Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stretching $ Further in Johor Bahru(JB)

With the relentless cost of living rising amid stagnating paychecks for vast majority of population i have started stretching my $ further in nearby JB. Takes around 65-75mins & skeptics questioned whether is worth it. I'm rather amused by this question of theirs as they ought to be asking 'how do i make the trip worth it?' instead.

Badminton & equipment(non yonex) as well as food are cheaper. Books slightly cheaper than opentrolley(excl. shipping). I haven't really check on groceries yet since is handled by my mum. For Plaza Kotaraya which is walking distance from City Sq there's a badminton shop at the 2nd highest floor as well as UO Superstore which is a good place to buy groceries.

Even for weekdays the crowd at the mall is less compared to S'pore's. I like the feel of it. Time in JB slow down for me metaphorically as i don't feel the rush unlike hectic S'pore.

Went to check out Landmark mall which is also walking distance from City Sq. Is supposed to be the Sim Lim Sq in JB. Disappointed since so many vacant premises as i was looking forward to Sim Lim Sq kinda variety of DIY components for sale. Seems many have relocated to Danga Mall. Buying dvd-r is a problem since not many choices. Around 20% of shops remain & fewer are open for business.

Went to MPH & Popular bookstore to check out new arrivals. There are more personal finance books by Msians than S'pore authors in S'pore. Had a haircut & bought some badminton stuff.

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