Monday, March 31, 2014

Advertisements of Rising Crime & Free Labor Patrols

The inquiry into the Little India riot which erupted after 40+years of peace exposes the inadequate police force. The expose will certainly wake up those blind supporters of the hybrid regime.

Actually the evidence of insufficient police amid the rising crime brought about by population explosion of foreigners many of whom are from less developed nations & the increasing economic hardship(wage suppression & loss of jobs) suffered by locals are easily seen.

Look at the excellent advertising done by the hybrid regime:
Lift doors plastered with warning advertisements of Ah Long (illegal loansharks) are common at peasant dwellings. We've seen well paid civil servants charged with corruption after being laden with gambling debts at the casinos. The police are unable to eradicate the Ah Long scourge.

To cope with insufficient manpower, the police asked for citizen volunteers to patrol the neighborhoods. Look at how smart the hybrid regime is by asking for free labor so they can laugh their way to the bank.

Professional thief. Vehicle thefts are rare & this is even more brazen as it take place at the carpark beside the train station which has electronic toll gantry collection.

Those caught are just the tip of the iceberg. Even the campus is not spared.

State Capitalism Of Security Business
Meanwhile we've seen the emergence of security companies like Certis Cisco & Aetos which are govt-linked companies. Both enjoyed near monopoly status of the security business on this tiny island. Some of the police duties/jobs are outsourced to these 2 private companies. Why?

  • Waste of taxpayers $$ to recruit more police amid the swelling population.
  • Better to channel taxpayers $$ to these 2 govt-linked security companies for more profits.

Aetos corporate HQ at Clementi West. Previously it is a school. Hiring police is waste of $$$. Hiring Aetos security guards is good profit by transforming taxpayers $$$ to profits of a privatised corpseration under the govt.

Neglecting the public good is not what American founding father, Benjamin Franklin consider to be a good government. Late last year i wrote in blogpost Comparison Flood Pictures & Screwing the Peasants that the hybrid regime got no taxpayers $$$ to build footpath for peasants like you & me but $$ to build for minister to jog.

In terms of public good whether it is police, hospital beds, public transport or footpath etc, it is not enough or get people to do it for free so the hybrid regime's bank account can be fattened even more.

The more tax we pay, the worse in public good services we get in return. Blind supporters of the hybrid regime need to ask themselves why pay so much tax for deteriorating services?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Independent Entrepreneurs Make Good Citizens - Benjamin Franklin

I was reading The Politics Book by DK publishing & came across Benjamin Franklin saying independent entrepreneurs make good citizens. He sees entrepreneurship as a virtue only when it promoted the public good.

Health of a nation depends on the virtue of its citizens
Health of SG is currently cancerous. I've blogged about the cancerous economic growth. On virtue of its citizens, this aspect doesn't apply much to SG since around 60% of the economy is dominated by govt-linked companies which brings us to...

Aristocrats are conservative & unproductive
Remember what the old man said about us:
"Singaporeans have become less hard-driving and hard-striving. If native S'poreans are falling behind because "the spurs are not stuck into the hide," that is their problem."-Lee Kuan Yew

Instead of blaming us(peasants), it is what Benjamin Franklin said that the $M salaries ministers aristocrats & bureaucrats are conservative & unproductive. Their spurs are not stuck into the hide.

Classic examples of them being conservative & unproductive:

  • keep on jacking up rentals making businesses hard to survive.
  • build not 1 but 2 casinos to boost GDP instead of using innovation approach
  • collecting more road tolls by making traffic conditions worse

Hybrid Regime Doesn't Like Independent Entrepreneurs
Does the hybrid regime want more independent entrepreneurs to make good citizens? They are more interested in getting more captive consumers for their govt-linked businesses. We used to have many mom & pop businesses. Back then SG could be regarded as the golden age as it reflects what Benjamin Franklin said - independent entrepreneurs make good citizens.

By not building hawker centres for over 20 years, the hybrid regime doesn't want independent hawkers. It wants citizens to slave away at spam chain coffeeshops/food courts like kopitiam, koufu, NTUC foodfare etc. Likewise we see the same with the taxi trade. There used to be many independent taxi drivers (black color taxis). Now the hybrid regime wants cabbies to slave away in their govt-linked taxi companies.

Govt-linked Companies Discouraging public good
Now the economy is increasingly & dangerously made up of big corpserations with monopolistic powers. It leads to unproductive when one can easily jack up prices despite deteriorating services. How is this promoting the public good as what Benjamin Franklin said?

Which is why i have a growing distaste of big corpserations especially those spam chain businesses.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hiring Human Labor instead of Cog Labor

... all for you - At least the company is congruent in living what it says.

