Sunday, February 23, 2014

How A Local Spam Chain Business Hire Cog Labor

Nobody in my family spend $$ to buy newspapers which is a propaganda tool of the hybrid regime. Occasionally my dad do take the free newspaper distributed in the morning at Clementi mrt. Newspaper still have other uses despite not reading them. For my family, my mum primarily use the newspaper as a layer for cleaning purposes.

It is through this newspaper acting as layer for cleaning that i come across a hiring advertisement for retail assistants. The newspaper has been thrown away but the hiring ad is available on the company website.

On its corporate profile webpage it touts itself as the largest pet chain business in SG(also in Msia). I won't mention the company name here as i'm not driving customers & profits to them. Anyway the clue is already stated by the company -> spam chain.

Attractive salary of $1,500 (inclusive of base pay & commission)
After retirement (employee) deduction, it is $1,200. You call that attractive for a sinkie?

  • Don't buy water to drink for meals.
  • Every day $3 per hawker meal = $132(lunch & dinner) monthly assuming 22 workdays/mth
  • Cheapest cellphone subscription
  • Cheapest internet subscription
  • $60 public transport (asumming)
  • mortgage (if married)
  • childcare needs (if married)
  • Not to mention other expenses

Left over got $$ to raise a pet? The pathetic salary already got problem supporting oneself in high cost SG.

How about visiting the zoo & bird park to see animals with $1,200 take-home salary?

  • $23.80 Zoo ticket
  • $21.25 Bird Park ticket

And we are talking about just the employee alone. If he/she has 2 kids above 12+ & other low income spouse for the tickets, you go figure......

Full time & part-timers who love pets are welcome to apply
If you are struggling with packing bare essential items into a small suitcase, the small suitcase still got spare to pack other items?

As pointed out above, it is already a massive headache supporting oneself with the pathetic salary. The mindset is preoccupied with struggling to survive day-to-day with $1,200, where got spare mental space to love pets?

Of course there are folks who love pets & don't mind the low salary but how many are there in SG?

Love pets but not enough salary to support pet = Plenty of people
Love pets & enough salary to raise one = Few (mostly those in private housing or singles in HDBs)

Judging from the interview at HQ & their outlets, i conclude staff turnover is very high.

Why staff turnover very high? The pathetic salary is a huge contributor.

How is it like working in a pet store to be reminded day after day, month after month, year after year, that your take home salary is not enough to support a pet?

Self-motivated sales person but Mthly Target Bonuses of $100
Contradicts each other. The company got the cheek to advertise that it's good remuneration. Even $400 for achieving gold status for physical fitness test for reservist, the number of reservists(company size) who achieve $400 can be counted with my fingers.

$400 already so miserable for gold result so how self-motivated for an incentive of $100?

Comprehensive sales & product training
As a spam chain business, it is likely a FAQ compiled for answering customer queries.

Worse than Supermarket Worker
The way this pet business spam chain advertise, it is looking for cog labor. Use a while & throw. Rinse & repeat. Cog labor in pet business is worse than grocery business. At least a low wage worker in grocery store can afford most of the groceries thus his/her morale is not that bad.

Supermarket workers got chance to eat soon-to-be expired(left 2-3 days) stuff like pastry for free. Ditto for waiters/waitress & cooks in restaurants with extra food not served. Pet shop worker eat pet food?

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