Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Probably My Last Ride on Original Changi Airport Park Connector

Cycled to a bikeshop at Changi Village to buy a 8speed chain as standby replacement on the morning of the last weekend of March. I rode all the way there because it is sold at $13.50  Treated the long ride there as a morning workout.

It is probably my last time riding back on the changi coastal road park connector (airport park connector) as there are many dump trucks on that stretch of road & into the reclaimed Terminal 5 area.

On the journey back, i saw trees being chopped down for Terminal 4 expansion. The ground where i stand to take the pictures is soon going to be runway/taxiway or some airport infrastructure.

Look at the brown patches remaining where no grass grow. Trees block sunlight before chopped down.

Changi Coastal Road parallel to the runway.
A plane belonging to Tiger Airways on the runway.

According to Urban Redevelopment Authority's plan for the airport expansion:

  • Changi Coastal road to be demolished & relocated further east.
  • Same fate awaits the airport park connector cycling path.

Trees are being cleared for Terminal 4. And yet the reclaimed land is also being cleared for Terminal 5. This just shows that when it comes to the hybrid regime's profit they are far thinking. Isn't it too far fetched building Terminal 5 when current 3 terminals combined are not full capacity?

Why Terminal 5 when terminal 4 is not even finished? It puzzled me for a while before i recall that the regime plans to close Paya Lebar airbase & shift it to Changi. Then Paya Lebar airbase can be cleared for squeezing more peasants onto the island. With building height restrictions around the airbase gone - again more squeezing of peasants.

Look at the trees being chopped down beside the airport park connector. Entire stretch is deforested.

More trees 'killed'.
The land beyond the fence is reclaimed land slated for Terminal 5 & the relocated airbase.

I will stress again that the hybrid regime is very far-sighted when it comes to matters affecting its profit be it airport expansion or water supply.

Population explosion = Increased water consumption.
Look at the light yellow mud stains. That's how much water level drop in canal leading to Pandan reservoir.
For a few more pictures please refer to Dredging of Sungei Ulu Pandan & Dry Spell blogpost.

Peasants don't experience electricity nor water shortages because the elites need these critical resources. However when it comes to hospital beds for the peasants, we have bed shortages. Same for housing shortages to induce astronomical prices to suck dry the peasants retirement funds.

It is a deliberate act over the years. It amazes me so many fools still adore the old man (senior minister & then mentor) who just passed away last month when he is the mastermind behind all these acts to screw the populace.

A good man in the early years of independence who turned bad after prolonged cling to power.

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