Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Script - No Retirement Age for S'pore

I wonder if is a new script by MM Lee since many won't be able to retire with retirement savings aka CPF. Is vital to have something to do upon retirement having seen a friend's dad mainly watching tv at home after retired. We don't necessarily have to work if finances are managed wisely during our younger days.
"You work as long as you can work & you will be healthier & happier for it. If you ask me to stop working all of a sudden, I think I'll just shrivel up, face the wall & just that."-MM Lee
Prior to retirement is vital as well to have friends outside of workplace as colleagues are likely to be fleeting.
"Many of our workers have a preferred retirement, & then they die early! It won't be long before the message sinks home that if you keep doing what you're doing for almost the whole of your life, the chances are you will stay interested & engaged in life, there's something to do tomorrow & you keep going. If you start saying,'oh! I'm old!' And you start reading novels & playing golf or playing chess, well, you're on the way down."-MM Lee
On way down if read novels, play golf & chess? What nonsense. There's a retired man whom i come across who play badminton 5 times/week. Still in the pink of health. Another disconnect with his message is that many are disengaged workers. How can someone stay interested & engaged if doing something distasteful for most part of life?

What is down is probably GDP growth since it doesn't take into account leisure. In the search for relentless growth, as many old people are needed to keep working to keep gdp up & not be a burden to others.

Are you going to play out this new script?

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