Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Why People Who Take Pictures with Highly Unpopular Minister Are Dangerous

Today is the last day of campaigning for the general election before polling day on Friday. The hybrid regime knows it is a sure win in Jurong constituency where i live. Same goes for West Coast constituency so they don't bother holding rallies in both. Hottest contest are raging in the east against the Worker's Party challengers.

The closest contest near where i live is Holland-Bukit Timah constituency which is a few hundreds metres away. I have mentioned in 2 blogposts about the US embassy inviting Chee Soon Juan of SG Democratic Party to their independence day celebrations. So far i would say the american diplomats are right on in their ground sentiment assessments of SG.

The first day rally video of CheeSJ have gone viral with over 500,000 views on youtube(1 of duplicate video is now removed). It is a marvelous comeback for CheeSJ who has been cast as a baddie by the hybrid regime & many sinkies are brainwashed into thinking so.

Many have awoken from the brainwashing after watching the Day 1 video as the audience for SDP's rallies grew day by day by day. During the early days of the campaign, the hybrid regime has concentrated its guns on Worker Party in the east over the town council issue. As the audience for SDP rallies surge over the days, the hybrid regime found another headache in the west & thus turned most if not all their guns to SDP in the west.

To show how scared shitless the hybrid regime is towards CheeSJ & his team, one just need to watch 2 videos of the 2(out of 4) defending hybrid regime candidates.

Vivian Bala fled from CheeSJ on Sunday morning at Bukit Timah hawker centre.
  • At 4:11 he scared take pics facing CheeSJ (he turned his back).
  • Made his escape at 5:40.

Why People Who Take Pictures with Highly Unpopular Minister Are Dangerous

Vivian Bala is infamous for:
  • $104M budget for Youth Olympic Games but overspent to $387M
  • You want 3 meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant? as reply to request for $1 extra in allowance a day for the needy.
  • Only rich or corrupt people work for free (how the heck does Wikipedia succeed then?!)

With these 3 obnoxious stains on him, it bewilders me that peasants would want to take photos with him. Even the US embassy would rather invite CheeSJ to their national day celebrations than associate with Vivian Bala.

Imagine you are a supervisor, boss, friend, acquaintance & saw a person you recognize taking photo with Vivian Bala. Would you dare give that person higher responsibility and/or promote him? If he/she can betray his/her conscience just for a photo, he/she can betray the boss/company, friendship.

Blind devotion from peasants who still associate with that obnoxious minister by taking photo with him.
Do those blind devotees know they just took photo with a coward who fled when phototaking is done?

If those blind devotees can disregard their conscience by taking photo with an obnoxious minister, what else can they disregard with respect to their supervisor, company, friends? It also shows those peasants are emotional if they still proceed to take photo to be "associated" despite Vivian Bala being an obnoxious minister.

Now, let's go on to his constituency teammate- Sim Ann. I'm sure glad she shoot rubbish out of her mouth to boost her chances of losing in the election. It shows how desperate the hybrid regime is having resorted to gutter politics.

She represent the epitome of gutter politics for the hybrid regime- "......pattern more than badminton. Orh hor hor hor ;) "

For this general election, the hybrid regime is clueless. Their manifesto is pathetic compared to workers party & democratic party manifestos which are fleshed with details.

What the disarrayed hybrid regime do is:

  • a picture book manifesto with little details.
  • harping on town council issue against worker's party.
  • legacy of the dead lee kuan yew
  • dangle carrots like swimming pool, childcare centres, hawker centres
  • gutter politics

It will be a close contest in Holland-Bukit Timah. Peasants & rich folks(a major area) in this constituency ought to vote out these 2 aristocrats who look down on peasants.

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