Monday, April 4, 2011

Sengkang Kopitiam Sq's Absurb Prices

Rode by Sengkang's Kopitiam Sq on way to punggol yesterday so decided to check it out. Around 40% of stalls vacant. Bid so high stallholders sell high- residents buay tahan(can't stand it). Got free shuttle bring neighourhood & punngol residents also not working. Only saw 2 passengers on bus. Is also reason i consider local reits & property stocks dangerous. People low on spending power & high debt- unsustainable. When bottom of food chain buay tahan, those higher up will collapse as well.

Around 40% of stallholders can't stand high rentals & closed shop. Value for $? Absolutely not.

Look at so many empty seats during lunchtime on Sunday. Who is stupid to pay food court prices at hawker centre for mostly lousy food cooked by non-natives?

Govt no longer builds hawker centres & instead privatise them. This privatise hawker centre is good example of wrong policy. Life is not plain sailing. Those who fall into hardship due to illness etc or failed in business at least have hawker centre prices under the old govt run system.

At least with old govt run hawker centres our tax dollars benefit people indirectly with cheaper food. Good & services tax was raised by 2% citing to help the poor? Is more like the tax hike was meant to benefit a small minority instead.

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  1. Well done! You have made the voice for residence in Sengkang.

    We have to pay more at Kopitiam for food and drinks that suck. In the wet market, we are also paying a lot more for unfresh stock that at times, have to dispose it. That is why not many residents wanted to patronise this place. I've to make my way to Hougang every weekend for 'marketing' and breakfast (with drinkable Kopi), at least I get quality at lower cost.

    However, I also pity those vulnerable stall owners who were being squeezed to a dead end.

    From a Sengkang resident being deprived from decent food!