Saturday, May 31, 2014

JCube - Reactor Core Complete Meltdown

This blogpost is a follow-up to last month's 2 comments JCube - Reactor Core Meltdown cum Cancerous GDP Growth. The meltdown of the core has become complete. We don't see the govt controlled propaganda media reporting on 'ghosttowns'. Even the shopping mall's facebook page makes no mention of their rot.

I have not been to Sun Plaza shopping mall which is beside Sembawang train station. It was reported by forummers on a message board that around 80% of the shops there have closed shop. I guess the biggest ghosttown is Sun Plaza at the moment so JCube's rot/meltdown still pales at the moment.

Economy has become even more fucked up.
- Trainees get allowance of S$4.50/hr in Childhood Career Path
How miserable can it get when it is worse than waiters/waitresses with no experience? How can the person undergoing the training being paid such pathetically concentrate on higher objectives in her jobscope?

Can care for kids when mind is preoccupied with such 3rd world allowances to feed oneself?

It is a govt initiative so this shows how 'well' it treats the locals. Socio-political sites ought to highlight the pathetic allowance to make the hybrid regime lose even more votes.

- 'S'poreans first' hiring not good for economy in the long term
The massive flooding in of foreign workers has seen increased businesses closing shop. Most foreign workers are just here to earn $$$. If locals are not decently paid, where is their spending power to sustain the local businesses gonna come from? And locals are on this tiny island for many many years in terms of contributing their spending power.

Not good for economy in long term? Well, we already seen the rot getting worse with the JCube example.

JCube - Reactor Core Total Meltdown
Several pictures are recycled from last month's blogpost as before comparison. I've shrinked some of them as i don't want the picture size to drag this blogpost for too long. I won't write much - pictures tell better how fucked up it is.

The only retail shop that has a new tenant. How long will it last?


  1. Thank you for reporting on this area again after 2 months. Without bloggers like you, ppl living in other areas of sg will never know what's going. This kind of thing will never be reported in the straits times. I have been a faithful reader of your blog for a year now. Keep it going!

  2. But has "ghosttowns" got anything to do with support for PAP during GE? Or make the opposition any stronger and ready to be govt? I had read about "ghostowns" in Sinkieland on blogs even way before 2011. In fact there was a period in late 2008/early 2009 when the economy was very bad, much worse than now.

  3. I live near Sun Plaza and just to add on your earlier mentioned point that 80% of the shops are closed. Well, they are closed because the mall is undergoing a major renovation. Even Ntuc is made to close since early this year and will reopen in Nov