Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Protests On Income Disparity Alarmed World Leaders

The World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland ended on Saturday. Look at the report below that the organization published indicating the pressing issues. Topics slated for discussion in 2014 are issues that have already hit this tiny island nation.

#1 - Severe Income disparity
For Sillypore it is severe instead of its omission. We currently have the 2nd if not the worst income inequalities among developed economies & is getting worse under the current regime. Instability & rising crime are brewing up.

#2 - Extreme weather events
Extreme weather is a symptom of rising greenhouse gas emissions which is the cause. Nature Society of Singapore recently criticized the hybrid regime of setting aside too little land for nature. Personally, i'm sick of seeing construction everywhere for condos & shopping malls.

Is sickening to get more people into shopping malls to shop & consume more resources just to pump the GDP.

#3 - Unemployment & underemployment
Is already a known fact that many sinkies are displaced by cheaper foreigners due to overly liberal infux to boost the GDP through more toilet paper sales. Even if not cheaper, locals are disadvantaged with reservist obligations & family needs compared to single foreigners.

#4 - Climate change
It is almost the same as extreme weather events. It ought to be substituted with Mismangement of population instead given that the hybrid regime's 7M population target to rectify its mismanagement.

#5 - Cyber attacks
Hybrid regime got a shock of its life last year in 2013 with hacks to its govt websites though S'pore is not the only country  being hit by cyber attacks.

Notice that:

  • Asset price collapse is among top 5 from 2007 to 2010. It vanished from 2011 onwards.
  • 'Green' issues are nowhere to be seen before 2011. It needs floods, floods & more floods (sound familiar in SG?) & hurricanes etc to wake up to the seriousness. 'Protests' from Mother Nature works.
  • Income disparity suddenly surfaced as #1 issue from 2012 onwards when it is nowhere in sight in the preceding years.

Issue of asset price collapse is gonna haunt Sillypore as it is apparent housing prices are way out of reach of the masses. The recent fire at Marina Bay Suites exposed the building to be a speculator haven with 90+% of units sold but less than 10% are occupied.

Prior to the fire, i noticed some unoccupied units at Reflections at Keppel Bay while cycling past. There's land on this tiny  island to sell to property speculators to fuel the bubble but no land for nature.

Protest to Make a Change
Why did income disparity suddenly pop up from 2012 onwards? I suspect the Arab Spring in Dec 2010 taking place in 3rd world nations are not enough since they don't have much clout. It is after the Occupy Wall Street movement that began in Sept 2011 in USA & then spread to other countries that income disparity became #1 on the agenda for discussion in 2012, 2013 & 2014.

Who say protest is useless in highlighting dangers if prior voices are regarded as noises by the 'deaf'?

Friday, January 24, 2014

Don't Have to Outrun the Bear, Outrun the Other Guy

Just when i mentioned about peasants adding saliva onto the food, drinks, steering wheel & seat cover of those snobbish rich people in a blogpost earlier this month, a british expat named Anton Casey now showed up as finest example. Fled the country hours ago with his wife & kid after insulting folks who take public transport as poor people.

There are ups & downs in life. Just because one happen to be doing well at a particular point in life doesn't mean is all rosy & thus can look down on lesser folks. When one drops down the ladder they are going to meet those at the lower rungs of the ladder whom they once scorned. The below listed companies & countries are once rosy but its fortunes have nosedived.

  • Nokia
  • Dell
  • Yahoo
  • Great Britain before WWI
  • Singapore under current PAP rule

As usual the Pro Alien Party lives up to its name defending the dumbass who insulted the masses. More lost votes for the hybrid regime. Even the law firm the dumbass hired to issue threats to websites to take down his pictures is not spared as citizens associated the law firm as a villian as well.

Papers in other countries condemn Anton Casey but the local govt controlled paper is an asslicker.

Cecilia Cheung Has Outran Anton Casey
Days prior to the Anton Casey saga, pictures of HK actress Cecilia Cheung (with her 2 kids) who relocated to this tiny island surfaced in forums. She is the smarter one. I wonder if the Sheng Siong boss's mum kidnap case shocked her since kidnap for ransom cases are extremely rare in Sillypore. Anyway, by giving food to peasants at peasant dwellings & doing charity she has already outrun the other guy (people like dumbass Anton Casey). If a criminal is gonna kidnap kids, whose kid/s is the kidnapper gonna kidnap? Of course is high consideration for vermin like Anton Casey.

