Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rich Son Poor Son

Video clip from Malaysia but totally applicable in S'pore context. Personally i'm sick of the comparisons & superficial talk during festive occasions like Chinese New Year.

In S'pore sporting talents are like the extinct dodo birds. Main reason why the sporting scene in S'pore is in the pits is the over emphasis on academic success. Forget about the foreign sporting talent imports- they are not local born & nurtured. People come into the world with their own talents but the government's obsession with paper certs have snuff out many potential sporting talents as they are streamed out of the educational system & end up as cheap cog labor in the economic machine.

You don't find parents boasting that their kids are sporting talents in a group talk, probability of finding one is as good as being strike by lightning.

Here's a posting below by someone on the local education system. The sg system has won praise overseas on the criteria of scores but it comes at a high price.

Lets be fair
for a little girl to commit suicide, sorry we must solely blame the government. The government is the main murderer, while the parents are merely accomplices. I grew up in an era where people committed suicide becos of loanshark, love, poverty, drugs addiction.. but never over educational pressure. Something is deadly wrong if kids of tender age between 7 to 10 are comtemplating suicide or finding life meaningless...

Let me express my view on why are we in such a dreadful situation.
In the past, maybe in the 60s or 70s , the main aim of the educational policy then was to provide a broadbased education platform for the general public. The pace of learning was dictated by individual talent & abilities. At the end of the day, the general standard was raised a few bars, some made it to tertiary some dropped out along the way & it was to each his own. Parents were there to pass values & knowledge but not to put on additional pressure.

But all these took on a 360 degree turn around when the government, on the insistance of our beloved MM pursued a totally inhuman approach of sucking the best out of the people. Suddenly , our children became mere digits, just like genetic engineering. They started to stream our children as young as 8 years old & continue until tertiary level. Why? On the reason that social engineering is compulsory so that the country can produce a ELITE class of citizen. With this ELITE class of so called genius, the people will have leaders to lead them into the global economy. Sound great in theory, but in practice the result is horrendous, shameful.

For every f**k*ng 10 A student they produced out of the system, there were probably a few thousand that get flunked out at pri 3, then sec two. then N level, then O level then A level etc etc.... The social injustice created just to attain the selfish goals of the government is further ridiculed because the so called ELITE class did not rise to take on the challenge of leading the people towards the global economy but instead joined the civil services or Government Linked Companies to futher oppress the very people who sacrified their children happiness for them.

This is social injustice and it is the result of the government's selfish pursuit of the dogmatic objective to find talents to continue their dominance over the people.

Look at the USA, their education system is not perfect, but at least their creme de la creme from IVY league, Stanford , MIT, Harvard end up in GE, IBM, CITICORP... the private sectors that take on the world economy. Look at our so called creme dela creme..........
government scholar, president scholar etc etc .. where are they now , in private sector??? Fat hope! All in the civil service..LTA, URA, SINGTEL, PSA, SIA what the heck.. What happened? Where are they to lead the helpless citizens to tackle the global economy?

We must stop believing the lies of the government. All their policies are there to protect their own backside.

The thousands of children that were wilted out of the school system who ended up as halfpast six workers, suffering in lowly paid job, hostess, masseurs, loansharks, dvd sellers... Ah Seng, Ah Beng were in fact the innocent guinea pigs of some silly old man social engineering to preserve his personal legacy. This is no different from Hitler's social engineering to produce the white ARYAN master race....

If our so called ELITE class can wake up & start to make their headway in the private sectors & create a lot of opportunities & employments for the masses. Then I would conclude that our oppressive system has done well! The truth is the reverse. All these people are now sitting in their laurels up in the ministry cooking up new schemes to suck the very people in the name of efficiency. So my stand is very clear. My middle finger pointing at the educationist hypocrites....


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  1. To add to this, you find that parents sending their kids to cram school as young as 5 or 6. Put so much effort for what? End up, foreigners with lesser degrees from unknown uni or private schools also getting the same jobs in the private sector. For what?

    It is better to expose kids let them play and discover their strengths rather than push them and stress them blindly in a paper chase.