Thursday, May 31, 2012

Horrendous Losses by US 8th Air Force Made D-Day Possible

In the month after the attack on Pearl Harbor
the US Army's 8th Air Force is established in Savannah, Georgia
It has 7 men & no planes.

Less than a year later, it is tasked with defeating
the most powerful air force in the world - the German Luftwaffe.
26,000 8th Air Force men will die.
More than the US Marines lost in all of WWII.

Videos of the horror of D-Day landings are what come to the minds of most people when people think about WWII in europe. Fewer knew about the air war before that. European Allied Air Cmdrs are desperate in their bid to destroy the Luftwaffe prior to D-Day landings in Normandy. If air war is lost then D-Day is in jeopardy.

Bomber losses are horrendous without long range fighter escort during the early stage of the war.

In desperate attempt to decimate the Luftwaffe before D-Day deadline:
- bombers aren't really on bombing missions. They are expensively prized baits to lure german fighters.
- fighters (when P-51 are brought into service) aren't really escorting bombers. They are to shoot down as many german fighters.

How to lure vast numbers of german fighters? By bombing Berlin which Hitler will die die defend. Even experienced allied bomber pilots are terrified when they received orders to bomb most heavily defended Berlin.

This is a documentary that's worth watching. Around 75% of air crew do not survive till their 25th mission. It is about how a newly established inexperienced force(8th Air Force) destroyed the most powerful aerial combat unit(already battle hardened) in the world.

Another reason for watching is to change defeatist sinkies' limited worldview about why S'pore's deeply entrenched Pro Alien Party cannot be defeated out of their 2/3 majority seats in parliament. When USA entered WWII their troops & generals are newbies while german troops & generals are battle hardened. Does that mean surrender? Brainwashed sinkies still mesmerised by past achievements of PAP despite of more & more defective policies by $M salary ministers need to wake up cause we need to vote in as many loyal opposition personnel in so they can gain experience in parliament.

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Air War in HD 1/6
Air War in HD 2/6
Air War in HD 3/6
Air War in HD 4/6
Air War in HD 5/6
Air War in HD 6/6

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

British Officers Helped Japan Gain Know-how to Attack Pearl Harbor & Capture S'pore

Finished watching a 1hr video on youtube(BBC-The Fall of S'pore: The Great Betrayal). I find british wartime documentaries much more slow moving compared to american made ones. One can easily fall asleep if not interested in the genre.

2 traitors are topic of the documentary:

William Forbes-Sempill
Air pioneer who aided the Japanese in developing their naval aviation & supplying them with military secrets.

Frederick Joseph Rutland
Highly decorated former RAF Squadron- Leader Frederick Joseph Rutland helped the Japanese navy develop aircraft carriers in 1920s.

Is amazing how spies turned Japan into a major military power & advantage in early stages of WWII. After watching i wonder how many sinkies would fight to defend tiny island of S'pore as sinkies are marginalised into 2nd/3rd class citizens in their home country.

Sinkies' lives are dirt cheap compared to punishment meted out to foreigners:

Rather than pouring more & more taxpayers $$ into the industrial military complex, the more silent/hidden threat is spies from made-to-become 2nd/3rd class citizen troops whose lives are dirt cheap thanks to pro alien party's policies.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Corruption Imported Into S'pore When Sizeable Foreign Workers are Imported In

I've written about the perils of cheap chinese workers & their habits observed by economist Graeme Maxton in a blogspot a few days ago. Now a veteran HK actor is also sounding the alarm bells about the work culture & habits of chinese workers in the movie industry. I admire his balls for speaking out at a press conference. Many would just prostitute themselves by keeping quiet & just rake in the $$$.

When S'pore's hybrid regime flood in hordes of foreign workers to boost consumption to feed the gdp locomotive, the bad habits are also brought in & since sizeable numbers are brought in they make little attempt to adapt to S'pore's way of doing things.

反客为主 - The guest takes over as host. This phrase sums it up as stories are told by sinkies (host) that they are being displaced/gotten rid of as the guest workers hire their own kind.

Is not only in workplace but sports too. Cycling have gotten a huge boost in recent years due to OCBC Cycle event. Badminton is a popular sport in S'pore but more & more are ditching the racquet & switching to bicycle. Why? Sinkies loathe intense difficulty & frustration in booking of badminton courts with so much competition. In some groups sinkies are being ejected after their badminton groups are joined by these foreign badminton players. These foreign players invite their own kind into the group & soon with their numbers..... Coup d'etat 反客为主

Anthony Wong blasts "unprofessional" Chinese production teams
Veteran Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong expressed that the Chinese film & television industry is rife with inequalities & corruption, during a press conference for the film "Motorway" in Hong Kong on Tuesday, reported Hong Kong media.

