Friday, March 13, 2015

Dredging of Sungei Ulu Pandan & Dry Spell

Experienced a reprieve from the dry spell when there's rain for 3 consecutive days (Mon to Wed). This is the 2nd year where the dry spell has occurred after making its presence felt last year. The dry spell last year was particularly bad as grasses are wiltering. Evergreen tropical season become like autumn where grasses/flowers are dropping/dying.

I'm a believer of climate change. There are environmental limits to economic growth. All fishes from local fish farms are wiped out in this year's dry spell.
Field opposite Kranji mrt. Pictures taken in March(dry) & April (back to normal)

Such expanse of green fields are increasingly rare on this tiny island as the hybrid regime is obsessed with selling & developing the land to grow the gdp at all costs like cancer.

Last year the land vegetation is impacted more but this year the effects of the dry spell impacted the seawaters more as Plankton bloom causing mass fish deaths likely to recur

The hybrid regime is going to build a 3rd desalination plant at Tuas. When it comes to benefiting the elite's profits be it shopping malls, factories etc, they are quick to plan ahead. However for amenities like simple-to-build hawker centers to benefit the peasants, the building schedule can stretch for 10+ years. Even Bukit Panjang, a town built in the 1980s, still has no polyclinic for the peasants.

Before the recent announcement of the 3rd desalination plant this year, the hybrid regime is already planning ahead to increase water supply. We'll have to rewind back a bit to October 2013 with the example of the dredging of the canal in Clementi that leads to Pandan reservoir.

- Oct 2013 Dredging of Sungel Ulu Pandan.
- 1st Qtr 2014 Dry Spell hit land vegetation hard.
- 1st Qtr 2015 Dry spell wipe out fish farms due to algal boom.

Rewind to 2013.

Very 'Energetic' when Elite's Self-Interest at Stake
Very proactive in deepening the canal so as to hold more water as well as to mitigate sudden flash floods. There are no separate water pipes for the elites so of course the elites are proactive.

The elites have:
  • separate hospital beds (can afford 'A' class)
  • their cars (no squeeze with peasants on public transport)
  • their high class eateries (book separate room for privacy)
But 'Switched-off' when it comes to peasants
Meanwhile instead of being proactive the elites adopt a fuck care attitude toward the peasants in regards to insufficient hospitals beds, public transport & hawker centers. On the issue of public housing, the hybrid regime deliberately build very little so as to make the prices shoot up sky-high. Sky-high public housing prices provide the elites a perfect opportunity to suck dry the retirement accounts of peasants.

Small boat attaching rope to pull dredged soil/mud to ......

Scooping up the soil/mud to the dump trucks to be transported away.

When joggers, cyclists see the machines in action or docked by the canal banks, how many will ask themselves "How come so proactive in water issue but when it comes to peasant issue, i'm fucked by the elites?"

To get an idea of the water level before the dredging, look at the drainage leading to the canal. There are 2 colors - dark & lighter tone at the hole. The exposure of the muddy bank also indicate the drop in water level.

Water level in the canal leading to the reservoir has actually dropped quite an amount due to increased population consumption. Dredging it make it drop even lower. The support column of the bridge has a brownish taint which indicate the water level before the population explosion & then dredging take its toll.

Again, the evidence is out there for people to see. There is no water shortage despite population explosion + dry spell. Is a matter of how many peasants bother to ask themselves:

"How come so proactive in water issue but when it comes to peasant issue, i'm fucked by the elites?"

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