Monday, January 31, 2011

Shopping Shuttle Bus for JB Malls

Great approach by Causeway Link launching this bus service which is more geared toward S'pore shoppers. This bus brings you right to the malls doorstep(except Pelangi where driver alight u opposite). For those who are scared of taking JB buses, this service is a no brainer. This bus can be taken at the bus stop in front of CIQ. Just turn left & go down escalator just before linkway bridge to City Square.

Loop Route: JB Sentral->City Square(public bank bus stop)-> Plaza Pelangi->KSL Mall->Holiday Plaza->Danga City Mall->JB Sentral

Fare is:
JB Sentral to Plaza Pelangi: RM1.30
KSL Mall to JB Sentral: RM1.60

Timing is pretty accurate for the bus service as i've experienced.

Went to check out the newly opened KSL Mall since i'm there to recce a clinic nearby. KSL Mall with its repertoire of shops is mainly catered for women. Mall is bigger than City Square. A movie cost RM10 on weekdays & there's few people plus excellent cinema standards. Awesome value for $.

Are you sick of paying exorbitant rental component for the stuff/services in S'pore?
How much of your life are you throwing away in earning $ at work to pay those exorbitant rental part of stuff in S'pore?

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