Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No Watercooler - Boost Gdp

Heard a player mention that new community centres have no water cooler-make $ with vending machines. How true is that i have no idea but newer CCs like Buona Vista & Frontier have no watercoolers. Neither does old CC like Ayer Rajah.

No watercoolers will likely force badminton players to buy from vending machine. Rental space of machine = profit for CC. Watercooler = expense for CC. In addition:
  • Buy carbonated drinks = Gdp up
  • Diabetes from too much sugar drinks = Gdp up
  • See Dr & buy medication = Gdp up

I'm used to drinking plain water. I'll rather drink tapwater than pay inflated prices for those carbonated sugar drinks. $ saved can buy a 1.5l bottle instead just that is not chilled. Is a matter of whether your rational mind is doing your thinking when thirsty or your emotional mind.

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