Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sucking Clementi Peasants Dry With Clementi's 3 Gorges Dam

My family does not own a vehicle. Nevertheless i'm fuming mad over the announcement that ERP (road toll collected electronically via overhead device) gonna be setup on 2 slip roads leading to Ayer Rajah Expressway(AYE) during peak hours. The toll gates aka Dam serves nothing but to generate megawatts of $$$ to fill the greedy Pro Alien Party coffers.

Nothing is gonna alleviate the congestion unless population is reduced. More & more tolls & more & more expensive & yet congestion(flood) gets worse & worse over the years. The hell with the 7M population toilet paper plan the hybrid regime put forth & expecting the populace to swallow it.

1) Slip road to AYE from Clementi Avenue 6 - Morning peak hours

2) Slip road to AYE from Clementi Avenue 2 - Morning peak hours

3) Slip road from AYE to Clementi Road - Evening peak hours

Future Toll
4) When traffic diverted in morning from Ave 2 & 6, another is very highly be setup at 4) in future. With that all vehicular access for Clementi peasants in morning to AYE is completely sealed with tolls.

Clementi's 3 Gorges Dam - All 3 access points to AYE flowing eastwards like the Yangtze river are 'dam up'.

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