Sunday, December 23, 2012

Trickle Up Economics in Singapore; Stakeholders Vs Shareholders

Income inequality for S'pore is either the worst or 2nd worst among the developed economies. Goods & Services Tax was raised from 5% to 7% & the reason given was to help the needy. Yet as the years go by, more & more people are in tight financial situation. We now have more & more charity shows to raise $$$ for the needy.

The following 2 charts are about USA but it applies well to S'pore.

Notice the Top 1% Income skyrockets during the mid 90s. It is no coincidence that S'pore's Pro Alien Party mutated around that time as well as i've written in Mutation of PAP as Seen from S&P500 Index

Trickle down? What Trickle down? Wake up folks. It is tricke UP.

The public transport debacle has awoken the masses as to the meaning of trickle UP economics:
  • $1.1B from taxpayers to buy buses for private bus companies.
  • Up fares from average joes (citizens aka stakeholders) to pay for salary increases for bus drivers (they get peanuts while bulk goes to shareholders)

More gravity defying stunts.
- How Come GDP UP UP UP Yet More & More People Need Charity?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sinkies Least Positive in World After Most Emotionless

Workers in other countries can crush the workers in S'pore very easily.

Past few days have seen a flurry of reports about the "much vaulted S'pore workforce". I love the polls by Gallup(independent). It is helping to 'awaken' the sleeping masses indoctrinated about gdp growth by the ruling hybrid regime.

Growing the gdp at all costs like cancer by the million $ salary scholar ministers has produced:
  • SG is least emotional country in world.
  • Sinkies least positive in world.

Summing them up as follows:

  • 20% of workers fake illness to get an MC, headache most common excuse
  • Top 3 most common excuses: Headache/giddiness (41.5%), diarrhoea/food poisoning (18.3%) & stomach cramps (10.7%).
  • 10% would get fake medical certificates at least 3x a year
  • 3,299 employees & 256 hiring managers polled
  • More than 7 in 10 bosses check by asking for MCs
Many workers in S'pore have 14 days of annual leave or less. Coupled with long hours--->burnout. MCs are an outlet for employees to avoid using the precious 14 days which are usually reserved for vacations.
Bus drivers hired from China by SMRT for their cheap wages encashes their annual leave for $$$. It is the same for lowly paid sinkies & i've done it as well when living costs are rising relentlessly. I was burnout at end of year without taking any MCs nor annual leave.
Smart bosses would reward workers for not taking MCs every month. It causes less disruption to work processes & staff morale.
  • In 2012, 41% of establishments offered at least 1 form of work-life arrangement, up from 38% in 2011.
  • Working part-time was most common work-life arrangement offered by 33% of companies.
  • Distant 2nd was flexitime (8.2%), followed by staggered hours (7.5%) & tele-working (4.0%).
  • 3,500 establishments survetyed in private sector -- each with at least 25 employees & the public sector
  • 5-day work-weeks continue to be the norm, with 44%. Shift work (17%), 6-day (18%) & 5-1/2-day work-week (14%).
"Recently, there have been some reports that S'pore is the least emotional country in the world, and that S'pore workers are the most unhappy. So, I think companies need to go down to the root of all these & find out how best to reverse the trend"-Ronald Lee

Is utter pathetic that working part-time is considered as work-life arrangement. In this internet age, tele-working ought to be more to elevate time wasted in traffic jams, pollution & congested lunch crowds.

5, 5.5 or 6 days is not an accurate indicator. No. of hours work should be. No point having a 5 day workweek when the workers is approaching burnout working 10hours a day.

  • 7 in 10 are still intending to change jobs in 2013.
  • Salary & job advancement identified as top pull factors for job change.
  • Majority of 550 respondents singled out 1st quarter as best time to start a job hunt.
1st quarter = crowd mentality. It is the period when competition is strongest.

