Monday, September 28, 2015

Winners Create/Play by Their Own Rules - Indonesia's Haze Weapon

Hazardous air quality in western part of the island during the afternoon today before a thunderstorm brought a bit of respite. For a reminder of how terrible the visibility is at hazardous air quality do refer to a 2013 blogpost: Worst Haze, Decline of Condensed Milk & Emergence of Creamer.

The worst is on last thursday night(hari raya haji) when the haze reached hazardous zone leading to the closure of primary & secondary schools the next day on friday. Thus it became a 4 day long weekend for pupils.

Here is how it is at very unhealthy levels when i took the photo during the thursday afternoon before it worsened to hazardous levels at night:

For a clear day comparison please look at Dismal Few Flags Displayed in 2015 for Singapore's 50th Birthday (open in new window)

The hybrid regime spends a whopping amount on defense. In the elections earlier this month, its gargantuan machinery printed rebuttals to S'pore Democratic Party's policy proposals. Massive manpower are mobilized to distribute those rebuttals to peasants. Among which is that it is dangerous for SG to cut defense spending by 40%.

I've already blogged just days before the election campaigning start that South Korea's Vietnam War Era Aircraft Shows How Absurd Singapore's Defense Budget Is. Unfortunately, many peasants believed the hybrid regime's drivel. Few realize that the opponent might not follow rules as what we peasants are trained by the hybrid regime's education system to be obedient rule followers.

Why Play By the Winners' Game?
Using the haze to damage SG without mobilizing a single armed soldier is the smart way to do things by Indonesia since their armed forces are so much weaker. Get creative & no absurd military defense budget needed.

History is replete with examples of the underdog who is outgunned/outnumbered who win by refusing to play by the game rules of their strong opponents:

  • Impressive Maginot Line built at enormous costs - Hitler simply invaded neutral Belgium & then thrust into France(surrender after 6 weeks).
  • Vietcong refuse to fight conventionally with US forces during the vietnam war as much as possible. They resort to guerrilla warfare.
  • Sept 11, 2001 - Terrorists using their creativity in turning jetliners into flying missles.

Winners are winners because they are good at playing the game in a particular way. Why engage them in ways they are good at?

Majority of Peasants Playing a Losers Game Set-up by Hybrid Regime
Foreign workers are to a huge extend very obedient in following instructions. Why would they risk rocking the boat? Just shut up & earn as much S$ to retire back home. Their strong obedient trait coupled with their cheaper salaries is very appealing to bosses. Locals attempting to outcompete them by being even more obedient are a wishful thinking lot.

If competing with obedient foreign workers by being even more obedient is not enough, there's machines as well which would do a person in - Being Obedient & Follow Instructions Mindlessly = 'Die' Even Faster (blogpost)

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