Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Primary School Field Now Become Condo Construction

Construction cranes like pawnshops/$$ lending shops are sprouting up like weeds across the island. There is a massive construction boom as the hybrid regime pushes the 7M population white paper down the citizens throats without consultation.

Cashing out?
Never in my entire life have i seen such massive construction going on all over this tiny island. The massive selling of land to build condos is as though the hybrid regime is cashing out by selling whatever it can lay its hands on.

All our power stations have already been sold off. The old man said in 2009 that he expects his party to win the next 2 elections. They got a victory in 2011. I don't want his party to win the next remaining one. Nevertheless, they know their time is running out.

No Auditing of National Reserves
Is approaching 50 years since the hybrid regime is in power since independence. You can bet there's plenty of skeletons especially the mystery of $$$ reserves. No independent auditing of accounts. How much is it now after the massive losses from investment during the great recession?

Hundreds of Millions Selling My Primary School Field
Back in 2012, a fence was erected along the perimeter of the vast field separating it from the school. My guess in my June 2012 blogpost is correct - sure sell land to build condominiums.

Is no joke when i previously blogged that the field is vast:
4:44 - 4:54 secs
Look at the huge field! I used to play there with my classmates. Back then we used to enjoy perhaps the largest field belonging to a school in whole of S'pore. Now the open field is taken away from the school... No prize for guessing right answer after the ruling party has mutated into $$$$ obsessed party.

Screencapture from video in blogpost Appreciate Golden Age of S'pore from Train in 1991:

Now there are 3 cranes at the construction site. Present picture is taken from the block facing the road. On the left, you can see the electrical substation on both old & present pictures.

A point of reference:
Old picture: Note the 2 circles on the building wall(right) on old picture.
Present picture: Beside midpoint of trunk of rightmost crane, note the 2 circles on the building wall.

The school is later expanded with a sheltered basketball court & new buildings(triangular roofs). Hence the field has shrunk a huge chunk.

Not Progress to Me
Is sad to see the field i often play in during my primary school days gone. Instead of open fields left alone, we're seeing more & more concrete jungle.

Spam, spam & spam condos.
Spam, spam & spam shopping malls.
Can put many toilet bowls there to collect $$$?
Toilet paper sales must go up to increase gdp.

You call that progress?

The loss of open spaces has made 'green' persons like myself loathe the hybrid regime even more.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Comparing Singapore Govt with Lu Bu - case of sell outs

The advice given by Liu Bei to Cao Cao on what to do with the captured mighty warrior cum warlord Lu Bu is something most of the hybrid regime supporters don't seem to understand.

Lu Bu's similarities with SG's hybrid regime:

  • Mighty warrior <---> Mighty GDP growth
  • Willing to sell out own lords for selfish gains <---> Willing to sell out citizen interests for selfish gains

Lu Bu in his bid to save his ass from the executioner's blade tried to entice Cao Cao to use his warrior talents. Cao Cao being a man who treasure talents sought Liu Bei's advice.

He knows being in a position of power, there are many porlumpars(asslickers) around him.

Liu Bei replied indirectly through the consequences of the 3 men who adopted Lu Bu.

For those unfamiliar with Romance of the 3 Kingdoms, Cao Cao ordered Lu Bu to be executed upon hearing Liu Bei's advice.

Back to SG, it is common to read comments that the 60% of voters who voted for the hybrid regime are labelled as daft. Keep getting screwed over & over & over by the 'Lu Bu' style hybrid regime & didn't learn their lesson.

For the wiser, why bother about impressive fighting skills/gdp growth when one would be screwed as a result?

On talents, there are good & bad talents. Unfortunately, the word 'talents' is severely abused in SG with regards to the overly-liberal immigration policy.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

If Justice be Taken Away, What are Govts but Great Bands of Robbers? - Augustine of Hippo

How to identify a blind supporter of the hybrid regime or one who is brainwashed? One of the ways they can be identified is when they say SG got no/very few robbery compared to neighboring Malaysia.

In a sense they are right as our govt-controlled papers likes to highlight crimes especially in Johor, Malaysia in order to deter sinkies from flocking over to pump cheaper petrol, cheaper food, cheaper entertainment etc. Hence many are scared of robbery in Johor.

When i go over to Johor on a daytrip, i dress simply. I know i pass off looking like a johorean when insurance sellers(i presume) at JB Sentral ask me if i work in SG & ask me to buy their savings plan.