I've been hammering the pathetic plight ad nauseam 

- 98% of S'pore Workers Are 'Bochup' aka Disengaged in 2010
- 'Zombie' Workers - Plenty of Them In S'pore
- S'pore 2nd Lowest Globally for Job Satisfaction

Friday, December 21, 2012

Mum Was Hospitalised Due to Pancreatitis

Mum was hospitalised on Mon night for pancreatitis - gallstones obstruction in pancreas. I sent my mum to hospital by taxi. Had a grueling 3.5hours wait(brought a book to read) at A&E area before a nurse brought me in to see my mum. I had dinner(more like supper) around midnight upon reaching home. Can't finish the food due to lack of appetite- leftovers became breakfast.

I only know my mum's condition is pancreatitis from the Dr's update on Tues afternoon (blood tests, xray, CT scan). Before that my mum thought she had gastric pain- she visited 2 general practitioners & at polyclinic (advised a blood test but she didn't take).

"Nothing by mouth" is indicated above her bed as anything injested by mouth would worsen her condition. Operation to remove the gallstones was performed on Wed morning. Gallstones were sucked out via a tube inserted through the mouth. Performed by a senior Dr though i chose 'C' class ward for my mum. Is a myth that 'C' class patients are treated by 'lesser Drs'.

My mum was discharged on thurs morning after a day of observation.

There are 2 issues i want to point out: Taxi driver & shortage of hospital beds.

Taxi Driver
Fuck the Pro Alien Party! Before the ride to hospital, i have not taken a taxi for like 3-4 years. The taxi driver doesn't know the way to the nearest hospital- NUH. I became his navigator telling him turn left, turn right etc. Apparently the driver who is less than 45 years old is another victim of PAP's open floodgate policy-being replaced by cheaper, younger foreign worker.

To think the state propaganda machine publish the $7000/mth taxi driver in Oct. When such bombastic shit is being spewed out by the hybrid regime, it can only mean 1 thing - many sinkies are replaced/displaced by cheaper foreigners.

Taxi driver desperate to make a living. Don't know the way, ask passenger(me) to guide him. I don't blame him.

Shortage of Hospital Beds
There is no water nor electricity shortage in S'pore (which power Pro Alien Party's profit making machines) despite importing & importing so many people to squeeze into this tiny island.

However there is hospital beds, public housing shortage. My mum told me she's admitted to the ward at around 5am. So the waiting time for free bed is 5-6 hours. I want to stress again this is deliberately done by the Pro Alien Party to screw the populace. How the daft 60% would vote for a ruling party in 2011 that keep screwing them is beyond me.

At the A&E waiting area, there is a big signage with newspaper articles about the bed crunch to remind those waiting outside. Once led inside by the nurse after the long wait, i saw my mum(stabilised) on a trolley bed along with 14 others lying in this 'holding area' waiting for a bed. I don't know if that's the only holding area in A&E. If there is another 1, it means there might be like 30 patients lying there waiting for a bed......

With these 2 issues that hit me, it strengthens my resolve to vote even for a monkey in 2016 as long as is not from the Pro Alien Party. At least the monkey don't make the situation worse & worse unlike the 'scholars dressed in white' with mediocre performance leeching million $ salaries from taxpayers.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

People-Centric State Capitalism Vs Profit-Centric State Capitalism

The incumbent ruling party of S'pore- PAP, which i often use the term Pro Alien Party is also known as Party Against People by some others. There is validity in being dubbed Party Against People for reasons we shall see.

CN: Characteristic of China's state capitalism by economist Graeme Maxton.
SG: Sinkieland state capitalism style currently based on my observations.

Here we go with the comparisons:

State Capitalism
CN & SG: State controlled or at least state directed (i see this as only commonality).

CN: Profit is less of a motivating factor
SG: Maximise profits at all costs. The heck with safety(public transport) or suppression of sinkie wages with cheaper foreign workers.

Getting Customers
CN: Customer base often provided. eg in rail business, contracts offered only to local companies.
SG: Captive market provided & greed greed greed via massive imports of foreign workers aka customers to maximise profits at all costs. However contracts more fair as offered to foreign companies.

