Friday, February 18, 2011

Focus on What U can Control

Today is the govt's budget presentation day. Following is a good advice i stumble upon:
"Instead of sitting back & waiting for measures which you can't influence in any way or form, why don't you get off your butt & figure out how you can increase your income to the point where you couldn't care two hoots what the budget is all about.

You have no control over what the govt does but you do have COMPLETE CONTROL over how you live your own life. Make use of the opportunities that are presented to you every single day. Forget about the budget. It's nothing more than window dressing no matter where you are in the world."-ls
On another aspect of $ management, i used to be very focused on savings by cutting expenses in order to have as much savings as possible for investment. I'm pretty good in that aspect. However last year i got a deeper understanding (i know the concept already) that there's only a certain extent you can cut & save. After having made a few $k from the bounce in the stock market it dawn on me that i'm better off focusing on making more $(unlimited upside) than slashing expenses & saving (limited).

Figuring out how to grow $ is not difficult. Is the saving $ & tuition fees to stock market & having the right mindset(known as paying your dues) that hinders most people.

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