Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Era of Cheap Energy, Cheap Resources, Cheap Food Going to End

The end of cheap oil is another point i've often been hammering on:

I dislike the 'Youth Olympics Games Overbudget' Minister but this is what he said in parliament yesterday:

"I want to agree with Ms Penny Low's suggestion about trying to promote a less wasteful culture, a more sharing culture. And this concept about reduce, reuse, recycle -- it used to be in our value system.

I think most of us can remember our parents saying "Don't waste!", but somehow maybe as we became more prosperous, we've forgotten that imperative. I think in the future, the era of cheap energy, cheap resources, cheap food, are going to come to an end and we will have to rediscover the wisdom of our grandmothers, of not wasting."- Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for the Environment & Water Resources

Source: Govt to ramp up infrastructure to create self-sufficient, sustainable environment

Don't waste!
Frugality is a forgotten virtue in Sillypore. With wide income disparities, many sinkies prefer to make themselves slaves with high debt in order to buy more & better stuff to impress others who are also frantically trying to impress others. Sinkies have bought so much junk that they even rent extra storage space. Tragic consequence of their stuff owning them instead of them owning the stuff.

Era of cheap energy, cheap resources, cheap food going to come to an end
End of cheap energy is the critical point. It takes energy from fossil fuels to create energy (solar energy from panels).

Expensive oil = higher costs for everything down the line. Domino effect.

I still stick to my view that property prices will crash severely or collapse. 30% elderly sinkies in 2030 will be forced to sell their residences in order to buy expensive food.

When old sinkies sell, foreigners would also join in the selling thus fueling the plunge. Foreigners would begin an exodus out of expensive Sillypore back to their home countries where food is cheaper. Take Malaysia for example where rice, sugar, cooking oil, cooking gas, petrol are subsidised. Their countries would also cushion their citizens with affordable resources.

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