Thursday, April 28, 2011

Everything Has a Start - New Voices in Parliament

1st time voting for me. Have already decided to vote for reform party so attending election rallies to listen to emotional talks is not a factor in my decision making. One shouldn't make important decision due to a sales-like pep talk. Is my 1st time attending a rally & i wonder how is the crowd is at the venue.

I didn't stay for the entire duration. Clementi Stadium is not fully filled & the way the stage is set up in a corner of the field & fencing doesn't allow a huge crowd. I wonder if it's due to power lines from portable generators or police 'regulations'.

Everything has a start. Workers Party got 44% of votes in Ajunied & they are fielding their heavyweights there in this election. There is a positive feedback loop there. Just 7% more & WP will have a few voted into parliament. Those 44% voted for newbies led by WP Chairwoman Sylvia Lim & now a stronger team is going there. What many dumbies & complainers don't understand is that until you have faith & cast a vote for the alternative party the negative feedback loop is hard to break.

Ruling Party was an opposition party decades ago with no track record but people have faith in them & voted them in. Now decades later they have become complacent & out of touch. Is time for new voices in parliament to take a crack at the issues facing the country.

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