Monday, July 21, 2014

Disappearing Act Example to Citizen Soldiers

Last monday(14th), a concerned citizen wrote to the state controlled propaganda paper asking:
"I WAS disappointed to read that there were too few members in a recent Parliament sitting to pass 2 Bills......" - Leong Kok Seng

What an excellent advertisement. So many of our so-called govt leaders 'disappeared'. When the top people disappear, what moral authority do they have over the common people? Will they 'behead' themselves?

Yesterday, deputy prime minister Tharman said: Reservists, the cornerstone of Singapore defence.

It is laughing stock for him in his ivory tower to think the peasant soldiers are the cornerstone. I have earlier blogged in march that Singapore's Military Morale Is In Disarray. With the hybrid regime's latest advertisement showing their 'good' example last week, how can morale not be in disarray?

Increasing numbers of peasants are getting more & more disgusted with the increasing number of military generals 'parachuted' into ministerial positions. Is like a military junta. Lives are getting harder & harder.

Furthermore compounding the deteriorating situation are large numbers of foreigners on this tiny island. Why bother spend so much on terrifying military equipment such as modern day 'catapults' & 'siege ladders'? It mainly benefits the govt-controlled defense companies.

The riot at Little India by foreigners late last year have made our police scrambling for cover. Officers are like deer caught in a flashlight.

Around 40% of the population are foreigners. So judging from that percentage how powerful is that number?

IT & healthcare industry have basically hallowed out (not many locals left) leaving vulnerabilities for sabotage.

Today it was reported that 7 in 10 NSmen in their 30s fail annual fitness test. Warning alerts ought to have gone off when there's 40%, 50% failures. Yet the situation continues to rot till is now 70%.

A major reason for the massive failure rate is that local guys are overworked. When more foreign workers influx with no reservist obligations, sinkies are literally killing themselves with long work hours to avoid being fired. Upon reaching home, it's late & little energy left to exercise.

As such, i don't understand what kind of cornerstone defense strategy the deputy prime minister is talking about.

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  1. Despite the military morale in disarray,
    despite more peasants disgusted, and getting more disgusted,
    despite police officers are like deer caught in a flashlight in Little India riots,
    despite local guys overworked to avoid being fired,
    I think the deputy prime minister will still be re-elected as MP and re-appointed as deputy prime minister.