Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Replaceable cogs with no brains

No explanation or the rules say so. At times this is what you get when a worker gets a job description & rules to follow- for many is just follow blindly & collect paycheck. Later the people up there in their ivory towers wonder why business is bad & later layoff the cogs.

Many managers like hiring team players - Yes man/woman who won't question their decisions or status quo. Many see those individuals who question as troublemakers.
"Website didn't make things clear so I called the YOG hotline. Person on the line said my 16-month-old son would be allowed in but, to my astonishment, she added that he required a ticket. I told her my son would be sitting on my lap and uestioned the rationale for insisting on a ticket for a toddler. She had no explanation for that but told me that children, regardless of age, required tickets & there was no concession for toddlers.

Can the YOG organisers explain why a toddler needs a $80 ticket to watch each ceremony when he won't be taking up a seat? It clearly does not make sense."- Esther Chia

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