Sunday, September 28, 2014

Why Hybrid Regime is Incentivize to Keep Populace Less Schooled & Struggling

Occasionally, one can read comments in socio-political sites that the hybrid regime has incentive to make the peasants struggle & remain less well-off so that the regime can continue to stay in power. Why? Because a less well-off populace would rely on the govt for goodies.

Recently the hybrid regime is on a blitz to discourage locals from pursuing university degrees. There is ulterior motive to it as around the world, it is mainly the university students who start protests.

Examples of university students led protests:

By relegating the locals to 'lower class' & not so well-informed, the regime would remain in power governing over a population of sheep.

Poorer People are More Susceptible to 'Carrots'
I just stumble upon the Home Improvement Upgrading Program results for Clementi West Street 2. The results are the same for the Lift Upgrading Program in my precinct a few years back. What is the conclusion?

General conclusion is:

  • More poorer people Yes to upgrading
  • More richer people No to upgrading

Blk 717, 723, 724 are 5 room flats
Generally, the 'No" are higher in these better off flats
Yes is lower compared to many of smaller flats(less well-off)

Result is overwhelming Yes to upgrading as it is subsidized though others might say the peasants are already paying for it over the years through inflated conservancy fees & other indirect taxes.

PAP's Poor Voting Results for Rich District of Holland-Bukit Timah in GE2011
Bukit Timah is a coveted living district for the well-off because of the coveted schools located there. Even Jet Li live in this district. How come such a poor showing of 60%? Majority of the more 'peasants dominated districts' have a higher vote % for the hybrid regime.

The more well-off people living there are generally more well-informed. They don't need to rely on govt carrots such as subsidized upgrading programs. Being more well-informed, most know about the perils of the hybrid regime's policies on the country.

If not for the peasants living there voting for the hybrid regime, their vote might be even lower as more of the well-off vote against them.

Poor voting result for the rich district & poorer folks grasping for 'air' in the block upgrading add credence to the theory that the hybrid regime is incentivize to keep the populace struggling to make a living in order to perpetuate its hold on power.

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