Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Indian Elderly Male Neighbor Passed Away

A 'drought' in blogging for me with the start of 2015.

My indian neighbor passed away on 11th Jan(Sun) at around 5am. Heard noises outside which woke me up. Saw paramedics with their stretcher which gave me a shiver. A while later, i heard the wife cry - her hubby was pronounced dead by the medic.

Their flat was filled with relatives on that day which is more than Deepavali. Same phenomena as mine when my dad passed away last year. More relatives visit when the person passed away than when alive during Lunar New Year. Isn't that tragic?

My indian neighbor has been afflicted with cough since he was a smoker. Difficulty walking too so he remained at home. Is a good thing he didn't burden his family with medical/hospitalization bills. Cremation was done the next day (Monday).

According to economist Tim Harford:

Economic growth is a better life for individuals,

  • more choice
  • less fear
  • less toil
  • less hardship

The death of my neighbor got me thinking again about the long working hours which i wrote as the last blogpost for 2014.

What's the point of the damn regime harping incessantly on gdp growth?

For the masses here, economic growth is:

  • less choice ($$$ sucking by the regime)
  • more fear ($$$ issue)
  • more toil (look at the old working at hawker centers & food courts etc)
  • more hardship

Greedy hybrid regime digging its own grave at the next election.

Before the announcement of the fare hikes today by the greedy regime, there has already been an increase in the number of peasants riding electric wheelers for short commutes. So far the regime has not ban them though there has been rumors of trying to restrict them citing 'safety' reasons.

Why bother let the greedy regime suck $$$ unnecessarily? Better to buy a motorized wheeler & roll around. Or a cheap commuting bicycle.


  1. Do not underestimate the voting power of new citizens minted since 2011 this coming GE. They will help to maintain or even improve on the 60% votes that PAP won during last GE.

    1. Some of these new citizens are not dumb like most sinkies. They can see the extractive policies inflicted on the locals which will affect them. Hence some of them will vote against the pap.