Treatment of Own Citizens
CN: Ensure skills, jobs & wealth are kept at home, not sucked away by foreign-devil employers.
SG: Many skills, jobs, wealth lost as sinkies replaced/displaced by cheaper foreign workers later to be brought back to their home countries.

CN: Technology often provided by state thus removing R&D costs. Or techology 'leached' from foreign companies then localized.
SG: I have no comments about technology but with regards to leaching, Suzhou Industrial Park is good example of chinese local officials 'leaching' & then setting up rivaling industrial park & screw SG.

Grabbing Dwindling Resources
CN: When chinese companies go abroad, state is behind them to gain access to world's resources.
SG: What resources like mines, farmland in other countries have SG govt-linked companies gain? I see them buying shares(buy high sell low) in other foreign companies.

"For China, these are strategic investments, a way to beat their opponents in business & win geopolitical influence at the same time. Western companies say it is unfair competition. The chinese model is not wrong. It is just different. It does not depend on free market & profit to survive."-Graeme Maxton

Rivalry: Chinese model Vs Western model
CN: When chinese state owned companies make bid to build infrastructure in other countries, the state or 1 of its banks will provide low-cost financing, while chinese companies provide low cost labor making it impossible for rival European or US bidders to compete.
SG/western model: Unable to comment on infrastructure since SG govt-linked companies don't seek profits in building infrastructure in foreign countries.

It is apparently clear that the people-centric model is much more sustainable than the profit-centric one. Is common sense for the Communist Party of China to treat its citizens well in order to stay in power.

The tide is turning against Party Against People populated with scholars drawing $M salaries.

I wrote about hidden dangers of cheap (observations again by economist Graeme Maxton) back in May. 6 months later in Nov, some chinese bus drivers hired to work in SG because of cheap wages--> strike

I'm glad it exploded in the face of Party Against People/Pro Alien Party.

- Cheap Chinese Workers? Got Hidden High Price

Deported go back to China, their govt is people-centric to them.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

How to Figure Out Your Worth to a Company

Companies need profits in order to continue operating. At the bare minimum, cash coming in must equal cash going out.

Perverse form of state capitalism S'pore style in which the state has open the floodgates to hordes of cheaper foreign workers to boost profits of state owned companies has led to depressed/stagnant salaries as well as loss of skills/experience when locals are displaced.

Workers not in cashing generating job roles are more at risk as these workers are considered as costs/expenses by the company. Even for workers bringing in the cash, they have to make sure that the amount of $$ they bring in justify their salaries.

Let's take example of a company selling kids shoes -Kiddy shoes
  • Raw material to make kiddy shoes $3
  • Assembles raw materials into shoes $4
  • Transport shoes to retailers $1.50
Total: $8.50

Retailer buy shoes at $22.50 thus Kiddy Shoes company makes $14/shoe profit. This $14 is gross margin. This is how much Kiddy Shoes Company earn after raw materials, assembly & transportation.

Then salaries need to be paid. Surpose a sales executive in Kiddy Shoes Company has salary of $4,000. As the company has 62% ($14 out of $22.50) as its gross margin, it has to generate $6,429 ($4000 divided by 0.622) in sales.

Companies have to cover more than salaries alone. There's medical, dental, employer retirement contribution, annual leave, maternity/paternity leave etc. Typical the extra costs range from 17 to 50% of salary. Let's assume Kiddy Shoes has to fork out an extra 25% of salary for worker benefits.

$4000 Salary
+ $1000 (25% extra of salary for worker benefits)
$5000 is what Kiddy Shoes must fork out to pay sales executive.

All cash to pay salary comes from customers & not from your boss. I know some boss are a pain in the ass & i've experienced them too. For $5000, the company has to sell $8038 ($5000 divided by 0.622 gross margin) worth of shoes. Hence the sales executive has $8038 as sales target to keep his/her job.

Those workers earning $4000 in supporting/backend roles need to find a way (much harder to do) to justify saving/contributing $8038 to keep their jobs which is why many bosses view them as costs/expenses.