Similarly Cecilia Cheung has peace of mind that her food & drinks have no 'added ingredients' nor 'extra padding' on her car upon servicing.

Cecilia Cheung has much to teach our overpaid politicians of the Pro Alien Party. Many of them look down on peasants as well as can be shown through the Wee Shu Min saga. Is just that they don't display it in a blatantly obvious way. The "toothpicks stealer" (fake worker union head) is a classic example whereby cooks & waiters/waitress can't wait to spit into his food & drinks.

Is not just cooks, waiters/waitress & mechanics. There are so many lesser mortals(a termed to describe us used by a member of the hybrid regime) those snobbish rich folks have to deal with regularly. Lesser mortals whose salaries are suppressed by the elites.

An election defeat for these elitist snobbish folks is required else the country will rot further as if the rot now is not enough.


Can't compete with their counterpart elites in other countries yet got the cheek to pay themselves the world's highest political salaries. Bully locals with relentless cost of living hikes.

Still deserve to be called 'elite'?

- Singapore Elites Can't Compete With Japanese Elites

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Flag Color Pattern on Black Knights To Fool Sinkies Into Feeling Proud

The Singapore Airshow is gonna be held next month. Ever since the massive flooding of humans into this tiny island making it crowded, i've stopped going to it. I was aghast upon knowing that the paint scheme of the national aerobatic team has changed.

Previously it was like this - just white & red. I like this simpler color pattern.

Now they repaint it to resemble the national flag.

What a lame move to think sinkies would feel proud of this tiny island with change of paint scheme of the national aerobatic team. After their Half Ass Approach in Salvaging Plunging Morale Among Sinkie Males through shopping vouchers last year, now they are playing with colors. You don't see aerobatic teams of other nations donning their state flag pattern for their citizens to feel proud:

  • USAF Thunderbirds
  • USN Blue Angels
  • Red Arrows (UK)
  • Black Eagles (South Korea)
  • Roulettes (Australia)
  • Frecce Tricolori (Italy)

Only exception i'm aware of is Patrouille de France which dons France's flag colors (simple flag with no symbol). I have no idea why our national aerobatic team are called Black Knights. There's no black color paint on the jets. South Korea called their team the Black Eagles & it is apparent why:

South Korea's Black Eagles. Do they paint like their flag pattern so koreans feel proud?
Ditto for Blue Angels(USA) & Red Arrows(UK).

Even with the plain white & red color paint pattern retained, i doubt many sinkies would feel proud anyway. Sinkies already know that this hybrid regime is greedy for $$$ with the latest example being public transport fare hikes despite more & more breakdowns(latest being yesterday a major one) & subsidies to these state majority owned companies.

What's there to feel proud of when the hybrid regime being greedy for $$$$ has led to facilities intended for citizen soldiers being opened for foreigners? Selling out citizen interest for more $$$- hence the often referred-to name of the hybrid regime - Pro Alien Party

I don't use SAFRA facilities. Nevertheless the selling out irks me.

Disadvantaging citizen soldiers with the flooding of cheaper foreigners into the job market-wage suppresion & losing jobs. Now a couple of buckets of paint to fool gullible sinkies into feeling proud? Other countries don't disadvantage their citizen soldiers, hence there's no need to resort to national flag color pattern to fool their citizens.

The huge military budget is unnecessary with the low morale issue plaguing the citizen armed forces. The threat is internal as evidenced by the foreign worker strikes & riot over the past 2 years. The obscene military budget is used by the hybrid regime to channel taxpayers $$$ into its coffers since the local defense companies are state majority owned. Moreover a few industries such as IT, healthcare have been taken over by foreigners, they can easily wreck havoc. Internal systems have already been compromised.

Look at South Korea's Black Eagles aerobatic display & military parade. You'll likely feel the pride of a korean & shame of being a sinkie.