Is Singapore safe from robbers? Hardly. In fact we have daylight robbery & the amount robbed is far worse than the risk of encountering a robber in Johor. At least in Johor, one can reduce risk such as dressing down & exercising common sense. In SG however, dressing down & exercising common sense won't prevent daylight robbery.

Daylight Robbery Examples in SG
Frequent Public Transport Fares Hikes
Declining service & frequent breakdowns, yet got the audacity to raise fares. Hybrid regime pump massive amounts of taxpayers $$$ to these private companies under their control to boost their profits.

Ridiculous World Cup Viewing Price
I'm not a football fan & don't watch it. The exorbitant price to watch has created anger. The price to watch is the most recent example of  'daylight robbery' by the hybrid regime via its govt-linked company.

Yahoo Sports article Singapore costliest place to watch World Cup? with its price comparison with other countries in region.

Depletion of Retirement Savings
This is the granddaddy of daylight robbery. Exorbitant housing prices artificially jacked up to deplete the retirement savings of the masses.

Augustine of Hippo live in medieval times (354-430BC). His philosophy about unjust rulers waging war on neighbors to seize territory & resources doesn't apply to modern SG. There is no real need for governments to steal from neighbours when the citizens are there for the 'milking' under broad daylight.

It is also a reason why financial aid to poor countries helmed by dictatorial regimes are largely futile as those dictators have their supply of citizens to 'rob'. The amount to 'rob' via legal means far exceed the financial aid from donor countries so why bother with political reform to undermine its ability to 'rob'?

The big robbers in SG dress very smartly in full white attire. There is no need to wait for darkness at night to go about their activity.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Singapore Workers Happiness Still Very Poor in Gallup's 2013 Survey

I'm skeptical when news of such happiness surveys are made by local agencies. The hybrid regime likes to boast about GDP growth but when it comes to happiness compared to the rest of the world, it is hugely embarassing. Hence i suspect it is an attempt to make the dismal results look better.

Gallup has rated the sinkie workforce as very pathetic in terms of engagement. A huge chunk of the workforce are disengaged aka bochup which i've blogged in the past:

How does this tiny island fare in the latest survey by Gallup? Well, there's improvement which i'm bewildered because of the increased road tolls & fares, overpopulation=more congestion leading to punishing commutes, rising crime, bus driver strikes, Little India riots etc.

I will compare SG with countries in other regions. Gallup's lengthy full report is at State of Global Workplace Report 2013.

The hybtid regime pay themselves the highest salaries in the world. Hence it is reasonable to compare to other first world countries whose's govt deliver better results for less $$$. Afterall, we don't expect economy class service when paying more for business class seat.

Comparison with North America

Comparison with Western Europe
Although ranked at the bottom at 9% with France & Netherlands, SG's results are even worse when taking the long working hours into consideration.

Comparison with Other East Asian Tigers
I rate SG as better than Taiwan due to its 32% actively disengaged. Why? A doctor who is actively disengaged aka bocup is more dangerous than a doctor who is not engaged/bochup when operating on a patient.

Supporters of the hybrid regime likes to say be grateful we are not as bad as a 3rd world country in justifying the congested/crumbling public infrastructure, Unfortunately, this logic of theirs doesn't hold any water in worker happiness compared to nations whose workers earn much less.

Comparison with Central & South America
We have top honor for disengagement aka bochup at 91%.

Comparison with Neighboring Countries
I'm doubtful of 9% which is an improvement as the survey may have included the foreign workers on permanent residency(PR) status. These workers on PR of course would be more engaged when they are earning S$ & then go back to their home countries. Their eventual magnified purchasing power makes them more engaged compared to sinkies.

What magnified purchasing power do sinkies look forward to at home in an economy dominated by monopolistic govt-linked companies?

Besides the survey on workplace happiness, Gallup has their own definition of quality GDP growth which is totally different to the hybrid regime's grow GDP at all costs like cancer approach. Using Gallup's definition, SG fails miserable again - Grossest Domestic Product - GDP Building Instead of Nation Building.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

JCube - Reactor Core Meltdown cum Cancerous GDP Growth

Remember Jurong East Entertainment Centre? That's the shopping mall beside the library before being torn down & JCube is constructed in its place. Back then the old mall is considered thriving. With the flooding of foreigners into this tiny island, are businesses flourishing?

Before we get to 'reactor core meltdown', below is a picture update of Cancerous GDP Growth at Jurong East Central. Another $$$ lending shop(red $$$ sign) has sprouted up like weeds beside Bank of India.