As a rule of thumb, many employers assume 2x additional sales of salary to justify the person's salary. Thus, $96,000 in extra sales needed to cover full costs of employee with salary of $48,000/year.

Depending on industry and/or gross margin, it might be 3x instead of 2x.

Of course the above is just a simple way of justifying salaries but it provides a good sense of how to determine a worker's worth & salaries/fees.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Saving 25% of Take-Home Salary Beats Net Profit Margin of DOW

Personal finance books recommend saving at least 10% of paycheck. Personally i consider that low in S'pore's context of job misery suffered by many including me. In the past i'm a mad saver leaving very little $$ for enjoyment. Back then my mentality is since so much time in job misery it makes no sense for me to blow $$ on unnecessary purchases leaving me further trap in the rat race.

Many western economists call on the chinese to spend more to help stimulate the global economy as they are saving too much. In China, the average savings rate of urban households is 29% in 2009. If we compare the average chinese savings rate to the net profit margin of the companies that make up the DOW index, the chinese wins hands-down with their 29%.

Net profit margin (%) of last financial year:

Simplistic formula:
Net Profit Margin (Companies) is what's left after deducting costs, utilities, salaries, rent etc
Net Profit Margin (worker) is what's left after deducting our bills, living expenses etc

Now let's look at 2 more companies:
  • Luxury good maker Louis Vuitton 14.76%
  • Current iPhone craze Apple 26.67%

Still the average chinese trumps the above 2. The mindset of the average chinese is worth emulating. Those chinese saving 33% of their paychecks is like working 2 months & accumulating 1 month of freedom. The few who save 50% is like working 1 month & accumulating 1 month of freedom.

Unfortunately many sinkies are hooked to retail therapy as a way to spend their way out of their job misery - a form of short-term happiness via a purchase.

Retail therapy doesn't work long term. Is misery galore.

- 98% of S'pore Workers Are 'Bochup' aka Disengaged in 2010
- 'Zombie' Workers - Plenty of Them In S'pore
- S'pore 2nd Lowest Globally for Job Satisfaction

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Solar Bottle Lights -No Electricity or Solar Panel Needed

Before the cloth covering the top is removed:

Wow! Free light. No need electricity. Light refraction.

Conceived by students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), it does wonders to those living in developing countries.

So simple formula:
  • Fill bottle with water.
  • Add 2-3 spoonful of bleach (prevent bacteria & algae)
  • Drill a hole in metal sheet roof, fix bottle & seal it.

Too bad sinkies can't do it except a handful of those living in the offshore island of Pulau Ubin. S'pore has 1 of the highest electricity rates in the world. Price hikes are frequent & thus a pain in the ass. However i do understand the need to price electricity appropriately so as to avoid wastage given the dire building up of greenhouse gases on the planet.

Electricity Rates around the world - i'm utterly shocked that Brazil, the Philippines, Solomon Islands & Tongo have electricity at least 37% more expensive than S'pore at time of this writing. Electricity is a luxury in those countries given the income level of their general populace.

SOLAR bottle light as its name indicate it depends on sunlight. When is at night is back to kerosene lamps or whatever for those folks. Nevertheless being free & so cheap & environmentally friendly the upside far outweight the 'doesn't work at night' downside.

Monday, December 10, 2012

15 Years Later & 27% of Top Performers in DOW Are Gone

The Ministry of Education likes to trumpet the high scorers of the Primary Sch Leaving Exam & 'O','A' levels. It is a welcome move that it no longer publishes the high scorers of PSLE. I consider the obsession with grades nauseating.

Those parents who still support the naming of top scorers to serve as role models are brainwashed by the rote-learning system. Instead of being inspired by role-models, kids & parents are more stressed. There is no need to damage kids's self-esteem at young age so as to serve as compliant, cheap cogs in the economic machine.

What the govt-controlled media dare not publish is what happen to the top scorers many years down the road. Of course with the screwups by the 'top scholars' in govt, it is apparently clear that grades are not a good indicator of performance later in life. Even if those top scorers are doing well, they may not be happy in their professions.