1st World South Korea Vs Rotting Singapore

Thursday, January 16, 2014

After Labor Issues Explosion, Hybrid Regime Release 2nd Employment Rights Video

As usual, it is until the situation has rotted until the stench from the decomposing corpse is unable to hide that the hybrid regime will release propaganda video or finally acknowledge it. I've already blogged about pawnshops growing like weeds back in 2011 & a blogpost update this month about how the govt controlled paper finally acknowledge the pawnshop & credit business problem.

It is laughable that the hybrid regime now is hitting back over a New York Times editorial on 'Singapore's angry migrant workers'. Why laughable for trying to shut overseas media up?

Let's refresh ourselves with the timeline of events:

  • 2012 Oct: Manpower Ministry release educational video about worker's employment rights(to watch 1st video, refer to my blogpost 'Foreign Workers Protest -2nd in 2 weeks'
  • 2012 Nov: PRC bus drivers strike.
  • 2013 Dec: Riot by foreign workers in Little India.
  • 2013 Dec: Taiwanese talk show discuss about riot & overreliance & exploitation of lowly paid foreign workers
  • 2013 Dec: Singapore's Angry Migrant Workers by New York Times
  • 2014 Jan: Manpower Ministry release 2nd educational video about worker's employment rights.

If the stench from the rotting situation is not bad enough, the hybrid regime would not be broadcasting commerical clips on tv educating workers about employment rights. This goes to show there is widespread worker exploitation in Sillypore.

Such commercial clips on national tv only advertise to tourists, malaysians with SG's tv coverage & the outside world about the exploitation problem. Then it is followed by the bus drivers strike in 2012 & riot in 2013. Yet the hybrid regime got the cheek to hit back over the NYT editorial.

And now the 2nd educational video(1min) released on 14th Jan 2014:

  • At least 1 rest day/week.
  • Sick leave, annual leave, public holidays with pay.
  • Timely retirement contributions from employer.
  • 1.5x pay for excess hours if work more than 44hrs/week
  • No working more than 12hrs/daily including overtime.

One can only guess how rampant the violations are.

The video by the hybrid regime also reaches out to sinkies as well other than foreign workers. Increasingly numbers of sinkies are killing themselves by subjecting themselves to exploitation so as not to get their asses fired competing with cheaper foreign workers.

Depression rates are surely on the rise with more sinkies suffering in silence than to lose their jobs. More mental problems among the populace is good news otherwise the pain suffered by them & their family & friends is not sufficient to motivate them to vote the hybrid regime out in the next election.

Excellent analysis in taiwanese talk show discussing about little india riot by foreign workers & the 'bomb' waiting to explode in SG on the foreign labour issue.

In mandarin. Open in new window.

- Today Affairs 13th Dec 2013 Part 1
- Today Affairs 13th Dec 2013 Part 2
- Today Affairs 13th Dec 2013 Part 3
- Today Affairs 13th Dec 2013 Part 4

Monday, January 13, 2014

3 Major Rots in Singapore in 1st Week of 2014

First full week of 2014 which is last week has just passed. What a way to enter into 2014 with more screwups by the obscenely overpaid hybrid regime & acknowledgements of rot taking place which they are unable to hide.

Good news flowing out last week to wake up the daft 60% who voted for more decay in 2011 election:

  • Hospital Beds Not Enough for Peasants Reported in Shit Times
  • Kidnapping of mother of Sheng Siong Supermarket's boss
  • Major breakdown in North-South railway line

Hospital Beds Not Enough for Peasants Reported in Shit Times
Nothing new here. News of insufficient beds have been surfacing for quite some time in social political sites & forums. I have a personal taste of it as well when my mum was hospitalized due to pancreatitis in Dec 2012.

Cancerous GDP growth has grown worse. Got space for shopping malls & condos but no space for the sick. End up in tents. This is truly sickening.:

Again, i'm stressing that it is a deliberate attempt by the hybrid regime to screw the masses with insufficient medical facilities. There is no water or electricity shortage despite the population explosion yet shortage of hospital beds?

Kidnapping of mother of Sheng Siong Supermarket's boss
The boss is a grassroot leader of the current ruling political party. Though i loathe the party, the supermarket boss is someone i respect.