How is it all for peasants? Its meteoric rise in the supermarket business in SG can mainly be attributed to cheaper groceries for the peasants compared to the fake worker union supermarket spam chain owned by the govt. Is like competing with your hands tied against a big bully. That's what makes it admirable.

More personal hiring process
Look at the names of hiring people & their mobile phone numbes. Compare to the 'unknowns' listed in the ad of the pet business spam chain (earlier blogpost).

3 things stand out in its hiring ad:

  • Profit sharing scheme
  • Attendance allowance
  • Meals provided

Even advertising for workers is a way to differentiate itself.

And it ends up as cheap advertising when i blog it as example compared to the pet business spam chain.

This blogpost is closely related to my earlier How A Local Spam Chain Business Hire Cog Labor. Absenteeism & low productivity are often faced by employers of cheap labor. Most employers treat the labor as cogs - use a while like tissue paper & then throw away. Few employers treat the labor as humans.

Compared to pet business spam chain, this supermarket spam chain got:

  • Profit sharing scheme
  • Attendance allowance
  • Meals provided

Profit sharing scheme
Boss of this supermarket spam chain is considered uneducated. He speaks mandarin & can't converse in english. To many educated sinkies, this type of speak mandarin, can't speak english are looked down upon. Yet this boss understands this simple incentive concept which many educated sinkies don't.

For a system to be sustainable, it has to be inclusive. Look at how inclusiveness is sorely lacking in SG with regards to how the govt treats the population with the ministers paying themselves $M minimum wage while suppressing the masses' salaries.

When the hybrid regime advertise 'inclusiveness' as a keywork in its election manifesto, it is clearly a sign it is gone to a large extent. Does this supermarket chain write 'inclusiveness' in its advertisement? It doesn't need to because it is reflected in their actions.

Attendance allowance & meals
For low paid workers, these 2 incentives are highly valued. For the company it helps against low productivity & absenteeism.

For those of us who has been through national service(slavery), how productive are we? We were forced to show up for fear of being charged & ending up in detention barracks.

Back in my NS days, every wednesday is western food for lunch. It is a morale booster. Although meals must be provided during NS given the pathetic allowance, it illustrates that food expenses are a huge percentage when the salary is low.

I generally don't like businesses that spam a lot of outlets but this local spam chain supermarket business is 1 of the exception. I find that the workers are more human since the company treat them better compared to the govt's fake worker union supermarket chain. When workers are treated better, they treat customers better. Simple common sense but rarely practised in SG.

Work process & standard operating procedures are easily copied by competitors. Humans are much harder to copy. This human factor is a competitive advantage. Take care of workers & they will take care of the company. Treat citizens like 3rd class & i will not safeguard SG under this govt with my life. Again is common sense not practised.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Chop Passport to Cut Hair

Am i nuts to chop passport to go over to Johor, Malaysia to cut my hair? I've been doing that for around 3 years & i'll explain what's wrong with SG's competitiveness.

My family don't buy the state controlled propaganda papers. Nevertheless interesting news published on the State Times will surface on the internet. Recently it was reported that foreign workers are moonlighting as barbers.

For many foreign workers which are imported in as cheap labor:

  • $10 spam chain barbers --> expensive
  • <$10 barbers in peasant heartlands --> also expensive

As i've blogged earlier about the cancerous GDP growth in SG, these foreign workers are primarily here to earn S$. They will cut their expenses in high cost SG & save as much as possible. Hence there are increasing number of businesses dying(killer rent is another big bugger) when locals are wage suppressed with little to no spending power.

Intense competition among barbers have led to many closing their mom & pop businesses here despite the price stagnation or cheaper prices. My neighborhood mom & pop barber closed shop around 2 years after i started cutting my hair in Malaysia.

The next barber business at the same premises just closed his business last month.

There are increasing numbers of those $10 express hair cut spam chain businesses sprouting up at train stations & shopping malls. I don't like these spam chain hair cut businesses because they treat the individual more like a sheep(trim fast) than as a human.

Despite the intense price pressure in the local barber business, i still chop passport to cut hair. There are advantages of cutting hair in Johor, Malaysia. These advantages in value for your dollar underlie why SG's barber business cannot compete with their Msian counterparts.

A typical barber shop in Johor Bahru. The barber trade there is dominated by the local indians. There is no indian smell/stench in their shops though.

