Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cancerous GDP Growth at Jurong East Central

In july 2007, we're told by the old man that this tiny island is in a golden period.

Propaganda by hybrid regime --> Top of news!

When such remarks are being made by the hybrid regime, it often indicates the opposite direction for the masses. Is approaching 7 years since his declaration of golden period. How 'golden' is it now?

In january i blogged that Cancerous GDP Growth in Singapore Has Reached Terminal Stage after the govt controlled media finally acknowledges the infestation of pawnshops & $$ lending shops in the peasant heartlands.

As if the cancer cells in Clementi are not enough, let's look at the pictures i've taken this month of the 'cancer' at nearby Jurong East central. This blogpost is my most picture heavy laden so far due to the rot. The rot in Jurong East central is worse than Clementi.

Before the pictures, something on the malls there. There are now 4 malls in Jurong East central:

  • IMM
  • JCube
  • JEM
  • Westgate

After taking the pictures i walked over to Westgate for a look. Is my 2nd visit there since its opening in early december 2013. After 2 months, there are still 24 shopspaces that are still vacant/boarded up in this upmarket mall. Big Box which is another mall currently under construction will be 5th.

I consider the 24 vacancies at Westgate to be a warning on excess retail spaces in Jurong East. Majority of the locals are stretched thin on their finances. Coupled with killer rents & cheaper online stores & this combo becomes a powerful 'cocktail'.

Now let's let to the rot.

It seems to be a curse to be beside a pawnshop or $$ lending business. Look at the vacant shop whose previous business went bust.

No takers after previous business went bust. Vibrant economy after flooding in plenty of cheap workers?

Another dead one. Having a half-shopspace to lessen the killer rent & it is still slain.

Cleaned out real nice with the pillars inside so visible. Still no takers. You call that a booming economy despite flooding in so many humans to consume & shit on this tiny island?

State Bank of India(right) for foreign workers to deposit $$$ to eventually remit home. Most foreign workers are here to earn $$. They only spend on bare necessities like toilet paper or maybe not, perhaps they wash with hands instead so as to save more $$.

Look at the $$$ lending shop on the left. Is pitch dark for the shop interior behind the man by the door. Makes one wonder what is taking place inside the pitch blackness.

In the centre, there's a dead business. Seems like it is a curse when located close to those 'sin' business.

Another $$$ lending shop very close to a bank as if the bank is not enough. This type of phenomena is also seen in Clementi & Buona Vista as i've blogged previously.

2 dead 'corpses' & no takers. Well is 4 since 2 full shops are subdivided. Pay lesser killer rent in bid to survive but alas still killed for all of them.

Look at the pawnshop to the right. Now you see what i mean by it seem like a curse located close to a 'sin' business.

Business providing service to remit $$$ home for Bangladeshi workers. It doesn't make sense for those poorly paid workers to spend in overpriced SG.

Lack of demand, low demand = death of local businesses.

How can sinkies support the local economy when they are wage suppressed or underemployed or lost their jobs to cheaper foreign workers? That's why we see the rising death of businesses & more & more people scrapping by as evidenced by the rising number of $$$ lending business/pawnshops.


  1. This is an awesome reporting on what's really happening on the ground in Singapore. Thank you very much for your hard work. I hope more and more people realise what is really happening under this evil govt.


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