Wednesday, October 20, 2010

American Revolutionary War

Was first introduced to this period from a computer strategy turn-based wargame simulating the war. It caught my interest ever since. Why? Here is a group of ragtag colonists fighting a war of independence against the most powerful nation at that time - England.
  • How to win against the british professional army?
  • How to win when supplies are weak & troops ill-equiped & trained?
  • No navy against the british!

Is admirable the men penned their names on the declaration of independence. Is as good as signing their death warrants if the war is lost! In the book Think & Grow Rich, is implied that the war is won at the point of signing cause these men were committed to the cause.

Many times, the little voice in our head would have yell those impossible odds urging us to give up before starting the endeavor. What's worse we don't even know about the existence of that other voice & accept what it yells accordingly. Is partly why many people live lives of quiet desperation.

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