The hybrid regime likes to boast about GDP growth. Grow GDP at all costs like cancer also sibei shiok (feels wonderful). Nevermind that healthy cells are wiped out. So long can grow can already. That's its sickening mindset.

Earlier on netizens on hardwarezone forum started a discussion thread on Nex mall shops closing down which i've blogged about at More Singaporeans Avoiding Killer Rental Stores at Malls. Now the cancer can also be seen in the west now in JCube.

Why SG Economy is Fucked Up?
There are also other factors which i've blogged about contributing to the fucked up economy. Why is the economy fucked up despite massive flooding of foreigers to eat & shit aka stimulate consumer spending(gdp)?

Kopitiam at Kranji MRT - Fools eat there
Johoreans earn S$ but little spending in SG. If i'm a johorean i would do the same too.

No Starbucks Addiction For Johoreans Unlike Sinkies
Not only do johoreans spend little in SG, they don't spend unwisely like sinkies when they are back in Johor, Msia.

Chop Passport to Cut Hair
When hordes of cheap foreign labor are imported, they have very poor spending power. Even a haircut is expensive. Many private businesses in SG are dying or hanging on by their fingernails. The most profitable ones are the govt-linked companies with its monopoly with the most recent example being the most expensive World Cup viewing prices in Asia Pacific.

High Oil Prices Hit Transportation & Hawker Centre Food
Sinkies flocking to hawker centres instead of coffeeshops. When locals are displaced from their jobs by cheaper foreigners - food expense become a problem.

Advertisements of Rising Crime & Free Labor Patrols
When food expense become a problem after being job displaced/underemployment, we are seeing the infestation of pawnshops & $$$ lending shops. The desperate will resort to crime hence the rising crime rate.

With these factors, how can not have a meltdown?

JCube - Reactor Core Meltdown
Last month, it was reported by the State controlled media that japanese lifestyle brand Francfranc is shutting its business operations in SG. The state propaganda published that Francfranc closure little impact on retailers. I'm blogging here to expose this bullshit.

I have never heard of this retailer despite window shopping at JCube a couple of times. I was 'blind' despite its large retail space at the mall because what it sells doesn't interest me.

Francfranc occupies the core of JCube being at the centre of 2nd floor. Shelves are empty & very little merchandise.

On other side of Francfranc, another shop bites the dust.

The top 2 pictures are the shops behind Francfranc. Look at their fate. The top left picture is frontal view of the picture above. Thus you can see rot at the core of the shopping mall. Bottom 2 are other dead shops.

There are 'corpses' elsewhere. Look at the boarded up shop that remains empty next to the red telco shop.

What's wrong with this picture? Initially i was fooled thinking there's no 'corpse' but is actually a business that went bust. The glass doors at the front & side are removed. Only telltale signs are the cleaner tiles compared to the dirtier tiles & the rear glass remaining separating from the escalator.

Look the the escalators. Is a 'chokepoint' in terms of traffic. Regardless the business still got 'choked' to death.

Empty space with no takers. Put vending machines there instead. Normally such machines are at walkways/corridors in order to max rentals for shop space.

Above Francfranc is the ice skating rink on 3rd level thus fewer shops at that 3rd level. Another boarded up space after the business went bust. Is now under renovation for its new tenant - Korean BBQ restaurant.

Look at so many boxes inside the World of Outdoors. Packing up merchandise into boxes for closing shop.

Such a fucked up economic situation is not seen during the years when locals are decently paid in their jobs & not many foreigners depressing wages. It was a virtuous cycle back then as the local workers will plow their salaries via spending back into local businesses.

What we are seeing now are more & more legitimate businesses being killed & the rise of sin businesses like pawnshops & $$$ lending shops. Instead of a flourishing tropical rainforest, it is becoming like a desert.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

An Appeaser Is One Who Feeds a Crocodile, Hoping It Will Eat Him Last

Who is he with the non-appeasement mindset towards crocodiles?

Under SG's hybrid regime system, this man is doomed to mediocrity. Why? Because this man is:

  • Independent & rebellious by nature.
  • Poor academic record in school.

Today's blogpost title is the hard stance taken by British wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill towards Adolf Hitler.

Unfortunately few in his government heeded his warnings when he was politically 'in the wilderness' before the outbreak of WWII. The outbreak of WWII awakened the sleeping masses of Churchill's wisdom of warnings.

Crocodile Adolf Hitler:
  • Remilitarise Rhineland --> Little response from other European powers.
  • Germany annexed Austria --> Little response from other European powers.
  • Germany demanded Sudeternland of Czechoslovakia --> Britain & France agreed.
  • Germany then invaded rest of Czechoslovakia --> Little response from other European powers.
  • Ok then let's grab Poland ---> WWII officially starts with declarations of war.

