Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What 'Team player' means in most cases

Quantitative Easing = Printing $
Team Player = Yes-Man/Woman

Another nice term to fool people. I find that the word 'team player' is often memtioned especially in low level & some mid level jobs. Ever wondered why there's often little creativity which is what is often needed in our increasingly commoditized world?

Often, many managers are looking for a yes-man or yes-women to work for them. Also many feel threatened by creative subordinates whom might supplant them during layoffs. As more & more of these insecure managers fill up with yes-man subordinates, the company gets increasingly bogged down.

Also i'm amused with such terms:
  • team player with initiative
  • independent team player

To me is contradictory as is likely that yes-men are unlikely to be with initiative or independent. Hitler surrounded himself with many yes-men & we know what happens.

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