Monday, August 25, 2014

Singapore Elites Can't Compete so Suck Locals Dry

Singapore elites being trounced in air & sea. Now the results are apparent that i can more or less complete my can't compete trilogy blogposts.

Concluding trilogy of SG Elites Can't Compete:

Real case studies are what i lacked in my 2 earlier blogposts. This month has been a fruitful month in which financial results from air, sea & land by the govt-linked companies are published.

The hybrid regime parachutes many of its scholars into govt-linked companies. The peasants are told & brainwashed that these scholars are the creme de la creme.

Look at these scholars 'creme de la creme' performance versus their overseas counterparts.

Taking a Beating Competing at Sea
Widening Loss for Singapore's Neptune Orient Lines
Net loss of $54 million in 2nd quarter of 2014, more than the $35 million loss in the same period last year.

NOL net income data extracted from Yahoo Finance. This sea logistics govt-linked business sold their HQ in 2012 in a bid to stem the bleeding. Is now 2014 with widening losses as reported above.

Maersk Line ia danish shipping company. Profit data from Maersk annual financial reports. It took a big hit in 2011 like NOL but has since recovered. With NOL's mounting losses, it show SG elites can't compete with their overseas counterparts at sea.

Taking a Beating Competing in Air:
SIA nosedives with 71% lower profits
71% drop in net profit in the fiscal first quarter(april-jun) of this year. Subsidiary Tiger Airways bleeding. I'm not surprised if the Scoot subsidiary is also bleeding.

Look at the massive drop in net profit since 2011. They have trouble competing with foreign airlines.

Hammered in Air & Sea so Resort to Captive Customers on Tiny Island:
Different companies have different financial calendars but is same period for normal calendar.

SMRT's Q1 profit rises 37%
SBS Transit profit up 57% in Q2

SMRT & SBS Transit are the govt-linked public transport companies. More & more breakdowns & we just had a fare hike in april. In fact, the govt-linked companies do not call it breakdowns but refer to it as "service disruption" - bunch of cowards.

If not for the duopoly status to fleece commuters on this tiny island, they would already be badly hammered like the air & sea businesses if competing with foreign counterparts.

Bunch of Useless SG Elites
The financial results reinforce what economist Chang Ha Joon has stated that a reason the citizens in other developed nations have better incomes because their elites can compete & thus can lift the masses' salaries up.

SG elites can't lift whether they are in govt ministries or govt-linked companies. They have little to no 'strength' despite so highly paid.

  • It is the useless SG elites who can't compete against their overseas counterparts.
  • It is the useless SG elites who can't compete & so can't lift the masses' salaries up.
  • It is the useless SG elites who can't compete & so bully local captive market with increasing prices for worsening service.

Why Waitresses & Cooks Ought Spit Saliva into Elites's Food & Drinks
" called ELITE class did not rise to take on the challenge of leading the people towards the global economy but instead joined the civil services or Government Linked Companies to futher oppress the very people who sacrificed their children happiness for them." - LEITAISOR

For his compete grouse, please read my Rich Son Poor Son blogpost.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lame Sheep Singapore Armed Forces

Someone asked about my thoughts on the new physical fitness test(ippt) in July 15th blogpost:
"Very insight article again! Thank you for shedding light on this matter. Would love to read about your thoughts on the latest changes in ippt test in the next post!"
70% of reservists fail fitness test + Demoralised troops(blogpost) = tame sheep

I consider 70% failures to be a lower figure as my observations in my unit is that failures are more than that. 70% given by the govt propaganda mouthpiece is more like 70% still fail after going for remedial training.

Imagine you go to see a highly paid doctor & the doctor see 30%, 40% cancer infection in a particular system of your body as trivial. Little to action needed. Then when cancer spread reaches 70%, he advice lowering the 'standards' so that you are considered healthy. What kind of fuckup doctor is that? Pay so much to these highly ministers for what?

The new fitness test doesn't have shuttle run, standing broad jump & pull ups. I still consider them useful. Shuttle run test dashing short distances. Standing broad jump test jumping over ground obstacles. Pull ups are useful for pulling yourself up.

When a plane ditch in water, the raft is 1m above water. You need to pull yourself up to get on it.

The biggest killer for many is 2.4km run which afflicts me as well. Is a pain to train for it & i bochup(heck care) after passing till the next test cycle to begin training again. Going for remedial training is even more painful with time wasted so i will pass the test. Unfortunately the remedial training is what befalls many sinkies.

And after remedial training, 70% still fail, so the hybrid regime lower standards so more can pass. The passing rate will improve but it still doesn't address the toxic factors such as massive influx of foreign workers with no family working long hours with little exercise to max their S$ earnings so as to retire comfortably back home.

The hybrid regime can keep boasting about strength of the military & its high expenditures & equipment but neighboring countries know it is an absolute joke.

