Monday, May 27, 2013

Water Crisis Escalates in Sillypore

When i started this blog in july 2010, the water level of the canal behind where i live has dropped revealing a spit.

Now in 2013 in a span of 1 week......

You know the water crisis has risen a notch when:
  1. silly music video encouraging people (more for females) to finish their shower in under 5mins.
  2. Then a news report regarding underground water reservoirs to solve problem of lack of space to hold rainwater.

Just like what i have written earlier this month about my fuming mad over the toll gates to suck Clementi motorists peasants dry, the best solution is to scrap the 7M population target. There is already not enough water on this tiny overcrowded island.

Cancerous GDP growth = making it even more overpopulated (piss & shit) so sales of toilet paper can go up up up.

2 pictures of the water level of Sungei Pandan canal taken in 2010.

Look at the bank indicating the lower water levels.
Now in 2013 it is not easily seen as vegetation has sprout up along the exposed mud banks.

Notice the 'hill' & 'ridges' exposed by the low water level.

Of course the authorities are blind or choose to ignore such warning signs in their bid to grow GDP at all costs like cancer.


  1. Clementi is a place that holds fond memory for me, my wife used to stay there before we got married. so much has changed since I last visited and the block she stay, near the big field was already demolished and a few very tall flats build over it. The changes in Singapore is really painful in this stupid gov 's pursuit of money. please take more pictures of the neighbor hood before it's all gone.

    1. Hi anon 10:24am,
      I have a friend staying at those demolished blocks at Ave. 4. She relocated to Blk 45x in front of sports hall. Previously she stayed 3 rm. Relocated to 4rm with top up.

      Some people who bought the DBSS flats now in construction at Ave 4 later learnt they were suckers as BTO flats were built right beside it. They paid exhorbitant price to stay at that area only to be horrified that a cheaper BTO flats are built beside it.

      There is now a less likely venue for SDP to hold rally in 2016 with the flats demolished --> open field --> now construction site ---> later flats