Personally for my secondary school classmates, there are good scorers now 'not-in-good shape' & poor scorers doing ok.

Even for companies, being dropped is common. Let's just take 15 years of the DOW & we can see that 27% of the companies are dropped/replaced (pink circles).

Some of those big companies such as well-known Kodak & General Motors are no longer in the DOW index.

Now for some simple maths:

Current ruling govt in power for 47 years since independence.
  • 15 years & 27% of top performers in DOW are gone.
  • 47 years & 85% of top performing ministers are gone (actually is higher)

- Mad Chase for 'Toilet Paper' Certs
- Rich Son Poor Son

Friday, December 7, 2012

New Zealand Airline's Middle Earth Theme Safety Video

Just stumbled upon this New Zealand airline's Middle Earth theme safety video. Turns something monotonous into fun.
  • Command full attention.
  • So creative.
  • Kill 2 birds with 1 stone-promoting Tolkien tourism too.
  • Promotion for movie via airline.
  • Tempoary unique feature of New Zealand Airline
Almost 10M views in 5 weeks-fastest record i've ever seen(at time of this writing). This is a fine example on people being 'pulled' effortlessly into viewing an otherwise boring safety video.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Foreign Workers Protest -2nd in 2 weeks

2 foreign workers from China perched themselves on cranes to protest over owed wages. 2nd incident after the bus drivers strike last week.

This is superb news. More dirty linen against the current hybrid regime out in the open. Books i've read often praise the economic prowess of S'pore & i wonder if those authors have live or been to S'pore before. I seriously doubt those writers know that the gdp prowess after year 2000 is done on the backs of massive influx of cheap foreign labor which has a deterimental effect on the native populace.

Ministry of Manpower(MOM) has ran the workers rights commercial on tv in oct, nov before the strikes. Although i don't watch tv, i can still hear commercials in my room when my parents watch news. The workers rights commercial intrigued me because i know if such educational commercial exist on tv, it can only mean the workers abuse/exploitation be it locals or foreigners is very bad already.

Darn pathetic situation. This is the english version on tv:

  • Didn't get CPF(a form of forced retirement savings)
  • Pay cut even with valid medical certificate
  • Don't know if allowed to take leave

3rd world wages in 1st world economy. Exploited until like that. Is utter shameless that the current govt leaders pay themselves obscene salaries for the slew of hardship they inflicted on much of the populace. The boss in the educational ad irks me tremendously. I can't stand working under these type of idiotic bosses.

Sinkies being generally a docile & meek bunch- nothing happen(keep quiet & suffer). Ain't the same for foreign workers when the diplomatic avenues don't work- they protest.

I support their protest actions.

1st strike - bus drivers request for equal salary as Msian drivers fell on deaf ears
2nd protest - construction workers owed wages & complain to MOM-nothing

As J Paul Getty wrote in his 1st opening paragraph on Chapter: Labor in his book 'How to Be Rich':

Living with, working with labor-not fighting it or ignoring it-should be an assumed obligation of the business executive. Success & profits can be gained more easily & happily with labor's honest cooperation than without it. This should all be obvious but deplorably few businessmen see labor relations as anything but an obstacle.

- S'pore's 1st Workers Strike in 20+ Years

"Worldclass champion" workforce:
- 98% of S'pore Workers Are 'Bochup' aka Disengaged in 2010
- 'Zombie' Workers - Plenty of Them In S'pore
- S'pore 2nd Lowest Globally for Job Satisfaction

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Leadership of Lowly Educated Bus Driver Vs 3 Star General's

I wrote on Thursday about the ridiculous salary of CEOs vs pathetic bus driver salaries. On friday the 3-star general CEO of SMRT visited the workers to better understand the situation. It turns out the 3-star general dare not visit Woodlands worker dormitorys but went to Serangoon's instead. The strike by the poorly uneducated bus drivers is really eye opening in showing how the 3-star scholar general deal with the issue.