Why worthy of respect?

  • He & his siblings built up their supermarket business catering to the peasants unlike the fake worker union supermarket chain.
  • Listed his cellphone number at every outlet for public to give feedback. I'm sure he got a lot of spams especially from insurance/property sellers. How many of those scholars CEOs which the hybrid regime parachuted into govt-linked companies list their contact no. for public feedback?
  • Still lives in peasant dwelling (hdb flat) despite being top 50 richest man in this country.
  • Treats employees well. It was reported that meals are provided for employees. Not sure if it still goes on today.

The boss cited that his frequent appearance on his supermarket tv variety show to present prizes may have contributed to the kidnapping for ransom. I think the kidnapping which is so rare in Sillypore has shown that the social fabric gap between the well-off & poor has reached a new high.

Sillypore society has become unstable. Though the kidnappers are dumb in their attempt, there are no shortage of smarter ones  retaliating against those exploitative bosses. In those up-market restaurants serving the wealthy, those poorly paid cooks, waiters/waitresses etc can deliver "extra personal ingredients" into the food & drinks.

Or those treated-like-dirt mechanics servicing the cars of exploitative/look down upon them elites by rubbing a coating of saliva on the steering wheel and/or seat cover. Extra service for snobbish attitude.

Major breakdown in North-South railway line
Peasants have already lost count of the number of breakdowns taking place in recent years. The most iconic picture is this walking the line towards Kranji station which the govt-controlled paper used in their attempt to entice people into buying their propaganda filled paper.

Speaking of Kranji station, i've taken the below picture there last year. Even the rail companies themselves anticipate breakdowns thus alerting students of alternate exam venues. There is no such bullshit during my schooling days. To think the infrastructure has deteriorated to such a pathetic state...

Such notices are put up on every train station with their nearest exam venues..

State capitalism at its best through cancerous growth approach being advertised to the world.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Cancerous GDP Growth in Singapore Has Reached Terminal Stage

Today, the state controlled paper reported about the massive invasion of moneylenders into peasant neighborhoods. As usual it is until the patient is ready to be packed into a coffin that such a pathetic situation made it into the mainstream media.

I've been stating that GDP growth over past couple of years are nothing to be boasted about by the shameless hybrid regime. Such kind of growth is cancerous growth. I'm appalled that 60% of voters still voted for the hybrid regime in 2011 despite ominous signs already showing up before their very eyes.

It is no coincidence that moneylending & pawnshop businesses boom following the establishment of casinos. Economic growth at all costs, the hell with the social repercussions. That is the approach of the hybrid regime.

2011 Dec - Mushrooming of Pawnshops All Over S'pore like Weeds (my blogspost about signs of cancer)
2014 Jan - More moneylenders moving into heartland (cancer has spread to all parts of body)

60% of voters voted for even more cancerous gdp growth in 2011. Now in 2014 this is the result...

Best comment by a lady for the "coffin stage" news reported by Shit Times:

It is not just that honest businesses like apparel shops & hair salons that have bite the dust. In fact it is even worse than what the shit times have reported.

Just how fucked up is the economic situation? Let's look at the rot in Clementi where i reside. The below pictures are taken in mid october last year.

Never before have clementi residents seen businesses in Clementi central closed shop & left vacant. Of course we know why it is vacant & nobody take over - killer rent as i've blogged a few times.

Bank is not enough. Notice POSB bank signage beside tree. Now there is credit business setting up shop next to the bank.

Another credit business behind the tree. The tragic thing is the dead business with no tenants taking over despite the hybrid regime flooding this tiny island with more people to eat, drink & shit.

Another dead one. Booming economy my ass!

Signs are apparent that the economy is extremely debt laden with these pawnshops & credit businesses. It'll only get worse with the suppression of wages by the hybrid regime with massive influx on cheaper foreign workers. These foreign workers are here to earn as much S$ so they won't be spending much except on necessities.

Just like the S'pore Flyer ferris wheel which has gone bankrupt, counting on foreign customers/workers for profits is a dumb move. Now that the local peasantry are 'maxed out', the local economy is maxed out as well.

How many dead businesses which are still vacant in other peasant neighborhoods in this country?