012 Came True Last Week:
71% of French population felt people spent less time together due to the advent of new technologies in 2012, up from 54% in 2006.

I refer to those addicted to their mobile gadgets as 'opium' addicts. In S Korea, their govt is organising boot camps to wean students off technology in a bid to prevent them from becoming mindless slaves.

Key Points of South Korea battles smartphone addiction:

Are you addicted?
  • Anxious & depressed when separated from a smartphone?
  • Repeated failure to cut back on usage time
  • Feeling happier using smartphones than being with family or friends

Critical Situation in S. Korea. Sillypore won't be far behind. How serious?
  • 40% of S Korean teen students spent more than 3 hours a day tweeting, chatting, or playing games.
  • Many young mothers nowadays have their babies play with smartphones for hours to have some peace at home.
  • ~20% of teenagers were "addicted" to smartphones.

"While you become mindless slaves of smartphones & apps, the American elite behind these devices aren't giving them to their own kids. Excessive smartphone usage would sap the very creativity that lay behind the technological advances that the smartphone represented. If you use smartphones like the iPhone too much without using your own brain, you will eventually lose the ability & brain power to create something as great & innovative as the iPhone."-Kim Ham Hee

Remember that creativity is something that can't be automated(at least not yet) or outsourced easily or replaced by mass imports of cheaper foreign workers aka Sillypore Govt style. It is a key component to a more 'iron' rice bowl.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Worst Haze, Decline of Condensed Milk & Emergence of Creamer

Is been at least 6 days since i've experienced any rain in this tiny tropical island. Hot & dry now since the haze has temporary went away to hit Peinsular Malaysia instead. If no rain in next few days, the vegetation would wither away.

The haze on Fri morning (21st) is the worst at hazardous range. I woke up with bit of difficulty breathing & looking out the window i couldn't see the flats at Sunset Way. Forums has been abuzz with netizens posting pictures which our govt's No Ethics Agency (NEA) report that the air quality reading is 111 psi.

Credibility for the ruling Pro Alien Party has taken another hit with their bullshit air quality report:

Who believes the bullshit of 111 psi from NEA when conditions is like this?

The haze has reminded me of creamer for tea & coffee. So what has creamer(tea/coffee) got to do with haze? More than 20 years ago, i don't see any creamer in supermarket shelves. Before the advent of 3in1 coffee or tea, we would buy condensed milk to make milk tea/ coffee.

Empty tin cans of condensed milk serving as ashtray are a common sight in coffeeshops in those days.

Somewhere starting from the late 90s, the condensed milk starting disappearing off the shelves. Now only like 2-3 brands are found on shelves of supermarkets. Instead what we are seeing is the emergence of creamer as a substitute for condensed milk to make milk tea/coffee.

Look carefully at the ingredients for creamer & you'll see palm oil(vegetable oil). There are other uses of palm oil but i see rampant uses of creamer as a contributory factor to the haze. Forests won't be burnt to plant palm oil trees if uses for the crop are not high.

Malaysia has committed to have 50% of its land as natural forest. Is higher yield from existing palm oil plantations instead of clearing more forest- something that Indonesia needs to learn from.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

What Google's Homepage Can Teach S'pore's Overpaid Ministers

Look at the homepage. It is:
  • no advertisements
  • very plain
  • no scrolling
  • wants you to leave as soon as possible.

For Google: How come no scrolling to enlarge space to sell advertisements on the plain page?

Easy way out is of course to sell advertisement space on its home page. Have it scroll to maximise ads to collect more $$$. More is not necessarily better. I find that this self-imposed limitation forces Google to excel in other aspects of their business.
For Sillypore's Pro Alien Party filled with overpaid scholars, the best these highly educated folks can do is:
  • chop down more trees for urban structures to put advertisements.
  • clear more empty grassfields to build carparks so gantry bar can paste advertisements.
  • 'scroll' HDB flats to 40 storeys.
  • 'scroll' carparks to 4-5 storeys high.
  • decorate Sillypore with 2 casinos which brought a hosts of social problems.
  • decorate Sillypore with world's largest flywheel which recently went bankrupt.

Their philosophy of more & more man-made structures & consumers are making lives difficult for the masses on a tiny island.

Google has prove that it need not sell out its prime space on its homepage to remain the premier search engine. Google operates at a higher level & thus no need for cancerous growth. This lesson is lost on the current Pro Alien Party which is selling out prime space in its mad quest for cancerous GDP growth.

Shocking Truth
The overpaid ministers scholars are unable to operate at a 'higher' level. So instead of blaming us lesser mortal peasants as not hardworking enough, not striving enough etc. It is those overpaid minister scholars who are unable to play at a higher level to lift the masses up.


- What Expensive Brompton Folding Bicycles Can Teach SG's Pro Alien Party

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Attended Protest Cum Barrage & Gardens East Ride

For foreign visitors stumbling onto this blog, Sillypore's hybrid regime enacted regulations in its desperate hold on power. Though is targeted at Yahoo! News Sillypore, the criteria put forth are vague & broad.

I didn't waste my time watching State Propaganda on tv. From attending the protest yesterday afternoon i learnt from the speaker/s that:
  1. Minister in charge of communications & announcing the new rule didn't show up on tv.
  2. CEO of Media Development Authority also didn't show up. (later i read from netizens she got exposed about $10M condo sale).
  3. End up we have a manpower minister on tv to explain stuff to the peasants.
Tv Poll Results before Manpower Minister defend the hybrid regime's policy:

TV Poll Results after Manpower Minister defending the hybrid regime's policy:

49mins tv show can been watched on youtube. However i don't recommend you waste your time watching.

I left the protest venue at around 6:15pm as i want to see things in daylight while riding.
Observations made while riding past:
  • Restaurant at Marina Barrage closed shop
  • Restaurant at Bay Gardens poor business
  • Bars/Eateries outside west of casino poor business

32.5km leisure ride with a stop at Hong Lim Park Protest venue(click for bigger view).

Sunday, June 2, 2013

History of Optimus Prime & Megatron

I grew up watching the Transformers cartoons although i don't fully understand english. The history of the leaders of Autobots & Decepticons were never given a background though Optimus Prime has been shown to be a lowly robot who became the leader of the Autobots after getting a makeover.

Michael Bay's Transformers movies around 2 decades later mentioned nothing about the background of the leaders. Though i don't like how the robots are portrayed in Bay's movies, he does deserve credit for reviving Transformers.

Success of Bay's Transformers movies led to animated series Transformers Prime which did an excellent job on Optimus Prime & Megatron before civil war on Cybertron broke out.

Optimus Prime & Megatron Orgins (4mins):

What is also happening in Sillypore: which are ingredients for an unstable society in Sillypore:
  • Corruption in high places
  • Inequality among the masses (income inequalities highest if not 2nd highest among developed economies)

Why you must watch Transformers Prime:
  • I like Megatron with his forearm cannon as depicted in cartoons.
  • Depicts characters like Starscream, Megatron well. Their pesonalities shine like in the cartoons!
  • Marriage of american 'guns' & japanese 'swords' from their cartoons.

Unfortunately youtube has deleted Season 1 episodes. You can still watch Season 2 & 3. Search via episode titles on youtube. You can find the list of Transformers Prime Episodes on wikipedia.

These are broadcasted during Sillypore & Japan's Golden Age in 80s:

- Transformers Combiners
- Transformers Headmasters, Masterforce & Victory Series Openings & Credits