Those Pa Pas & Ma Mas who are brainwashed about continuing with the system to name exam top scorers need to wake up. This is the type of top scorers......

Country is deteriorating with those scholar generals ministers. Public transport deteriorating too with this 3-star scholar general. Yet they pay themselves high salaries delivering poor performance.

I like this netizen's comment:

Let's look at what is writing from the heart. This ought to be my 1st time reading chinese text written from the heart(keeping a copy here) as all throughout school i read 'sterile chinese text' from textbooks. After many years out of school i have difficulty reading huge blocks of chinese text although i come from a chinese speaking family.

Extracted from TRE.

我尊敬的同胞们,来新加坡这段时间里(不管时间长的还是时间短的) 大家内心有何感受,是否有种自已的尊严被践踏的感觉,所在的企业或公司管理层把我们看低一等。










Reading the translated english version just lacks the punch. Nevertheless i'm reproducing it as well as it is a milestone in labor relations that those people at the top ignore or don't understand.

Where is the pride of mainland china’s bus drivers?

An open letter to all mainland chinese bus drivers in SMRT:

My fellow comrades, since coming to Singapore, long or short, what are your exact inner feelings? Have you felt like your pride & dignity has been trampled over by the management of your company that you are working for?

Even the Malaysian Chinese do feel for us. Yet we can only face it helplessly (This is our choice). Based on what??? Argh. We are all foreign workers, but why is it that Malaysian has a higher status than Mainland Chinese (PuttingSingaporeans aside)? Malaysian monthly salary is $1400+ while Chinese nationals get $1000+. Basic salary difference is a few hundred dollars. Malaysians have bonuses, while Chinese nationals do not get any. Does that mean that the job scope is different? Are our work performances worse than others? Do we not follow the rules & regulations of the company? Malaysians can don't come to work as & when they like (E.g. when it rains). This, I’m sure everyone knows. This results in the lack of drivers, and who comes to fill the gap? Of course we China drivers have to do that.

Usually when we ask HR for OT, what is the situation like? Think about it. For us China drivers, if we stop working for two days without a valid MC, that would be difficult. They will take it as AWOL and can even warn and discipline you. I really don’t understand, what are the reasons for so many Malays not coming to work on rainy days? We are under the same management, but the ways they deal with things are so different. We are coolies & hard labourers to you!!! Where are your conscience??? Do you have any sympathy??? You are also a Chinese like us, fuck, yet your attitude towards us are worse than Caucasians. Don’t you all agree? Also, I am sure that some China nationals working in other Singapore companies are treated better than the Malay & Indian counterparts.

Other bosses feel that Chinese nationals are well behaved and easy to manage. Work diligently, and do not cause trouble. This is enough for them. Speaking about bonuses, SBS China national also have bonuses, regardless if they are Malay or chinese everyone is treated fairly. Why is it that SMRT are looking down on chinese nationals? Fuck. Why???? Why is it so?

We brothers & sisters, we should not be hurt. SMRT management conscious has been taken by dogs. Yet us, we cannot keep tolerating it until we give up completely. I’m sure theres only  one possibility in their hearts, that is the management of SMRT do not know the needs and wants of chinese national drivers. (Or they may know but pretend not to). But they definitely did not see our confidence & determination to achieve what we want. Because we Chinese do not speak up. They can do what we want with us, it doesn’t matter. So when they make decision on us, there is no right or wrong.

Obviously they think there are loads of us, a trip to China can get tons of people as workers. When we are of no use to them, or no longer obedient, they will kick us out. This strategy is very useful. Those few who speak up would be told to leave. I believe this is how you guys think, that’s why we all chose to be quiet? Yet why do we not think in another way, if hundreds of us speak up together, I’m sure it is the management who will get fired. It is not like we do not know the traffic situation in Singapore. If hundreds of us don’t go to work for a few days, it will be headlines in Singapore, all newspapers will publish, comment, and discuss the reasons of the strike. LTA, will have to immediately investigate on SMRT.