Other sterling advertisements:

  • A crippled terrorist can escape detention in 2008. Local manhunt for him with no success.
  • Police & firemen running away during the Little India riot last year.

these troops of ours are nothing but lame sheep!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Record Low Flags Display in 2014 Before 50th Anniversary

2014 marks a new low in the continual slump in number of flags displayed by peasants to celebrate national day. It is not just ordinary peasants staying in pigeonhole housing who are bochup(heck care), even most of those high incomes staying in landed property in this land scarce island aren't displaying flags.

Record low for high income peasants in landed property displaying flags as they are under increased crime risk due to the hybrid regime's grow gdp at all costs like cancer approach.

Looks like too many crime as is printed on laminated white paper. They ran out of plastic alphabet letterings for this crime alert at Faber area.

Earlier blogposts on rising crime:
- Advertisements of Rising Crime & Free Labor Patrols
- Don't Have to Outrun the Bear, Outrun the Other Guy
Celebrity distribute free food at a peasant housing estate in bid to avert crime.

As usual, if the block faces a main road, is a 2 or 3 room flat allowing for easy hanging via corridors by regime supporters, is near a train station or houses a grassroot office of the hybrid regime, it is highly likely to be plastered with flags.

However, the general sentiment is abysmal as this photo taken today on national day shows. Although it is in Clementi, the same utterly bochup(heck care) is the same throughout this tiny island nation.

A mix of 3,4 & 5 room flats.
Is on national day. How many flags can you see? 

My observations are that the bigger the size of public dwelling, the less highly it is to hang flags. 5 room flats are the least likely followed by 4 room. The ratio is higher in 3 room flats & more so in 2 room flats.

Higher income people generally are better educated thus they are less likely to be tempted by the hybrid regime's upgrading programs for their dwellings. For my area, i see the lowest approval for upgrading in 5 room flats followed by 4 room flats. It is 3 room flats with highest approval. Naturally when someone is hard-up, even breadcrumbs are delicious.

Not Displaying Flags to Create Awesome Advertisement - very simple
Over the years, all these increasingly bochup(heck care) attitude by the peasants to display flags for national day is an excellent advertisement to foreign countries about the longevity of the hybrid regime.

Chee Soon Juan of SG Democratic Party is considered a thorn in the flesh by the hybrid regime. So why do America invite him to their Independence Day celebration last month? A commentator has the answer:

Monday, August 4, 2014

How the Mighty Fall(Singapore): Stage 2 - Undisciplined Pursuit of More

Stage 2's Undisciplined Pursuit of More by the hybrid regime is hands down the most evident to peasants on this tiny island. The chapter that shocked me the most is Stage 2.

The chart shows a steep rising tide for Stage 2 but we already know SG is in decline. This type of growth is akin to cancerous growth.

While there are other factors that lead to a company's fall, Jim Collins research reveal it is undisciplined pursuit of more for the majority of fallen companies.

Key points by Jim Collins are in blue.

What is Undisciplined Pursuit of More (growth) according to Jim Collins?
  • Discontinuous leaps into arenas for which you have no burning passion.
  • Taking action inconsistent with your core values.
  • Investing heavily in new arenas where you cannot attain distinctive capability, better than your competitors.
  • Launching headlong into activities that do not fit with your economic or resource engine.
  • Addiction to scale.
  • Neglecting core business while leaping after exciting new adventures.
  • Using organization primarily as a vehicle to increase own personal success- more $$$, more fame, more power at the expense of the organization's long term success.
  • Compromising on values or losing sight of core purpose in pursuit of growth & expansion.

Packard's law: No company can consistently grow revenues faster than its ability to get enough of the right people to implement that growth & still become a great company.

The hybrid regime's revenues are growing consistently such as via exorbitant World Cup subscription, regular public transport fare hikes with declining service, more & more road tolls etc.

However the hybrid regime is no longer a great political party as it no longer can get enough of the right people. It is scrapping the bottom of the barrel in terms of personnel when Kate Spade girl Tin Pei Ling are put up as an election candidate. And not forgetting the Yesmen aka military generals.

You break Packard's law & begin to fill key seats with the wrong people to compensate for the wrong people's inadequacies, you institute bureaucratic procedures; this, in turn, drives away the right people (because they chafe under the bureaucracy or cannot tolerate working with less competent people or both); this then invites more bureaucracy for having more of the wrong people, which then drives away more of the right people & a culture of bureaucratic mediocrity gradually replaces a culture of disciplined excellence. When bureaucratic rules erode an ethic of freedom & responsibility within a framework of core values & demanding standards, you've become infected with a disease of mediocrity.

