Sunday, May 1, 2011

SDP Rally at Clementi Ave 4

What the heck, i don't know that Ave 4 is under another constituency. SDP's rally there is nearer than Reform Party's held at Clementi Stadium so i dropped in have a look. Though i didn't stay throughout, the speakers from SDP are better at delivering their public speeches. Bigger audience at SDP rally & are more enthusiastic as well.

Again the speaking venue seems somewhat constricted. Is located at far corner of open field where it is least accessible. I wonder if is a move to hamper althernative party rallies by the incumbent. Speaking of the open field where the rally is, there used to stand a few block of flats which were torn down. Land is up for tender for designer build flats. Is been empty for a few years & with housing shortage in S'pore this is another example of govt deliberately creating a shortage so as to drive up prices.

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