Extra services offered by Msian barbers not found in SG:

  • very brief massage (whoa!! i'm treated like a human being instead of a sheep)
  • fresh razor blade (in SG, the blade don't know reuse how many times)
  • short wait cause there are at least 2 barbers
  • standard cut last longer than SG (they are not desperate for me to go back)

Hair cut plus all these extra services at just RM12. Excellent value for $$. Is unfortunate that local mom & pop barbers are dying & i've played a part too. The current toxic business environment of high rent, high utilities & pressure for fast turnover for profits in which people are treated as sheep to be milked dry are all factors created by the hybrid regime making traditional barbers a dying trade here just like traditional hawker food.

In place of these dying trade/food, we have those spam chain businesses churning out 'robotic' services & tasteless food.

Thus after i cut hair in JB, Msia, i will also patronise their hawker street food cooked by their locals unlike the fake ones in SG cooked by foreigners (Msians are ok).

Why the Hassle Go Msia Cut Hair?
There are other intangible benefits as follows:

I'm sick of the rampant sight of 'opium addicts' in SG. Are you?

Most unhappiest people in the world + 'opium addicts' in mobile phones = ?!?!?!

Happier service workers over in JB, Malaysia..

Monday, March 17, 2014

Singapore's Military Morale Is In Disarray

I've not been blogging for a while. At the recent reservist, we're again told to submit feedback in a survey. I always disagree when it comes to questions like:

  • I will safeguard SG with my life. - Disagree
  • I will try not to leave when the country needs me. - Disagree

The top brass knows the paltry morale status else they wouldn't be giving shopping vouchers to conscripts & reservists. It is a Half Ass Approach in Salvaging Plunging Morale Among Sinkie Males.

Zhuge Liang advising Sun Quan that Cao Cao's Jingzhou soldiers are discontented with their lands being taken over by Cao Cao.

Translate: Sinkie peasants are discontented with their land overrun with foreigners, wage suppression & losing jobs to them.

When the heart is not committed to the cause, the war is lost.

  • Britain lost to a committed american colonial guerilla revolutionary force in 1776.
  • Americans lost to a committed vietnamese guerilla force in Vietnam war.

Translate: Msia & Indonesia won't take SG's hybrid regime military force seriously. It is a paper tiger force with increased 'advertising' that is a paper tiger.

Defense budget is the biggest among govt departments. Spending on defense is almost the combined defense budgets of Msia & Indonesia. That's ridiculous considering that Indonesia now possess the ability to suffocate us to submission/death without firing a single bullet. How? By using forest fires so that smoke can blanket this island. We have already seen the effectiveness in June last year - Worst Haze, Decline of Condensed Milk & Emergence of Creamer.

The hybrid regime boasts of the most advanced military equipment & large numbers of reservists in Southeast Asia but foreign observers know it is hugely a defunct force. A malaysian journalist report that the hybrid regime's scholar officers are Not ready for the University of Hard Knocks.

Personally having seen the scholars in the armed forces, the best skill i see from them is porlumpar(asslicker). Career is planned out for them. Hence they do their best not to take risk when a comfy job is laid out for them.

Other reasons why i consider it's silly to defend this tiny island as long as current hybrid regime is in place:

Cheaper, Better, Faster Is like Charging a Machine Gun Nest
Can you outamazon Amazon? Likewise, our leaders tell the peasants suffering high costs of living to be cheaper than labor in other low cost countries with much lower costs of living.

Translate to battlefield, it is telling the men to charge a blazing machine gun nest. What kind of leaders are that?

Foreigners already overrun this tiny island
Plenty of opportunities for sabotage(Little India foreign workers riot are just a glimpse). Hence huge defense budget is a waste & only serves to channel taxpayers $$$ to local govt-defense companies shareholders the largest shareholder is the hybrid regime.

Not Taking Risk & Predictable
Being scholars with comfy job, their non-risking & predictable mindset carry over. This is already reported by the Msian journalist of the high ranking police officer cowering behind(little risk) & can't see the rioting situation upfront.

What kind of leader is that?

Zhou Yu, commander-in-chief of Sun Quan's forces went personally to assess the enemy. Better to see with own eyes than to rely on porlumpars feeding him inappropriate info.

Unfortunately, there are many porlumpars infesting SG's hybrid regime which has been in power for around 50 years. Feeding 'all is well' feedback to their masters living in ivory towers.

Treating Citizens as 2nd/3rd class citizens
Hybrid regime would be lucky if even 50% of reservists show up when recalled.

The best improvement i noticed during the recent reservist is that the food has improved (reflected in my answer in survey). There's no foreigners in the cookhouse though i''m not really sure. The workers look local to me though compared to a few foreign workers previously.

A sad joke circulating among sinkie males is that it is during reservist that you are surrounded by locals. Elsewhere you go it is common to see foreigners. That's how overrun the country is.

"A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom".- Martin Luther King, Jr.