"The people working in the film & television industry are really unprofessional. Everywhere there are 'unwritten rules' & people going 'You want to work with Teacher Wong (Anthony Wong), give me some money'.

"Even if you get a script, you won't even know how the production teams will shoot it. They only know how to brag & exaggerate," said Wong, adding that many production team members would hire their relatives instead of hiring people based on their professional merits.

He also criticised the production teams in China for being highly discriminatory.

"They don't treat extras as people. It's not just the production team; some actors also don't treat the extras as people!

"Once, I was shooting a show & asked 'Why is it I can sit in a chair & eat, but the extras have to squat at the side to eat?' A senior told me, 'You worked hard for many years to get the right to sit here & eat. If they (the extras) can sit with you without putting in the work, would you feel right?'," recounted Wong.

The 50-year-old actor even griped about the food they provided him with in China.

"You shouldn't simply eat the packed meals there. You can't tell what sort of condition the packed meals are in.

"You don't know what sort of oil they used. Would you dare to eat it?" said Wong.

Many have expressed surprise that Wong would make such caustic remarks about Chinese production teams, when it could hurt his career & possibly jeopardize his chances of getting work in the burgeoning Chinese entertainment industry.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Waste of Taxpayers $$ with 'Improved' HDB Bicycle Parking Lots

1 wheel of the bike is secured to the device. Is not really an improvement as the thief can just unscrew the wheel bolt quickly with spanner & simply leave the wheel behind. If is quick release lever it suffers the same fate.

I've lost a $2600 road bike at my previous workplace having cable locked & park it at the basement's bicycle parking lot. Is an inside thief in the building since employees access that area (unfortunately no camera footage).

Bicycle thefts are on the rise. Of course the state controlled media states the 'tip of iceberg' crimes. Many cases are unreported. Now the govt comes out with an improvement to HDB (public housing) void decks bicycle parking lots rolled out in a small testing area.

People park cheap bikes at hdb void decks. Parking more expensive bike is literally begging to be stolen. Metal prices over long term are rising with insatiable demand from 2.5B people from India & China. Metal bicycles can be sold for scrap metal if not resold. Expect more thefts ahead especially with more people struggling to make a living after being replaced/displaced by generally cheaper foreign workers.

Looming commodity shortage & higher prices in the coming years due to huge demand primarily in emerging markets:
- India initiated a 50% hike in iron ore export duties to 30% to conserve supplies
- Indonesia implementing mineral ore export ban
- South Korean president visits Myanmar to discuss coop in energy & natural resources

Monday, May 21, 2012

(Salary - Expenditures) /Gross Working Hrs = Hourly Rate of Pay

Earlier on the govt controlled public transport companies announced a 35% pay raise for bus drivers. Good news for the lowly paid drivers ($1200 --> $1625). However it was now revealed that they have to work 6 days instead of 5. What exactly is the total no. of working hours is unknown to me. Makes one wonder if is really a raise.

If you look at the pathetic salary of the drivers compared to the frequent fare hikes of public transport it is apparent the vast bulk of profits went into govt coffers.

Most people look at the pay package without much consideration to gross no. of working hours. That is too simplistic an approach. to get a more accurate figure we need to add in other expenditures.
Just as net profit is to a business than just gross revenue, pay package must minus away the costs of working & divide by total no. of hours worked to get pay rate/hr.
Work hours + Time commuting = Gross working hours
Expenditures = costs of meals + working shoes + working attire + transport costs + cosmetics etc

Good pay for punishing long work hours is not necessarily a good thing. The person pays for it through lack of exercise, lack of social activities & stress. Then the person having aged spend their $$ trying to repair the damage (sick body) they did to themselves earlier on. With vast influx of generally cheaper foreign workers by the govt, many sinkies are killing themselves working even longer hours in order not to get their asses fired.

In S'pore it is common for many unhappy workers to incur extra expenses in retail therapy for a short dose of short term happiness in a purchase.

Minus this expense minus that expense + punishing work hrs ---> Many sinkies pay a high price to survive in high cost tiny S'pore with no countryside to retreat/destress to.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Diablo 3 Queue Madness

Although i would very much like to play Diablo 3 having played Diablo 1 & 2, i find it absurb to waste one's life in ridiculous queue to get a pre-order copy at launch day on tuesday. I loathe crowds. Many stores are out of stock & i'm waiting for restocks. Game can be downloaded from the game company at S$90 but it is cheaper to get the retail copy which i read in forums is selling around S$75-$80.

Is funny that the digital version sold via downloads is more expensive than retail box version.

There's no harm waiting for a couple more days for restocks. Game servers have already been overloaded on launch day & had to be shut down for 2 hrs for maintainance.

