Friday, July 4, 2014

Transformers: The Movie cartoon made me cry & my 1st MP3 song

I have not watched Transformers 4 yet. Though it was released last week, ticket sales are already roaring worldwide.

If you are a true blue Transformers fan like me, you'll understand why Sorry, Michael Bay - Why 1986's Transformers: The Movie Is The Best.

I was aghast that Michael Bay portray Optimus Prime as a long-nose truck instead the cartoon's flat nose truck. Quite a number of diehard fans are pissed off with the different nose.

2 Things That Made Transformers: The Movie Unprecedented
There is no need for a hot girl like Megan Fox or Nicola Peltz in Bay's Transformers movies to make it great.

A major reason why Bay's TF movies loses out to an old cartoon is the music. The other is that it made me cry when i saw that Optimus Prime died. There are others who cried too......

This blogpost is heavily laden with music videos. To understand the musical aspect, you'll have to listen to the movie's soundtrack in the following clips of the cartoon movie.

The Touch - 4mins

'The Touch' by Stan Bush is my 1st mp3 which i downloaded when mp3 format first became available.

Dare - 3mins

'Dare' by Stan Bush is my 2nd mp3 which i downloaded. These 2 songs can keep one 'pumped up'. After listening to these 2 hits, perhaps you'll also want to get them too. I caution not to use these awesome music as ringtones for your cellphone. Why? After enough annoying calls from people you don't like, you'll associate these awesome songs with those annoying calls which will ruin the experience!

Notice the tank barrel scene which also appeared in Bay's first Transformesr movie - Jazz (autobot sportscar vs Brawl (decepticon tank).

Hunger for more? The next song happens to be 'Hunger'- 4mins

You can see the Dinobots showing the Sharkticons who is boss. The Dinobots which are created by the Autobots have simple brains. It is their simple brains which make them adorable.

Nothing's Gonna Stand in our way(only poor quality available) -2mins

Transformers theme 1986 (only poor quality available) - 4mins

Dare to be Stupid - 2 mins.

If you have not watched the cartoon movie, after watching the above music videos featuring its soundtrack, you already have some rough idea of the cartoon movie's plot & why it triumph over Bay's TF movies.

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