An excellent explanation by Jim Collins. It clearly explains why better candidates are flocking to alternative political parties in the last general election. Look at the disease of mediocrity infecting the hybrid regime which spreads the disease down to the populace via their undisciplined pursuit of more.

If a great company consistently grows revenues faster than its ability to get enough of the right people to implement that growth, it will not simply stagnate; it will fall.

Remember the golden parachutes of the top management which we don't have. Rather than letting the top management bring us down with their misguided policies, i would say at least 50% of them needs to be voted out in the next election so as to have a buffer of 33% parliamentary seats in alternative parties hands.

Any exceptional enterprise depends first & foremost upon having self-managed & self motivated people-the #1 ingredient for a culture of discipline.

Self-motivated? No self-motivated person is joining the hybrid regime forcing it to resort to paying the world highest political salaries. And the type of people they attract?--> Yesmen.

--- Shocking Similarity with SG Inc ---
Stage 2 overreaching tends to increase after a legendary leader steps away. Perhaps those who assume power next feel extra pressure to be bold, visionary & aggressive, to live up to the implicit expectations of their predecessors or the irrational expectations of Wall Street, which accentuates Stage 2. Or perhaps legendary leaders pick successors less capable in a subconscious (or maybe even conscious) strategy to increase their own status by comparison. But whatever the underlying dynamic, when companies engage in Stage 2 overreaching & bungle the transfer of power, they tend to hurtle downward toward Stage 3 & beyond.

Best leaders we've studied had a peculiar genius for seeing themselves as not all that important, recognizing the need to build an executive team & to craft a culture based on core values that do not depend upon a single heroic leader. But in cases of decline, we find a more pronounced role for the powerful individual, & not for the better.

I reckon Jim Collins would consider this the greatest failing of the old man. Is only 5 days away from National Day & people are wondering about the condition of the old man as he show up. According to Jim Collins definition of a great leader in his book 'Good to Great', the old man is considered a level 4 leader. He hasn't reach the pinnacle of Level 5 leader.

Working folks or those having been through national service might have experienced the 'Super On' new boss who wants to outshine his predecessor. The 'Super On'  new boss then implement audacious new initiative/s. It might be good or it might be bad. How you know is bad? Well that is what Jim Collins set out to research on its warning signs.

While no leader can single-handedly build an enduring great company, the wrong leader vested with power can almost single-handedly being a company down.

Again Jim Collins do not believe in a lone heroic leader. Many peasants are brainwashed into thinking the old man is instrumental in building SG Inc up with heaps of credit due to him.
Warning Signs for Stage 2: Undisciplined Pursuit of More
The more warning signs the higher likelihood of disease. It might be a normal fever but if there are other symptoms associated with malaria, then malaria is highly likely.

Unsustainable quest for growth, confusing big with great
Success creates pressure for more growth, setting up a vicious cycle of expectations; this strains people; the culture & systems to breaking point; unable to deliver consistent tactical excellence, the institution frays at the edges.

Institutions fraying with the recent spate of corruption scandals in SG Inc's much vaulted civil service. Police caught totally unprepared with Little India Riots & the escape of a limping terrorist.

Undisciplined Discontinuous Leaps
The enterprise makes dramatic moves that fail at least 1 of the following 3 tests:
1) Do they ignite passion & fit with the company's core values?
2) Can the organization be the best in the world at these activities or in these arenas?
3) Will these activities help drive the organization's economic or resource engine.

The people joining the hybrid regime are not passionate about serving the country. Hybrid regime's core values have mutated beyond recognition. Its core value is now $$$ & more $$$.

Declining proportion of right people in key seats
Losing the right people and/or growing beyond the organization's ability to get enough people to execute on that growth with excellence.

Is cancerous growth we are now experiencing. Gone are the days of growth with excellence.

Easy cash erodes cost discipline
Organization responds to increasing costs by increasing prices & revenues rather than increasing discipline.

Seeing peasants as cows to be milked dry for lavish wasteful projects such as Bay Gardens & shopping mall at the airport.

Bureaucracy subverts discipline
System of bureaucratic rules subverts the ethic of freedom & responsibility that marks a culture of discipline; people increasingly think in terms of 'jobs' rather than responsibilities.

'This is outside of my jobscope hence it is not my business'. Little wonder we taxpayers $$$ go into feeding those overbloated bureaucracies with its multiple permanent secretaries, deputy directors etc.

Problematic succession of power
The organization experiences leadership-transition difficulties, be they in the form of poor succession planning, failure to groom leaders from within. political turmoil, bad luck or an unwise selection of successors.

As explained earlier that old man is considered a level 4 leader.

Personal interests placed above organizational interests
People in power allocate more for themselves or their constituents - more $$$, more privileges, more fame, more of the spoils of success - seeking to capitalize as much as possible in the short term, rather than investing primarily in building for greatness decades into the future.