Moreover i'm more of a solo play so as to delve into the game story instead of multiplayer with others & rushing through. Game will not go away anything soon. It'll remain for a couple of years for this high replayability game of 5 different character styles. Same thing as in investing in stock market. Market will still be around. Refrain from letting emotions lead one into a rush resulting in waste of time & $$.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Cheap Chinese Workers? Got Hidden High Price

Recent spate of accidents involving PRC bus drivers & a PRC ferrari driver here jolted the masses. Govt-linked public transport companies like to hire PRC drivers because they are cheaper. Scores of businesses including govt-linked companies like to hire cheaper workers to keep costs down due to killer rents.

Cheap cheap cheap is the mantra. But is cheap cheap really good?

Tourists & minority races lament about inability of many PRC service staff to converse in basic english. Is cheap(short term) the way to go at expense of long term profit?

Economist Graeme Maxton wrote about the perils of doing business in China:
There is an expression in Shanghai, 'We can copy everything except your mother,' because almost everything can be duplicated.

- fake hotels which use names of international chains
- fake network routers known as Chicos
- fake cars which are sometimes copied from drawings of rivals & appear on roads before 'original'
- Risk of fake blood plasma given to patients in hospitals
- fake receipts for expenses submitted by employees
- fake references & fake degrees used for job applications
- Some of best educated claim they are authors of worthy scientific papers, although findings are fake or plagiarized
- good marks in exams? Someone may have written paper for student or parents paid teachers to give answers
- 250 people caught cheating every month in prestigious civil service exams
- fake fruit injected with dubious fluids to look firm & ripe
- fake contestants. In 2010 Xiamen marathon, 30 runners were caught cheating, hiring doppelgangers to run much of route before a car deposited them near finishing line to run last few hundred metres

- common practice for secretaries in China to be paid a 'commission' by travel agents when booking flights for bosses
- receptionists can be $$ enticed to refer sales enquiries to competitors
- employees can form groups to exploit an employer & share profits made
- business managers happily make transfers of assets to themselves or companies in which they have a stake.
- workers falsify accounts or set up competing businesses

When S'pore's hybrid regime imports vast numbers of PRC workers/people, their bad habits are imported as well. Remember how S'pore's govt who claim they are very talented & thus paid themselves absurb $M salaries are outsmarted & screwed in Suzhou Industrial Park.

Just take the 2 common fakes mentioned by Maxton which i'm sure would plague S'pore employers/supervisors:
- fake receipts for expenses submitted by employees
- fake references & fake degrees used for job applications

Sinkie job applicants need to highlight Maxton's points as above to get an edge. Remind the hirer that cheap cheap is not as it appears to be. Cheap does not equal value for $$.

Hidden perils of cheap cheap workers are not blatantly obvious to many until......

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Minor Abrasions from Bike Accident

Suffered minor abrasions to my left forearm(pic) & left waist during a half round island group ride. I was behind a newbie when he suddenly lost control of his bike. He was holding the handlebar with 1 hand & attempting to signal with other hand & fell. I braked & next thing i know i was on the ground as well. I lost a 600ml water bottle(cracked) & left side of my saddle skin was broken (repaired with super glue).

My left shoulder joint supported my body weight during fell. Still got pain when rotating. When taking off/putting on my shirt i have to bend over with arms pointing down.

Lesson learnt is to keep a more safe distance away from rider in front.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Breaking Youngsters Down to Become Zombie Cog Workers

This primary 3 (9year old) math problem stump many adults. It got me stumped as well. Again this point to a massive failure of the educational system. Teach & test people with these kind of tough problem yet life critical math problem of managing one's finances are not taught. Why bother testing using those tough problem when vast majority when grown up are highly unlikely to use it in a way to better their lives?

Education is suppose to equip an individual with the skills necessary to lead a meaningful & independent life. Instead around the world, it is clear the system has failed the vast majority.

A parent was quoted in the news as saying:
"I have yet to observe any beneficial effects of pushing children so hard in primary school, apart from high stress levels & sapping of intellectual curiosity."

Breaking the person down in terms of high stress & draining out intellectual curiosity seems to be a devious plan by the hybrid regime to produce 'zombie' cog workers.

Another interviewed said:
"I think nowadays kids are smarter so they shouldn't have a problem doing these questions, Having higher educational standards would also be important for S'pore's future"

S'pore educational standards has been among the highest in the world yet what kind of renown private companies has S'poreans created? What S'pore's high standards have churned out instead are compliant & obedient cog workers easily replaced (whom many are) by cheaper foreigners with unknown qualifications.

In this internet age with wikipedia & google we don't have a need for rote learning & memorising. What is in short supply is creativity which can't be easily outsourced of automated(at least not yet).

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pro Alien Party's Lame By-Election Slogan

With hordes of scholars + grassroots helpers + overpaid ministers + tons of $$ to splash on consultants & this is the kind of crap they produce.

