Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chasing After Latest Tech Gadgets is Futile & Wasteful

My Nvidia GeForce 210 graphic card died after 2 years 4 months & it is a pain looking at the monitor screen using the motherboard's graphic card. Resolution is low & the wordings are coarse. Prior to its demise i already suspect the card is dying due to weird noises from the fan. When the GeForce 210 finally died, the fan can't rotate freely as i give it a push.

Back in 2010, Nvidia's GeForce 210 is the most entry level graphic card on the market. Now it is GeForce 610 which is the most entry level. I don't play 1st person shooter games as those games make me dizzy so there's no need to spend more for a better card.

My buy & get out shopping trip:
  1. Compare pricelist from hardwarezone on most entry level graphic card
  2. Shortlist 3 different brands & which shops sell it cheapest
  3. Go in buy & get out of Sim Lim Square

$75 for the GeForce back in 2010 & $65 for GeForce 610 now. Buying more processing power at a lower price. Is futile to chase after latest tech gadgets- huge waste of $$.

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