Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ingenious Cost Cutting - Don't lean

What's this long string hanging across for? That's what came into my mind when i see this onboard a public bus(Maju) in Malaysia. Certainly is not for hanging clothes. String also run across on the other side of the bus too.

Apparently it is to discourage people from leaning their heads & staining the windows with their hair gel. Much less cleaning allows for better productive tasks instead.
I noticed a new bus service by Causeway Link that plys non-stop between Newton Hawker Ctr carpark & JB customs ($2). Earlier on it launched a shopping shuttle that is obviously targeted at S'poreans. These 2 bus services tells me that the local shopping scene is no longer as attractive as before despite the numerous mushrooming of malls around S'pore.

Increasingly crowdedness & relentless rise in costs of living have attributed more people to go over to JB to shop.

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