Is great to see such poor stuff being rolled out in the upcoming by-election in Hougang. It's another example to show that the incumbent party is running out of ideas & infested with yes-men & yes-women who just yes yes yes to the crappy slogan. Say yes yes yes so they won't get fired for fear of being seem as troublemakers questioning the slogan. Not fired so tonight they got dinner to eat. Got dinner to eat they get to survive another day. Infestation of yes-people is toxic to an organization.

Always Here for You for What? Without specifying anything, the default for most people is to associate the mess created by the incumbent.

Always Here for You...

 to Build More Exorbitant Public Housing?
 to Increase Business Cost through Killer Rents?
 to Worsen Traffic Woes by flooding in More People?
 to Prolong Situation of Widest Income Inequality Increasing Risk of Social Unrest?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More Educated but More Kiasuism

For a foreign perspective economist Graeme Maxton who is based in Vienna & S'pore describes kiasu (a chinese dialect) as must win, never lose. It is a sinkie trait common among many sinkies which makes S'pore an unpleasant place to live. Of course he said the trait also exist elsewhere. But i would say the kiasuism here is chronic.

Examples of an individual seeking to gain at the expense of others which Maxton observed after living in S'pore:
- when shop giving away a free packet of tissue as part of a promotion, a line will form whether those waiting need tissues or not. Many sinkies will wait 30mins for a free packet of tissue they do not need.

- When sinkies get in elevators, they press close button as others approach, just to gain.

- When driving on S'pore expressways, drivers are advised not to signal before they change lanes. Signalling will only encourage a fellow motorist to move into the spot you need, just to make it awkward for you to overtake or exit.

- Kiasu means filling your plate at buffet meal with as much of the best & most expensive food as possible, even though you will not eat it - just so no one else can get it.

My personal experience in my life is it creeps in at upper secondary school. Is a time where one find out which of your fellow students are helpful ones & which are selfish ones in preparation for the leaving exams deciding which tertiary school one goes to. Till this day i can still remember who helped me & who 'UNhelp' me.

The situation is especially chronic now with tuition being rampant as parents try to gain their kids an advantage in their grades. Schools become more like a battleground - you 'die' while i live to get into a faculty/school of my choice. Overdose of competition is unhealthy for teenagers.

When the govt floods this tiny island with more people it just makes the kiasuism even worse. More people fighting for limited spaces in schools, jobs, housing, toilet seats, hawker centre seats, train/bus seats tennis/badminton courts etc. More & more people feel stressed out living at this type of 'battlefield'.

Cycled onto Expressway As Unfamiliar with Road

50km ride to southern Tuas & back.

Got invited to go for a ride to southern tuas with a few other riders. They rode mainly on Jln Ahmad Ibrahim for the westernly route to Tuas checkpoint (before turning south). On way back is via Jln Ibrahim stretch again but being unfamiliar with the road i just kept riding. Speedsters have sped ahead & i can't see their rear blinkers. Previous rides with another group is via Pioneer road(more traffic lights) so the Jln Ibrahim stretch(more suitable for speeding) is kinda new to me.

Eventually Jln Ahmad Ibrahim merged with Ayer Rajah Expressway & alas i was riding on the road shoulder of the expressway! I got out by carrying my bike over the metal barrier & cross over to clementi park connector & rode home.

Friday, May 4, 2012

You Can't Wrap Fire with Paper - 纸包不住火 [Barriers for What?]

Barriers & humps does not exist in the past. Nowadays barriers are increasingly set up at long benches & tables in public areas.

Why is the current Pro Alien Party who is gdp & $$ obsessed so generous to spend $$ to set up these barriers? Fact is they are attempting to hide the unpleasant fact that more & more are sleeping at these common areas.

Question is how can the 'fire' be contained with their 'paper' measures when it is already spreading & getting worse? Visitors coming to S'pore will also see the 'fires' raging(watch video) fueled by extremely fast aging population coupled with among the worst income disparity in the developed world.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Marketing & Promotion Efforts by PAP When 30% of Population Elderly

14min clip.

If you think situation now is bad, you ain't see nothing yet cause by 2030 elderly will triple to 30% of population. S'pore is on track for long term decline.

S"pore Tourism Board no need waste taxpayers $$ to advertise & promote sg. Elderly gonna be 30% of population by 2030. Such scenes of more & more elderly will greet visitors, advertise & promote sg to the world.

Remember the chart of ever widening gap in retirement fund minimum sum & peoples' balances(sucked dry by exorbitant public housing) which i wrote about earlier on. With situation worsening how can tourists unable to see for free easily (30% population elderly)?

How many permanent residents would be dumb to convert to citizenship when such increasingly common scenes do the marketing & promotion of how the Pro Alien Party will treat them should they convert? They would just withdraw all their retirement fund balances & go back home for a better & lower cost of living. Why would they convert to citizenship & let their retirement funds be trapped for much of their working life?