Now, how does appeasement relate to us living in SG under the hybrid regime?

Crocodile hybrid regime on Voting System:
  • Introduce GRC (Group Representation Constituency) into voting system --> little response
  • Expand to 4 from 3 person GRC --> ha ha!
  • Expand to 5 persons GRC. ---> ha ha ha!
  • Expand to 6 perons GRC. --->haha haha!

Crocodile hybrid regime on Taxes:
  • Introduce 3% GST (goods & services taxes)
  • Expand to 5% GST (more charity events organised)
  • Expand to 7% GST (more, more & more charity events...)

It is not just voting system & taxes. There's a host of rot ranging from infrastructure, security, hospital beds, overcrowdedness etc which has gotten worse since the 2011 general elections.

Look at the similarities of appeasement by the sleeping masses:

  • Appease, appease & appease. ---> Hitler became bolder.
  • Vote, vote & vote hybrid regime. ---> Life worsens as hybrid regime gets bolder.

The 60% who voted for the hybrid regime in 2011 are like the appeasers hoping the crocodile will change for the better or eat them last.

Now that more of those 60% appeasers' jobs are 'eaten' by foreigners with the overly open floodgates, the rest who are still sleeping ought to ask themselves what will happen to them if they keep feeding the crocodile with their votes at the polls.

History repeats itself although the people involved are different.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Govt Prevents Injustice, Other Than Such As It Commits Itself - Ibn Khaldun

More snippets of wisdom by deceased men from The Politics Book by DK Publishing. Although dead, their wisdom still rings true today which i'm connecting it to what's happening now in the country.

Enjoy Safety & $$$ through GRC System, this is the beginning of downfall
1 of the sources of rot emanating through the country can be attributed to the GRC (Group Representation Constituency) system.

GRC was concocted in 1988 as a scheme to get minority community representation into parliament. However the last election has awaken even more people that it is a scheme by the hybrid regime for parachuting military generals & the likes of people like Tin Pei Ling(kate spade girl) into parliament by having those candidates grouped under a heavyweight minister.

  • Safety: being grouped under a heavyweight minister during election.
& then
  • Profit: $M salaries as minister for the generals. A still comfy sum for the 'kate Spade girl' as member of parliament.

Let's rewind & refresh ourselves on past elections:
  • From independence in 1965 to 1981: hybrid regime won 100% seats. No elected opposition MP for almost 2 decades.
  • 1984: 2 seats won by opposition politicians.
  • 1988 1st June: GRC system concocted & sold to masses.
  • 1988 3rd Sept: Only 1 seat won by opposition.

100% total control is what the current hybrid regime wanted.
Domination is not enough......
A loss of 2 seats to opposition = Concoction of GRC system.

The rot has gotten even worse since the 2011 elections although the rot beginnings can be traced back to 1988 according to the wisdom of Han Fei Tzu if i use the GRC system as the starting line. I consider SG's peak golden age being the early 1990s which i've blogged in Appreciate Golden Age of S'pore from Train in 1991.

Now the wisdom of Ibn Khaldun: Govt prevents injustice, other than such as it commits itself.

Unity of a political society comes from community spirit
The hybrid regime would not have come into power without the support of the working class community. The support of the labor faction during its founding years was instrumental.

This is the basis for government & prevents injustice.
Being a new government, they are a government for the people & true to the name of their political party. There is no need for propaganda via newspaper, tv, radio because their actions speak for themselves. Truly affordable public housing, thriving hawker centres, many independent taxi drivers, plenty of personal space(not overcrowded), plenty of leisure time etc...

As a society advances, social cohesion decreases & its govt becomes lax
Kampung (village) spirit is largely gone. Replaced by a spirit of materialism & self-centeredness.

Govt becomes lax. Massive overbudget spending for the Youth Olympic Games is an example. A limping terrorist can escape. Not enough hospital beds. The list goes on.

...exploiting its citizens for its own advantage, causing injustice.
I'm blogging on this & it has become a central theme because the rot & stench are worsening.

Eventually, another government emerges to take the place of the decadent regime.
This is what i'm looking forward to. More & more peasants are anticipating it.

Is taking place as we speak. Hybrid regime suffered its lowest vote count in the last election. Most number of alternative politicians elected.

Civilizations rise & fall in this way as Ibn Khaldun argues. A cycle.