Monday, March 17, 2014

Singapore's Military Morale Is In Disarray

I've not been blogging for a while. At the recent reservist, we're again told to submit feedback in a survey. I always disagree when it comes to questions like:

  • I will safeguard SG with my life. - Disagree
  • I will try not to leave when the country needs me. - Disagree

The top brass knows the paltry morale status else they wouldn't be giving shopping vouchers to conscripts & reservists. It is a Half Ass Approach in Salvaging Plunging Morale Among Sinkie Males.

Zhuge Liang advising Sun Quan that Cao Cao's Jingzhou soldiers are discontented with their lands being taken over by Cao Cao.

Translate: Sinkie peasants are discontented with their land overrun with foreigners, wage suppression & losing jobs to them.

When the heart is not committed to the cause, the war is lost.

  • Britain lost to a committed american colonial guerilla revolutionary force in 1776.
  • Americans lost to a committed vietnamese guerilla force in Vietnam war.

Translate: Msia & Indonesia won't take SG's hybrid regime military force seriously. It is a paper tiger force with increased 'advertising' that is a paper tiger.

Defense budget is the biggest among govt departments. Spending on defense is almost the combined defense budgets of Msia & Indonesia. That's ridiculous considering that Indonesia now possess the ability to suffocate us to submission/death without firing a single bullet. How? By using forest fires so that smoke can blanket this island. We have already seen the effectiveness in June last year - Worst Haze, Decline of Condensed Milk & Emergence of Creamer.

The hybrid regime boasts of the most advanced military equipment & large numbers of reservists in Southeast Asia but foreign observers know it is hugely a defunct force. A malaysian journalist report that the hybrid regime's scholar officers are Not ready for the University of Hard Knocks.

Personally having seen the scholars in the armed forces, the best skill i see from them is porlumpar(asslicker). Career is planned out for them. Hence they do their best not to take risk when a comfy job is laid out for them.

Other reasons why i consider it's silly to defend this tiny island as long as current hybrid regime is in place:

Cheaper, Better, Faster Is like Charging a Machine Gun Nest
Can you outamazon Amazon? Likewise, our leaders tell the peasants suffering high costs of living to be cheaper than labor in other low cost countries with much lower costs of living.

Translate to battlefield, it is telling the men to charge a blazing machine gun nest. What kind of leaders are that?

Foreigners already overrun this tiny island
Plenty of opportunities for sabotage(Little India foreign workers riot are just a glimpse). Hence huge defense budget is a waste & only serves to channel taxpayers $$$ to local govt-defense companies shareholders the largest shareholder is the hybrid regime.

Not Taking Risk & Predictable
Being scholars with comfy job, their non-risking & predictable mindset carry over. This is already reported by the Msian journalist of the high ranking police officer cowering behind(little risk) & can't see the rioting situation upfront.

What kind of leader is that?

Zhou Yu, commander-in-chief of Sun Quan's forces went personally to assess the enemy. Better to see with own eyes than to rely on porlumpars feeding him inappropriate info.

Unfortunately, there are many porlumpars infesting SG's hybrid regime which has been in power for around 50 years. Feeding 'all is well' feedback to their masters living in ivory towers.

Treating Citizens as 2nd/3rd class citizens
Hybrid regime would be lucky if even 50% of reservists show up when recalled.

The best improvement i noticed during the recent reservist is that the food has improved (reflected in my answer in survey). There's no foreigners in the cookhouse though i''m not really sure. The workers look local to me though compared to a few foreign workers previously.

A sad joke circulating among sinkie males is that it is during reservist that you are surrounded by locals. Elsewhere you go it is common to see foreigners. That's how overrun the country is.

"A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom".- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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