Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bike Commuting- Getting used to Weird Reaction from Others

Had a night session of badminton at Gombak hall. As usual there's weird reaction from people when they see my helmet. Most likely thinking what poor guy cycle to play badminton. Especially when finished walked out & saw me unlocking my 'chapalang' old bike.

If i take mrt from Clementi to Gombak it'll be 9mins. Walking to station is around 10mins. Give around 1min of waiting & 2mins alight from Gombak & walk to hall. Total is around 22mins. My bike trip around 33mins. Forward trip on mrt highly likely crowded during rush hour with loads of people heading home which i rather avoid.

11mins longer by commuting which i treat as extra exercise. Fares saved i can treat myself to a hawker meal & support hawker instead of enriching the transport company.

Those weird reaction from others is something i've learnt to live with.

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