We the Chinese citizens , have pride & dignity.  The China of today is different from the one yesterday, even the low profile China government are no longer tolerant of others, and are now more and more firm, not to mention us strong and capable men, we should straighten up and be a man, and having the spirit & pride of a Chinese. If we do not give ourselves dignity, how would others do so? We must fight for out own dignity, and not expect people to take pity on us. We must let those who look down on Chinese change their perceptions. Fuck. Why should the Chinese put up with nonsense, I am not born that way. No big deal, its not like I’ve done anything illegal, everything are reasonable requests. We should have the rights to ask for equality. There is nothing extraordinary and be afraid of. Wake up my fellow brothers and sisters. When we come together, mountains move. Actions will fulfil dreams. Without actions, don’t expect people to pity and help us. We can only rely on ourselves. If we don’t do it, don’t participate, who will do it for you? I really don’t understand, why are we treated so differently? Is it so different?

I’m sure all of you have not forgotten what happened recently. Few months ago, SBS raised the salaries of Singapore, Malaysians and Indians except for China nationals. More than hundred China national drivers cametogether to xx, Boon Lay bus interchange came to a halt. SBS immediately raised China nationals salary by $75. Although its not a lot, still they fought it themselves. In other words, if not for the Chinese nationals working for SBS, Chinese nationals in SMRT may not have any increment.

Even more recently, Singaporeans & Malaysian have a increment of $50, notices have been put up on all bus interchange, and I’m sure everyone has seen it. Chinese nationals have been once again excluded. Whenever I hear Singaporeans say (except Chinese national), I feel xx !!!!!!!! Totally demoralized.
Currently there are less off days and work schedule is terrible. Things are getting worse, we can feel it. Yet we do not know the consequences, 5 days work week can be changed to 6 day work & consequently squeeze dry your rest day, so they make you work one more day for nothing. If they can change the number of working days, they can also change your working hours. Those who are on standby said it is ok, because they are just on standby but still can earn money. Those on standby at Ang Mo Kio, drink medicine everyday, is it worth it? Why are people fighting to be on standby? How do you know if they will change the working hours of the standby? Things are constantly changing, they know you can be bullied, so they will exploit you. Who have caused this, it is all by SMRT, why are they managing so inefficiently? They make us unhappy over it, our pay is nothing to their expenses, they rather reserve more drivers than to lack any. What is most important, they know our traits, not united, easy to cheat, cheap labour. Think about it.

Whole night couldn’t sleep, fuming with anger, keep thinking about it, the typing of keyboard may have even disturbed the sleep of my comrades (This is how they provide for our accommodation, unlike SBS). The sun rises, not sure if everyone has understood. Despite doing or not doing, sleeping or not sleeping, sun will always rise everyday. The sky will not crash, brothers and sisters when we see injustices we should shout in unity. Help each other when needed. We must be hot blooded.

Proposed demands (in my humble opinion, I don’t think so perfectly, only as a guide, it depends on everyone):

1)      Basic salary (at least on par with Malaysians)
2)      Bonus (give what is required)
3)      Overtime include off days and rest
4)      Work pay clearly stated
5)      $100 service award, $130 safety award
6)      Improved living conditions

Rational and righteous comrades should take action! I ask tomorrow 26 Monday, 27 Tuesday to take mass MC. Our own dignity and benefits must be fought, MC is just a little money, yet what we fight for is priceless. Please spread the word, not to be afraid. For those who do not know, tell them on Monday morning at the entrance of Ang Mo Kio and Woodlands dormitory not to go to work. Boycott and despise those who take no action, let them torment in their guilty conscious. This involves everybody. Please join QQ group 185268576. Don’t be afraid of traitors, with fear nothing can be done.


Safety on roads & staff morale would be improved if those drivers from China get same salary as Msian drivers. They are reasonable in their request. What is unreasonable is the obscene salaries of those poor performing people at the top. A big cut of those top salaries is needed.

Managers are a dime a dozen but leadership is rare. Education has little to do with it.